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Midland Cos 2015 - Best in Show

Watch's full coverage of all seven groups plus Best in Show, each judged by Andrew Brace - which made his decision in Best in Show a difficult one!

NEW Kennel Club chairman is all about staying positive!

Hear from Simon Luxmoore when we spoke to him about dogs and rugby at Darlington 2015.

Watch more from Darlington...

FULL: Around the Dog World - The City 2015

Watch full programme here now! Highlights of City of Birmingham - groups, Best Puppy, Best in Show and exclusive interviews.

Upcoming the  filming schedule
Show Date Watch on Around the Dog World
Eukanuba/ Dog World Stakes Final Oct 31st Thurs Jan 7th at 8pm*
Ladies Kennel Assoc Dec 12-13th Thurs Feb 4th at 8pm


Around the Dog World at the Champ Stakes

27 of the UK's top champion dogs compete at the Eukanuba Champion Stakes Final for a chance to go the Eukanuba World Challenge in Orlando with a top prize of $10,000. Analysis from Andrew Brace.

Around the Dog World (Ep 7) - WELKS

Around the Dog World (Ep 7) - WELKS

This time out Marina Scott presents WELKS Championship dog show, with highlights of all seven groups and full coverage of Best is Show. We speak to all the winners and judges with analysis from Pam Bl...