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KERRY BLUE A (Mrs U Lethenstrom) – D: O'Rourke's *Kebulak Rockin Robin. B: Davani & Walters' Kebulak Bare All.
HUNGARIAN VIZSLA S (Mrs C McDonald) – D: Bergin's Aus Ch/Sh Ch Hannafor The Xecutioner. B: Moss' *Nicael Teal nee Arany.
F/C RETRIEVER S (R Strudwick, dogs; Mrs A Youens, bitches) – D: Boerman's Dutch Ch Brightmoor Kingfisher. B: Anderson's *Sh Ch Feldkirk Fashion.
ENGLISH SETTER S OF WALES (Mrs M Withey, dogs; Mrs J Kelly, bitches) – D: Moorhouse's Upperwood For Your Eyes Only to Glininnis. B: Watkin's *Valsett Starlite Upsy Daisy.
E COS WELSH CORGI C (Mrs S Warner, Pems) – D: Rees' Stadwen Ivanhoe. B: Coulson's *Woodhenge Star Maiden (BIS). (Mrs L Salt, Cardigans) – D: Croft-Elliott & O'Donnell's *Ch/Am/Lux/Hung Ch Yasahiikuma Telltail Dbldare (RBIS). B: Croft-Elliott &...
COLLIE C OF WALES (V Salt, dogs; A Clarke, bitches) – D: Hollywood & Waterhouse's Amalie Lynmead Livin Lover. B: Walder's *Heart Of Gold De Cabrenysset for Handsale.
CHIHUAHUA C OF SCOTLAND (S Young, L/c) – D: Griggs' Kurukulla Frank N Furter. B: Bradley's *Cressdeed Izzie Whizzie (BIS). (Ms D Parker, S/c) – D: Davies' Ch Sundowner Play Misty For Me at Dachidas. B: Reece's *Ch Copymear Celebration (RBIS).
BIRMINGHAM PEKINGESE A (Mrs D Lee) – D: Easdon & Martin's *Ch Yakee Ooh Aah Cantona. B: Morley & Box's Jidoran Bossy Boots.
BASSET C OF N IRELAND (Mrs C Gerber) – D: Pearson's *Malrich Diamond Geezer at Armardio. B: Cudlip's Blevwils Free N Easy at Harvidene.
DOCKING and dewclaw removal has been outlawed in the Republic of Ireland with an exemption for working dogs.
NEW RESEARCH commissioned by the Scottish Government has concluded that docking tails of working dogs ‘by a third’ while they are puppies could decrease significantly their risk of injury.
THE CAMPAIGNING group Docked and Denied has reignited its crusade to persuade two more championship shows to drop their admission charges.