Pawscar award winners 2016


Congratulations to everyone who was awarded a Pawscar award! 

Here is a full list of all the winners:

* Unsung hero award for 2015: Vanessa McAlpine.
* Hall of fame award: Mary Swash and Olive Jackson
* All Breed Judge of the Year: Jeff Horswell
* Breeder of the year: Tan Negrecha
* Exhibitor of the year: Sam Dyer
* Junior handler of the year: Lauren Bridges

* Canine Columnist of the Year: Sheila Atter
* Championship show of the year: Darlington
* Open show of the year: Annandale
* Group judge of the year: Pam Marston Pollock
* Steward of the Year: Alf and Carole Wood
* Trade Stand of the Year: Dorwest Herbs
* Photographer of the Year: Pauline Oliver
* Training Class of the Year: Midlothian Training Class
* Breed Note Writer of The Year: Margaret Deuchar