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Veterinary World: Heart murmurs in dogs - 17/05/2017

A heart murmur, simply put, is a sound produced by an interruption in the normal ‘smooth’ blood flow through the heart. Heart murmurs are very common in dogs, as in people, and the presence of a murmur can have a range of ‘significances’ from...

Veterinary World: Canine corneal ulcers - 18/04/2017

The cornea is the transparent ‘window’ at the front of the eye, and a healthy cornea is vital for normal vision. There are many diseases that can affect the cornea of our dogs; with corneal ulcers being one of the most serious and painful conditions.

Veterinary World: Overweight dogs – a growing problem? - 14/03/2017

There has been a great deal of concern recently about obesity levels among people in the UK, with reports that one in four adults is obese.

Veterinary World: My dog has been diagnosed with anaemia – what does this mean? - 14/02/2017

Dogs, like people, can develop anaemia, which is defined as a condition in which either there is a deficiency in the total number of red blood cells in the circulation, or a deficiency in the amount of haemoglobin.

My dog is drinking too much – what could be wrong? - 17/01/2017

One of the questions you will almost inevitably be asked when you take your dog to your vet is: “Is he/she drinking normally?”; but what does this question actually mean and why should we worry about this?

Putting dogs in the picture: An overview of diagnostic imaging options - 19/10/2016

In a Specialist referral practice such as ours, we are fortunate to have a wide array of techniques at our disposal for creating visual representations of the interior of the body and as well as representations...

Heat stroke – is it really possible in this weather?! - 24/08/2016

Here we are in mid-August and yet the dismal weather this year has once again meant that days where the outside temperature has got towards even the mid-20Cs have been all too rare.

What’s new in dog vaccination? - 15/06/2016

The first vaccine that protected dogs against distemper was introduced some seven decades ago and today, vaccinating our puppies and dogs against this and the other major infectious diseases such as leptospirosis, parvovirus and canine hepatitis...

Travelling safely with your dog - 17/02/2016

MOST OF the patients that come into our specialist veterinary centre for treatment of injuries sustained in road traffic accidents have been in collisions with a vehicle after running in front of traffic.

It’s Christmas again... things that your dog should avoid! - 16/12/2015

THE TRADITION in our specialist clinic here is that The Boss is always on duty over Christmas and Boxing Day and frankly, part of the festive spirit would be missing for me if I wasn’t!

Urinary incontinence in the adult bitch – what’s the best treatment? - 18/11/2015

Very recently Bella, a two-year old black Labrador bitch came into the clinic; she had the usual rock-solid working Lab temperament and had already developed into an exceptional working bitch.

Annual vaccinations – are they really necessary? - 16/09/2015

When I graduated – which was many, many years ago – a very significant proportion of the average GP vet’s income was derived through reminding owners of the need to ensure that their dogs’ vaccination boosters were kept up to date annually.

The ever-present problem of grass seeds and cereal heads - 19/08/2015

Despite the monsoonal rainfall last month the subsequent record high temperatures have meant that grasses and cereal crops are beginning to seed as normal; consequently, we are now seeing the usual stream of dogs coming to our clinic suffering...

Stem cell therapy for arthritis: fact or fiction? - 15/07/2015

This morning I was out early exercising my Wirehaired Pointer as part of a programme to get him fit for the autumn. After five years of patience, hard work, various setbacks and a myriad of medical conditions including juvenile meningitis...

Medical Insurance for Dogs: Are supermarket policies putting profits before patients? - 17/06/2015

As I walked through our Reception area on Saturday morning I met some very, very happy owners who were being reunited with their Wire-haired Dachshunds, Rupert, after his week-long stay with us; they wanted to let me know what a good job they felt...

Veterinary World: Kennel cough – the spectre that never goes away - 20/05/2015

It’s the time of year when many of us are thinking about booking our canine friends into a boarding facility during our holidays, entering them into a summer training class, having them groomed or just making a routine visit to the vets.