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S YORKS ALSATIAN A (K Young) D: Kingswood's *Shaquile Lord Of The Isle. B: Folksman's Lornaville Snow Girl.
SMOOTH FOX TERRIER A (Ms M Boggia-Black) D: Griffiths' *Yoxella Wiki Leaks. B: Thornton & Bebbington's Glendraterra Strikly Samba.
SIBERIAN HUSKY C OF GB (Ms G Sandberg, dogs; A Goransson, bitches) D: Wright's *Pelenrise Brite Horizon. B: Norman's Skimarque Silver Sno Star.
SHEFFIELD & LEODENSIAN BULLDOG C (B Karpel) D: Goodwin's Ch Britishpride Sinatra. B: Watkin's *Ocobo Heartbreaker at Shipshape.
SCOTTISH PUG DOG C (A Wight, dogs; Mrs J Martin, bitches) D: Alexander's Tangetoppens Hunting High And Low at Treveth. B: Cook's *Mabon Mystil Miranda with Boynhams.
ROTTWEILER C OF WALES (P Harding, dogs; Mrs H Watkins, bitches) D: Taylor's *Ch Minaelea's Black Mambo. B: Barn's Gyrima Lois.
POINTER C (Ms V Kelly, dogs; Ms B Wright, bitches) D: Watkins & Davies' *Hurwyn Law N Order. B: Dyer's Sharnphilly Lulu Guiness.
PAPILLON C (D Spavin, dogs; Mrs J Sparrow, bitches) D: Robb's *Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo. B: Buckly-Waters' Semperfidelis Dulcidine.
NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND C OF GB (Mrs M Deuchar) D: Middleton's Ch Ithim Agus Suim. B: Greaves & Croxford's *Ch/Ir Ch Ennafort The One And Only.
N KING CHARLES C (Ms P Clayton) D: Gillhespy's Ch Tucherish Sundance. B: Pennington's *Tudorhurst Pearl.
N COS WHIPPET C (Ms L Foord, dogs; Mrs B R Anderson-Illingsworth, bitches) D: Johnson's *Collooney Tricky Dicky. B: Yacoby-Wright's Ch Tylko Kobyco Paranoia.
MIDLAND ROTTWEILER C (Mr Meister, dogs; Mrs A Whitmarsh, bitches) D: Poole's Rostock Claas. B: Shaves & Kelly's *Rolenco Diamond In The Dark for Estalea.