July’s first flurry of results

By: Bronwyn Bartley


The dog ticket winners at Chadkirk were Jane Bint and It’s Jaros D’ream (Zeb).    
photo Roy Page

JULY 4-5 was the weekend of Chadkirk DTC's championship and open shows where we always have a good time. The weather on the Saturday for the championship show was very mixed to say the least with heavy rain, showers and some sunshine throughout the day while Sunday was good all day.

  There was an entry of 33 in the dog ticket, judged by Lyn Tozer, and 37 entries in the bitch ticket which was judged by Peter Height.

  Starting with the dog class, which incidentally was Lyn's last ticket appointment, the leaders at lunchtime were Jane Bint with It's Jaros D'ream (Zeb) followed by Sue King with Jodame Dutch Courage (Nifty), with me and Bheinn He's A Gift Forever (Tallis) lying third.

  After lunch only one team came within ticket marks when Shirley Clowes with Terannos Powda Blue (Powda) lost just 9½ on the round but they lost 7 in stays which still put them in second place.

  Stays took place at 3pm and during the sit the heavens opened and we had a terrific downpour. Fifteen dogs did stays and nine of them broke. An unfortunate situation but these things happen.

  Scent took place at the end of the class and by that time there was only Jane Bint and Zeb in ticket marks. They finished losing 12½ gaining them their second ticket in as many weeks.

  Well done Jane and Zeb, two down, one to go.

  In the bitch class the leaders before lunch were Janet Aldridge with Rockin In The Mist at Malaridge (Misty) followed by Philomena Barnes with Ob Ch Bheinn Bewitched (Jezzie), while Marie Cartwright with Moakies Memorable Villa (Villa) and Linda Rutherford with Ob Ch Colliewood Confidential (Denim) shared third place.

  After lunch Philomena Barnes with Jezzaddy It's Snow Floozie (Floozie) and Pat Watson with Ob Ch Forevermagic It's Flicker (Flick) each lost 10¾ but six dogs later Madge Thompson with Ob Ch Forevermagic It's Trendy (Trendy) went into the lead when they lost 10 points but then the last team to work, Lisa Brannan with Ob Ch Moakies Mystical Moment (Trixie), took the lead when they came out losing 9¾.

  Stays took place at 3.30pm where none of the leading dogs moved and again we finished with scent.

  Phil and Floozie lost 1 point and Pat with Flick lost ½ which put them into fourth and third places respectively while we ended up with a run-off for the ticket between Madge with Trendy and Lisa with Trixie.

  This was won by Madge and Trendy, their first ticket of the year. Well done to you both.

  Taking the reserve ticket was Lisa with Trixie.

  The following day the weather was really good for the open show but thanks once again to Chadkirk for a great weekend which was very enjoyable despite the weather on Saturday.

  Cippenham (Slough) DTC held its championship show on July 3 where Sarah Delany had an entry of 47 dogs and Lyn Green had 43 bitches.

  Obviously I cannot go into great detail except to say that Sarah's winner was Dot Watts with Ob Ch Ziggdan Zyco (Zyco) who were winning their fourth ticket of the season. 

Taking the reserve was Pat Watson with Fellameeka Madness (Louis).


Flat-coat fame

The bitch ticket resulted in a first ever win for a Flat-coated Retriever when the winner was Caroline Eley with Kywidden Morvenna OW (Tangle). It was no surprise to hear that this team had won their first ticket as they have been in contention on several occasions and Caroline has a proven track record with the breed. Many congratulations to Caroline and Tangle on your win.

  In reserve was Jane Bint with Ob Ch Janyjoy Jumpin Jaro (Danni) – what a great weekend for Jane.

  Eastleigh DTC held its final championship show on July 9, a sad occasion but an enjoyable show nevertheless. Congratulations to all concerned for running this show for so many years. The ticket judges were Jane Wood (45 dogs) and Robert Bint (36 bitches).

  The dog class finished for lunch at running order 32 and the leaders at that stage were Mary Ray and Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans (Levi), Mark Herrits with Ob Ch Dodgin Master Markat, OW CDex UDex (Bob), Geraldine Steadman with Ob Ch Nobite Defence Of The Realm (Jazz) and Pat Watson with Louis.

  After lunch Debbie Back and Debaks Downta Phayte OW (Duggie), put in a good round followed by Dot Watts with Zyco and Sandra Spruce with Ob Ch Dodgin' Rags To Riches, (Jaffa).

  In stays Debbie and Duggie lost 1 point but none of the other leaders were affected so scent was the deciding exercise.

Madge Thompson and Ob Ch Forevermagic It’s Trendy (Trendy) won the bitch ticket at Chadkirk.

  The leaders at this stage, Mary and Levi, lost just a half which put them on 8½ and left them as clear winners of their 48th ticket. Many congratulations to you both, I'm sure the two needed for the half-century aren't far away.

  Taking the reserve ticket was Dot with Zyco losing 9 while Mark and Bob were in third place losing 10 and Debbie with Duggie took fourth losing 12.

  In the bitch class there were three teams on good marks at the lunch break, these being Wendy Birch with Gypton Just Della Of Greyvalley (Della), Kathy Russell with Ob Ch Ruskath Makana Image (Zuri), both losing 13¼, and Dot Watts with Ob Ch Zygdann Rockin Frenzi (Frenzi) who lost 14¼.

  After lunch there were just two teams on good marks, Sue Bishop with Nedlo Whats It All About OW (Alfie), who were clear leaders losing 11, while Kathy and Ob Ch/WT Ch Ruskath Othentic Image (Oddi) lost 12¾. Unfortunately, Oddi broke stays which put her out of contention.

  So we came to scent where Sue and Alfie lost 1¼ which put them on a total of 12¼ and won them their very first ticket.

  What a lovely result for this team, a fabulous feeling for Sue. Well done to you both.

  Taking the reserve was Wendy with Della who have already won two tickets. Just one to get to make Della a champion. Good luck for that.

  In third place was Kathy with Zuri and Dot with Frenzi took fourth. 

  It was a wet start on the following day for Winchester's championship show but I'll cover that in more detail next time. In the meantime – see you on the circuit.