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MIDLAND COS LABRADOR C (R Wiles, dogs; L Brabban, bitches) D: Brown's *Brighton Sarracenia. B: Beer's Tarkabby Embrace.
MERSEYSIDE BOXER C (Mrs A Bogacka, dogs; A Curtin, bitches) D: Griffith & Miller's Ch Walkon Okay Doky with Lanfrese. B: Griffith's *Lanfrese Kepi D'elle.
MANCHU SHIH TZU S (B Gregory) D: Clifford's Ch Zamadar Majic Potion for Cedarhythe. B: Hitt's *Ch Miracey Fruity Kisses.
IRISH WOLFHOUND C (F Maison) D: Pask's *Baronglen The Lawman. B: Pain's Ch Ravensbeech Fidelia.
IRISH SETTER C OF WALES (Mrs D Milligan-Bott, dogs; Mrs V King, bitches) D: Stewart & Ritchie-Smith's *Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper. B: Stewart & Ritchie-Smith's Gwendariff Fuzzy Pop.
HUNGARIAN W/H VIZSLA A (Mrs M McAngus) D: Upton's Ragnolds Fantastic Mr Fox to Tragus. B: Collier's *Belatarr Mahalia Jackson.
GSP A (Mrs S Ashcroft) D: Right's *Crumleigh Magic Max. B: Whitworth's Frewuroth Sirenze.
HADRIAN BASSET C (Ms L Cudlip) D: Blevin's *Blevwils Forest Gump. B: Newman & Mease's Woferlow Tinker Bell.
F/C RETRIEVER C OF SCOTLAND (Mrs R Bellamy, dogs; Mrs V Bowen, bitches) D: Egginton's Glendaruel See The Stars with Pajanbeck. B: Stevenson's *Sh Ch Steelriver Heatwave.
ENGLISH SPRINGER C OF WALES (Mrs S Aston) D: Eyeington's Sh Ch Meadowdale Chaos. B: Smith's *Sh Ch Melverly Sublimity.
ENGLISH SETTER A (Mrs C D Smith, dogs; Mrs A Dykes, bitches) D: Evans' Upperwood Psychedlic. B: Dennis' *Mariglen Xanthe.
E BEARDED COLLIE A (Mrs V Stevens, dogs; Ms L Tomlinson, bitches) D: Buckley's Wellknowe Knight Errand. B: Stead & May's *Sengalas Breaking Dawn for Clovabrae.