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Project Streetdogs Hua Hin, Thailand

Created: 25/07/2014

MANY PEOPLE visit Hua Hin in Thailand for sun, sea and fun. For the stray dogs living here it’s no fun at all. They have to struggle every day to survive, a tough reality.

When Marlie Timmermans from Holland saw how the stray dogs suffer she immediately took action.

In May 2011 she founded Project Street Dogs Hua Hin, a foundation that takes care of these stray dogs.

For many years Marlie wished to do something for animals in need. And, after she moved to Thailand, she decided to make her wish come true. Daily, around 150 dogs are visited by Marlie and volunteers in and around a temple complex in Hua Hin and given the necessary food, medication and sterilising by vets.

Marlie’s goal is to reduce the stray dog population in Hua Hin and to relieve the dogs’ burden from itching, pain and hunger. Marlie and her volunteers together with Tan Diau Pet Hospital, Hua Hin, are looking for people to give shelter to puppies or adult dogs. Permanent homes or even foster homes for the sick ones until they recover enough to go back on the street or to the temple.

Project Streetdogs has no premises or land so dogs who are sterilised or treated for disease have to go back on to the streets and take their chances with the traffic. It is a terrible life and the charity only operates in a small part of Hua Hin.

Like so many other foundations Project Streetdogs is completely dependent on donations and without donations cannot pay the vet bills or buy food.

So please, please support Project Streetdogs Hua Hin in Thailand. If you cannot adopt you can sponsor a dog of your choice. Every donation however small is a gift of a better life to an animal in need. For more information go to

To see the difference the Project has made to some of Hua Hin’s street dogs see the image below.