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S BORDER COLLIE C (K Starkey, dogs; P Jolley, bitches) D: Carley & Ward's Sh Ch Jupavia Seventh Heaven. B: Gregory's *Sh Ch Tonkory Yum Yum.
SEALYHAM TERRIER C (J Linley) D: Bettis' Ch Polrose Parker Plus at Ornella. B: Wonnacott's *Jacott Joy Bells.
SCOTTISH GREAT DANE C (Mrs M Duckworth, dogs; Miss P Jacobs, bitches) D: Morgan-Evans' Ch Vanmore Raphael. B: Pearson's *Cismeralda Von Tir Na Nogh at Daneworth.
NORTHUMBERLAND & DURHAM COLLIE C (R Crozier, dogs; T McGowan, bitches) D: Iley's Ileyda Jimmy Choo. B: Hollywood & Waterhouse's *Amalie Lynmead Ours To Love.
NORTHUMBERLAND & DURHAM BULLDOG C (C Carberry) D: Davis' Mystyle Count Anthony. B: Hayward's *Ironspirit Candy Coated.
N W GOLDEN RETRIEVER C (Miss S Woods, dogs; Mrs M I Wood, bitches) D: Henderson's *Sh Ch Alibren Best Mate to Wesrervane. B: Zubair's Sh Ch Thornywait Billie Jean.
N OF ENGLAND WEIMARANER S (D Shields) D: Clarke's *Sireva Crackerjack at Coastedge. B: Rayner's Gunalt The Look at Raystans.
N OF ENGLAND WELSH SPRINGER C (Mrs B Gills, dogs; J Riley, bitches) D: McGrath's *Taimeres Tomfoolery. B: Schofield & Morgan's Ferndel Butterkist Cwsscwn.
N BOXER C (Mrs C Chapman, dogs; Mrs C E Cartledge, bitches) D: Mair's Glenauld The Oracle. B: Hyde's *Ch Sezflo Pure Faith by Newlaithe.
NATIONAL AIREDALE A (T Huxley) D: Averis' *Saredon Last Samurai. B: Greggs' Ir Ch Bambusa Dream Model.
MIN POODLE C (Miss D Smith) D: Kitchener's *Ch Lenholl D'Ikar at Michandy. B: Harwood's Ch Minarets One Moment In Time.
MIDLAND LHASA APSO A (K Sinclair) D: Hall & Tumppila's *Fly Me Surprise Me. B: Phillips' Dimara Dollylicious.