Complementary Therapy

The correct use of equipment - 03/05/2017

Since I have been working with dogs over the last 15 years, I have seen so many changes, some good and some perhaps not so good. Something that fits into this category, is the use of equipment, all sorts of equipment and gadgets.

How does Galen Myotherapy work? - 05/04/2017

I have been writing articles about the benefits of Galen Myotherapy for many years but I am not sure if I have ever explained how it is ‘believed’ to work and why we get such incredibly positive responses.

Is this a form of canine self-mutilation? - 01/03/2017

I am not often shocked into silence, but when a veterinary nurse working in emergency care in the US told me this story, I was not only shocked into silence, but actually broke out into spontaneous tears!

Is our environment killing our dogs? - 31/01/2017

So, that is a pretty dramatic heading to an article but we need to get this message across and if scary titles are required, then so be it!

A bright new year for Fergus - 04/01/2017

We all like a good story for the new year but this is a great one! It all started back in September when I was called by a lady who was incredibly worried about her Leonburger puppy, Fergus.

The high cost of excess weight - 30/11/2016

I have just heard about the ‘Greatest Loser’ competition run by the PDSA, challenging dogs and other pets to lose weight. The dog that won lost 39 per cent of his bodyweight, he was 80 per cent over his ideal weight.

Dog lovers from around the globe - 02/11/2016

I AM VERY privileged to have just come back from an amazing seminar in Barcelona where I was asked to talk on ‘pain and behaviour in dogs’, it was really well received which I was delighted about and inspired many a conversation and discussion.

A ‘dogcentric’ approach to therapy - 05/10/2016

It breaks my heart when I hear from people about how badly their dogs have been handled during a therapy session. I have received so many calls from owners of dogs who have had treatment and basically their dog has been subtlety but definitely...

‘Scent’ some time with your dog - 31/08/2016

Such a common scene is seeing people walk their dogs with their dog trying to sniff or scent and their person is trying to get their dog to walk, why are we not listening to our dogs and giving them this choice? Maybe they know more than we do...

The effects of toe removal - 03/08/2016

AS HUMANS, we do ourselves no favours by wearing inappropriate shoes and therefore creating incorrect loading and stresses through our feet, ankles, knees, hips and beyond.

Isn’t prevention better than cure? - 29/06/2016

I thought it was interesting to look and compare just two of the clients that I have seen in the past four weeks. One is a spaniel who had ‘gone off’ his hind legs, his diagnosis was a ‘dehydrated’ disc; the other a super fit gundog who had...

So you think your dog isn’t in pain? - 01/06/2016

‘My DOG isn’t in pain’ – these are words I often hear from people during a conversation. Working with dogs I am obviously asked information or advice about other people’s dogs.

Myotherapy’s role in amputee management - 04/05/2016

Whatever the amputation, catastrophic changes within the dog’s soft tissue and skeletal balance occur. In my opinion the sooner these cases have been referred for muscular reconditioning the better the results, and management strategies can be...

Diverse applications of myotherapy - 30/03/2016

Galen Myotherapy, or the specialist use of manual therapy (massage), for the canine has so many applications. Because of this, I believe, there can be some confusion about which condition or conditions it can be used for...

Everyday actions can tell you so much - 02/03/2016

Being a dairy farmer for many years, we were very aware of, from a nutritional, health and well-being perspective, what ‘went into’ the cow and what ‘came out’.

Time to give your dog a pillow - 03/02/2016

It is so important to regard how dogs’ daytime exercise patterns do not include too much stress inducing repetitive movements or activities, these, as we know, can have a serious negative impact on their muscular skeletal system as well as their...

Weight management: the ‘Magic Bullet’? - 30/12/2015

Anyone that works with dogs, either training, therapeutically or clinically, is always looking for methods to improve the dogs’ health, mobility or often both...

Time to fine tune your dogs - 02/12/2015

It is now just over three months before Crufts is upon us; and those who are showing should be ‘fine tuning’ your dogs as a priority, now!

Inappropriate use of the lead - 04/11/2015

I AM NOT a dog trainer so this article is not commenting on any forms of training, but it is commenting on the effects of how equipment is used from a myofascial perspective and just touching on some of the other issues that the inappropriate use...

How much is too much exercise? - 02/09/2015

NOW THAT is a good question! What IS the correct amount of exercise? The answer is, it is different for each dog and each situation. It is such a complicated subject with so much information out there and every bit of information will be coming...

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