Crufts entry 2016: largest for six years


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CRUFTS 2016 has drawn 21,919 dogs in the breed classes, imported register, Obedience and Agility Championships and gamekeepers’ classes, 492 more than last year and the highest total since 2010 which drew 21,947 dogs.

  The centenary show of 1991 remains the biggest ever held, with 22,991 dogs. The number also exceeded 22,000 from 2006 to 2009. 

  The total entry is 24,462, 740 more than last year.

  These figures exclude dogs competing in other events such as flyball, heelwork to music, junior handling and obedience and agility classes other than the Championships. 

  Labradors lead the breed statistics with 588 dogs for Gary Johnson and Marilyn Nightingale, just ahead of Golden Retrievers with 569.

  Staffordshire Bull Terriers are next with 410 dogs, then Cocker Spaniels 403. Other groups are led by Cavaliers 322, Bulldogs 245, Boxers 236, Border Collies 359 and Whippets 397. 

  The highest entry for a single judge is 269 Pugs for Liz Wilkinson.

  Dogues de Bordeaux have 153 entries on their first time with challenge certificates, awarded by Jeff Horswell.

  Lagotti Romagnoli have 59 dogs and Cirnechi dell’Etna 27 for their first Crufts breed classes, both judged by Carla Molinari.

  No Hungarian Kuvasz are entered this time; apart from that, Greenland Dogs have the smallest breed entry, six dogs. 

  A total of 3,396 dogs from overseas will be competing, a 14 per cent increase on last year. Dogs from 47 foreign countries will be taking part, including Venezuela, Peru and the Philippines for the first time.

  Crufts chairman Gerald King said: “We are delighted that entries to Crufts’ 125th anniversary show remain strong and steady. We feel honoured to welcome dogs from such a wide variety of breeds, representing all corners of the globe. The fact that people travel far and wide to enter this prestigious event is testament to the place it continues to hold in people’s hearts and we intend to keep going from strength to strength.

  “We thank everybody who has entered the show and look forward to welcoming all the dogs and their owners who make Crufts such a wonderful event, whether it is those who have been returning year after year or those who are experiencing the show for the first time.”

View the full list of breed entry figures for Crufts 2016 here >>

Overseas entries, country by country:

A total of 2,297 exhibitors will show 3,414 dogs at Crufts this year.

The number of dogs is as follows: Australia 1, Austria 46, Belarus 4, Belgium 198, Bermuda 3, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2, Brazil 3, Bulgaria 3, Canada 2, Croatia 13, Czech Republic 102, Denmark 114, Estonia 5, Finland 90, France 428, Germany 298, Greece 17, Guernsey 7, Hungary 39, Ireland 301,Isle of Man 2,  Israel 15, Italy 382, Japan 9, Latvia 15, Lithuania 13, Malaysia 2,  Malta 13, Mexico 1, Netherlands 347, Norway 76, Peru 2, Philippines 1, Poland 157, Portugal 20, Romania 11, Russian Federation 200, San Marino 3, Serbia 8, Singapore 1, Slovakia 31, Slovenia 13, Spain 95, Sweden 209, Switzerland 41, Thailand 4, Ukraine 10, US 47, Venezuela 1.