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Inbreeding – COI examples - 24/05/2017

Last time I discussed the irrelevance to current breeding of calculating coefficients of inbreeding going back 20 to 25 generations as is done by the Kennel Club...

How relevant is distant inbreeding? - 26/04/2017

Although we avoided the sensational headlines of the past at this year’s Crufts, there were still plenty of people on social media having a go about ‘inbred freaks’.

The inheritance of ‘deafness’ - 22/03/2017

The lack of science and precision on genetic matters which I discussed in my article last month in relation to the ability of ultrasound to detect hip dysplasia in six to seven week old pups drew me into a discussion on Facebook with breeders who...

A new canine hip scheme for breeders? - 22/02/2017

A proposed new canine hip scheme was launched at a meeting in mid-January, with some promotional material on Facebook and an article in Our Dogs (January 27) entitled ‘New hope for breeders of ‘dysplastic’ dogs’.

What’s in store for breeders in 2017? - 11/01/2017

The Kennel Club has announced that it is dealing with a number of thorny issues which could have serious consequences for breeders – particularly opening up KC membership, the approval process for FCI judges, and an Assured Breeder Scheme (ABS)...

Tackling non-Standard colours - 20/04/2016

The question of non-Standard colours being registered by the Kennel Club has been simmering for some time, especially in the French Bulldog breed which has shown an astronomical increase in registrations partly attributable to this.

GSDs: one breed or two? - 23/03/2016

This article has been in the pipeline for some time, to try to bring some science to some breeders’ demands for splitting breeds into two on the basis of variations in type, for example the debate about British and American Shetland Sheepdogs.

Popular sires: the KC’s study part 4 - 24/02/2016

FINALLY in this critique of the Kennel Club scientific paper entitled ‘Trends in genetic diversity for all Kennel Club registered pedigree dog breeds’ (Lewis, Abhayaratne and Blott, 2015) we come round to ‘popular sires’ which the authors describe...

Inbreeding again: the KC’s study – part three - 20/01/2016

Last time I examined the main finding and conclusion from the KC study. The main finding presented in the ‘KC paper’ was that “the trend in ‘rate of inbreeding’ was the same (or similar) for all breeds...

Inbreeding again: the KC’s study – part two - 22/12/2015

Just after I had submitted the first part of this article I attended my breed’s annual health seminar which was being addressed by Dr Tom Lewis, the senior author of, what I have called for brevity, the ‘KC paper’...

Inbreeding again: the KC’s study – part one - 25/11/2015

Some more excellent progress has been made by the Kennel Club (KC) geneticists with the online publication in September, in the open access journal Canine Genetics and Epidemiology, of a scientific paper entitled ‘Trends in genetic diversity for...

We do not hate China and the FCI – part 2 - 23/09/2015

In the last column I dealt with the major issue of the Fédération Cynoligique Internationale (FCI) granting the hosting of the World Dog Show (WDS) 2019 to China.

We do not hate China and the FCI... part 1 - 26/08/2015

LITTLE did I realise that, in my period of ‘retirement’ from writing a regular monthly column, my now occasional contributions would start with something of such explosive magnitude for breeders as the FCI and China!

Plenty of ‘bubbles’ to burst - 24/06/2015

Many commentators have recently said that we dog people ‘live in a bubble’. We live in our own little world impervious to what’s going on around us that may have an impact on our doggy lives.

Hip score discrepancies – the real issue - 27/05/2015

The response of Ruth Dennis the chief scrutineer for the British Veterinary Association (BVA)/Kennel Club hip dysplasia scheme to the hip score discrepancy between the UK and Australia of Araki Fabulous Figjam has now been given to Dog World and...

Type, balance and judging - 22/04/2015

THERE have been many excellent articles in DOG WORLD over the years in which various experienced columnists, but especially Andrew Brace, have explained very well what ‘type’ means to them, but have these explanations been taken on board...

A new registration certificate - 25/03/2015

In this column last December I proposed that the Kennel Club should revert to an A4-sized registration certificate so that more health information could be given on it, but particularly so that simple explanations about the health test results...

International hip score discrepancies - 25/02/2015

I was going to write on something different this month, but as a serious ‘breeding matter’ for all of us cropped up on the front page of this paper (DW, January 30, 2015) I thought I had better deal with it while it was topical.

New year resolutions for breeders - 21/01/2015

No sooner had my article appeared last month (DW, December 26, 2014) than I received an email that sent my spirits soaring about breeders, and I began to wonder if I needed any new year resolutions for them.

New year resolutions for the KC - 23/12/2014

When you read such an eminent dog paper columnist as Ronnie Irving saying that the Kennel Club needs to look after ordinary dog breeders (Our Dogs December 12, 2014) you come to the conclusion that with his inside...

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