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Irish Setters bring joy to KC stand - 22/03/2017

This year my Crufts was all about rescue, our Irish Setter rescue had been invited by the Kennel Club to take a space on their main stand in Hall 3 on Saturday.

PawTrax TAGZ GPS tracker - 14/03/2017

I would like to blame losing bits of paper with important phone numbers or my glasses or even my car keys on age related failing memory but the truth is I have always had a marvellous ability to lose things.

Tougher sentences for dog fighting - 08/03/2017

Around 26 BC (or BCE if you are a pedant for political correctness) the Berber King, Juba II visited and named the volcanic Canary Islands after the ferocious dogs (canaria) that roamed the area.

The X and Ys of canine hermaphrodites - 01/03/2017

The Winter Olympics, 1968, Grenoble. Erika Schinegger was a 19-year-old Austrian champion downhill skier with her eyes on the prize. Part of the formalities of competing at the Games was the newly introduced gender test...

A scheme of mutual benefit - 22/02/2017

‘If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime’ – wise words but redundant if you have already been sentenced and face Prison life for weeks or years. A report from the Prison Reform Trust highlights the danger to the mental health of both inmates...

Wahl Super Groom clipper - 15/02/2017

There is a certain glint in my eye when I pick up shiny scissors or clippers; I hasten to add not because I have any murderous tendencies but because I do find transforming a dog through grooming quite cathartic and relaxing.

Shrapnel shock in resilient Bully - 08/02/2017

LIZ HASLAM loves English Bull Terriers, more than that her efforts to help Bullies in trouble could be seen as a vocation or even obsession so when she heard of a dog stranded in Turkey 18 months ago she yet again threw herself into...

Judges still blocked from within - 31/01/2017

“Between us we can do all sorts of things. We can move the goalposts and create better opportunities going forward for all the stakeholders and exhibitors,” so said Simon Luxmore in an interview with DW, soon after he was elected as chairman of...

A celebration of rescue dogs - 24/01/2017

THIS WEEK I’d like to lead a celebration of rescue dogs and to begin a fabulous story from just a few days ago. Dog Fosterer Emily Gunnion welcomed Springer cross Labrador, Rufus, into her home in Manchester at the beginning of January from...

Dogs travel in comfort with the Modin Bed - 18/01/2017

OKAY, HANDS up, who buys air fresheners for your car? I certainly do, in fact I would say that without my financial input into the air freshener industry they would be in serious trouble!

Has insurance caught up with rescue? - 11/01/2017

If you are still huddled under the duvet on Friday the 13th you may be a tiny bit superstitious. While I can’t put your mind at rest regarding triskaidekaphobia I might be able to offer some advice as a preemptive step for the next dreaded date.

Can we increase our dogs’ lifespans? - 04/01/2017

The passage of time is on my mind this week, not surprising given it is the start of a new year. How we age is a question of our experiences, our health and our genes.

A year in mandatory microchipping - 22/12/2016

Dog Welfare through 2016 had its highs and lows; just when you think humans really cannot sink to further depths of depravity and cruelty we witness another nail in humanity’s coffin when an animal is yet again the target of this planet’s most deadly

The St Bartholomew’s rescue - 20/12/2016

Wailing Winnie began to thrum through the wards, it was December 1940 and St Bartholomew’s Hospital stood almost empty, most of the staff had been evacuated from Central London; only a handful of wards remained open to deal with casualties from the r

Consider charity Christmas gifts - 07/12/2016

Ahhh here it comes, Christmas is just around the corner. Whatever your religion you cannot help but notice the music in supermarkets and a plethora of red and gold tinsel everywhere.

Do we understand each other? - 30/11/2016

Dodie Smith was a talented actress, playwright and author but she is best remembered for her children’s book One Hundred and One Dalmatians which was turned by Walt Disney into a memorable full length cartoon in 1961.

A masterclass in fundraising - 23/11/2016

Alison Lennon is a product of the land in which she was raised, Northern Ireland. Straight talking with the verbal delivery of a machine gun she is passionate about dog welfare and she really is not going to let anyone sway her from her course.

Hong Kong rescue full to bursting - 09/11/2016

What do you know about Hong Kong? My knowledge extended to, it’s very busy and pretty crowded and people wear face masks.

Munchausen syndrome in dog owners - 02/11/2016

RIDING on a cannon ball or wrestling with crocodiles, no, not the latest Kennel Club requirement for dog show judges but a couple of the stories from the tall tales of Baron Munchausen.

Harry to head rescue calendar - 26/10/2016

LAST WEEKEND Discover Dogs had a guest of honour who I know rather well. Debonair and handsome as only an Irish Setter can be, Harry accepted his star status with perfect grace and ecstatic wagging from the neck all the way back to the tip of his...

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