Breeding and bedding

By: Simon Parsons


Breeding and bedding

LAST YEAR I featured a photo of Philippe Howard Price and one of his famous Montfleuri Miniature Poodles, bred by a young Judith Robin-Smith of the Willowbrae affix still known in other breeds today.

  Judith told me that, instead of paying for the pup, Philippe, whose family owned the Sleepeezee bedding company, offered her a super double bed instead, rather useful as she was due to be married not long after!

  I now gather that this was not the only Poodle he obtained this way. Recently I used a photo of his wife Nadia with their BIS-winning bitch Ch Montfleuri Sarah of Longnor, and I was pleased to hear more from Dan O’Connor.

  He points out that today a name like that would imply that Sarah was bred by Montfleuri and owned by Longnor, when the reverse was the case. 

  In those days the Kennel Club wasn’t insistent on where the affixes were placed and of course there were many kennels which habitually used to style their dogs ‘So-and-So of…’ whatever their affix was. To think of some from my breeds, ‘of Wey’, ‘of the Congo’, ‘of Quatt’ and so on, and Dan quotes ‘of Ide’ – if they were still breeding after the KC insisted in the early ‘70s that the breeder’s affix had to come at the start of the name, they had to change their naming system, which I remember some weren’t too happy about.

  Anyway, Dan’s point is that Sarah was bred by Evelyn Worrall. He says: “She named her dogs, according to her affix, as ‘of Longnor’; a tiny hamlet in Staffordshire, where she and her husband Percy farmed.

  “So it was that she bred Sarah of Longnor, and subsequently the bitch was transferred to Nadia and Philippe-Howard Price. Nadia campaigned her to her title and more, adding her own affix (prefix?), Montfleuri, at the front.

  “However, no fee was paid for her purchase at the time, but was agreed to be made at a later stage. Now Philippe owned/controlled a well-known and famous bed-making company. Months later, Mrs Worrall took delivery of a bed from the Howard-Prices, as payment for Sarah! Evelyn dined out on selling her prize puppy for a bed!

  “Evelyn bred some fine black Miniature and silver Toy Poodles; her dogs became the foundation of many kennels, among which not least was the Jolda kennel of the late KC chairman John Macdougall and his wife Daphne. My late wife and I bought a puppy from Evelyn and Longnor Helenda Holly won a CC at Manchester in 1982.”