‘Unsportsmanlike’ exhibitors taken to task over entries


‘Unsportsmanlike’ exhibitors taken to task over entries

ACTION is being taken to stop exhibitors exploiting the proof of posting entries system.

  This ‘unsportsmanlike’ behaviour has led the Kennel Club to remind people of its policy on the subject and tighten the rules.

  The KC is aware that entries can get lost in the post, it said this week, but from now on exhibitors will be contacted and may have awards they won removed to prevent the system being abused.

  The KC uses a ‘proof of posting’ database which lists everyone who makes an entry on the day of a show, and, in particular, whether proof of posting was provided on the day. 

  Repeat offenders will have to send future entries by recorded deliver or enter online.

  “We will contact exhibitors who have not provided proof of online entry following the show,” said KC secretary Caroline Kisko. “If an exhibitor is found to have been entered onto the database twice they will be notified that, should they make a further entry on the day of a show, the matter may be referred to the Show Executive Committee and could result in the disqualification of awards. 

  “If subsequent entries on the day are made, the only proof of posting which will be accepted is the show society’s confirmation of receipt or an email receipt from an online entry company or a copy of a bank statement.”

  Exhibitors who have had their entries lost in the post may want to consider entering online or sending their entries via recorded delivery, Mrs Kisko said. This way, they can be sure the entries have been received and there is an opportunity to resubmit them before the closing date if any future postal problems arise.

  “No one likes to think of exhibitors circumventing the rules, but sad to say there will always be a small minority of people who do this,” Mrs Kisko said. 

“It is for this reason that these measures concerning proof of posting are in place to ensure a level playing field for all.”