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Created: 05/03/2015

Double K Industries and Pet Groomer present their 2015 7th Annual Rags to Riches Grooming Contest open to all professional groomers starting February 28, 2015!


Image associated with Groomania 2015

Created: 04/03/2015

Held yearly in Belgium, Groomania is an International Grooming Event. There is an extensive educational conference with some of the World's top groomers and is important for all groomers and students who aspire to elevate their professional...



Image associated with European Pet Night 2015 Review

Created: 03/03/2015

In late February in Brussels the 11th edition of the European Pet Night was organised by the International Federation for Animal Health Europe (IFAH-Europe) and partners.


Image associated with The PG hub

Created: 02/03/2015

Welcome to the PG hub, a space for groomers to share tips and advice to other groomers. Email comments/ideas and advice to Visit the website for additional comment and content



Image associated with In your salon

Created: 02/03/2015

The editor catches up with highly renowned groomer Heidi Anderton from Absolutely Animals. You could call this a rags to riches story, however I donít think Heidi is bathing in a tub of diamonds. She is however, currently celebrating 20 years as...


Image associated with Supplements - Does My Dog Need Them? By Nutritionist Kristina Johansen

Created: 02/03/2015

It has become fashionable to add supplements to our dogís diet. Browse the internet and you will find hundreds of products promising a cure or help for every condition we can imagine.



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Image associated with Readers' photos Thank you to Ashleigh Higgins for sending in this photo of her Cane Corso, Boo. Ashleigh is about to open her salon at home in Edmonton, London in the next few weeks which will be called 'Bootiful Grooms'.
Image associated with Readers' photos Thank you to Michelle Murray from House of Hugo, Shoreham by sea for sending in this photo of her Bichon Frisť, 'Buddha'.

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FOR A long time now I have suffered with sore, dry skin on my hands from grooming. For a large part of the day they are either in contact with deterge...
I am not actually a professional groomer but since my first dog Wellington, an Old English Sheepdog, had his first heart attack at the local groomin...