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Scottish Kennel Club championship show

Scottish Kennel Club championship show

Secret revealed in Scotland - THE SCOTTISH Kennel Club hosted the first of its two all-breed championship shows last weekend at the Royal Highland Showground, Ingilston near Edinburgh. The venue also hosts an obedience championship show on the Saturday and an agility championship show on the Sunday. Both competitio... Read more

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SKC (MAY) CH SHOW, 19/05/17 - Pharaoh Hounds

Pharaoh Hounds Quite a good entry for the location. I was a bit concerned about the size of some of these. Also colour, the Standard is fairly clear on white markings, some with too much on the throat & chest, & some with none on the tail tip. JD (1) 1 Morris’ Tonispada Ozymandias Anharbn, top size dog who i...

SKC (MAY) CH SHOW, 19/05/17 - Bullmastiffs

Bullmastiffs Thank you to the committee for giving me the opportunity to judge my own breed & to the exhibitors for their wonderful sportsmanship. I was very pleased to see great improvement to many of the dog’s dentition but still there remains huge differences in size with some below height & many overweigh...

SKC (MAY) CH SHOW, 19/5/17 - Finnish Lapphunds

Finnish Lapphunds I thought there was quite a variety in type among the entry, some looking rather too short legged. A few could have been better groomed through, but most were really well muscled up. JD (2) Two really good ones to start. 1 Short’s Glenchess Gregory, 16 months & obviously more mature than 2. He ...

SKC (MAY) CH SHOW, 19/05/17 - Pyrenean Mountain Dogs

Pyrenean Mountain Dogs Not the easiest entry to sort, rather a variety of types. Quite a few rather heavy in skull. PD (3,1a) 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Estevez, thought him the better type of these two promising pups. Had a good head, if slightly deep in stop. Correct length of neck. Well laid shoulder. Still needs to deve...

SKC (MAY) CH SHOW, 19/05/17 - Swedish Vallhunds

Swedish Vallhunds JD (1) 1 Drinkwater’s Galerita Goji Berrie, very much a baby at 6 months. He has a really good head. Super eye & expression. Enough neck. Front legs could be set further back & can still drop in chest. Good rear. Super coat. PGD (1) 1 Drinkwater’s Galerita Red Berrie, just 6 months &am...

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