Living With Dogs

Why do some dogs refuse to eat? - 22/03/2017

A long email message comes from Diana Hudson of the Norderhove affix in response to the all too vexing question as to why some dogs refuse to eat on a regular basis in the column of January 20.

Can oily diets contribute to cysts? - 14/03/2017

Two very prompt and helpful sounding answers have arrived in response to the plea for sharing information about cysts in the column of February 17.

Unexplained bouts of hyperactivity - 08/03/2017

Yet another plea for help and advice but one of a very different kind to any of those featured in the column recently, with this one being about temperament.

Further experiences with polyps - 01/03/2017

Thank you to three more readers who responded so promptly to the plea for help in the column of February 17 about a polyp causing unusually excessive bleeding from the vagina.

Connie’s battle with ectopic ureters - 22/02/2017

I was delighted to receive a letter from Patricia Rush of the Patouche Brittanys in Suffolk, who has been brave and concerned enough to put her head above the proverbial parapet to support my comments about all-rounders in January 27’s column...

Breed Watch, polyps and cysts - 14/02/2017

The Kennel Club’s latest edition of the Breed Watch Booklet with its sub title of 'Promoting Pedigree Dog Health' followed by 'A Guide for the health and welfare of show dogs', has been made even more readable with the addition of coloured...

The new breed of all-rounder - 08/02/2017

AN ALMOST instant response arrived to my comments about what makes a good all rounder in my column of January 27 from Kathryne Wrigley, who has shared the Kattandale Gordon Setters with her mother from 1979 so...

Travelling from crisis to crisis - 31/01/2017

A call came from Jenny Stringthorpe-Roberts of the Deanfield Bearded Collies referring back to the comments in January 20th’s column about dogs’ unusual eating habits.

What defines an all-rounder? - 24/01/2017

It is always good to have proof positive that someone actually reads these words! The most recent came in the form of a letter from Pat Jackman who lives near Ashburton in Devon...

A celebration of rescue dogs - 24/01/2017

THIS WEEK I’d like to lead a celebration of rescue dogs and to begin a fabulous story from just a few days ago. Dog Fosterer Emily Gunnion welcomed Springer cross Labrador, Rufus, into her home in Manchester at the beginning of January from...

Psychological answer to eating - 17/01/2017

A letter came from Hazel Hunt of the Rifflesea Rough Collies saying that she has a five-year-old dog, who will not eat any food while anyone is watching him and gladly allows either of their two bitches to devour the contents of his dish!

Sweet success and Cavalier charms - 11/01/2017

Shirley Moult of the Croftwell affix sent a note to say that her eight-year-old Flatcoat bitch developed an aural haematoma and was taken into the vets for an operation involving buttons to try to cure this on October 8.

Possible clue to mystery illness - 04/01/2017

Now the festive season is past, the question is what to do with all those Christmas jumpers? Interestingly dogs seem never to notice the bright colours, sparkling sequins or flashing reindeer noses...

Henry dabbles in decorating - 22/12/2016

First of all, a very happy and successful New Year to you and your dogs. What are your good resolutions to be this time around?

Christmas menaces and miracles - 20/12/2016

A happy, peaceful and thoroughly enjoyable Christmas to you and all your dogs and this along with the usual timely warnings of somersaulting Christmas trees, the obvious dangers of glass baubles and chocolate of all varieties, cooked bird bones...

Travel scares in the winter months - 14/12/2016

People with dogs seem to travel more, in so many varying directions and for a number of different reasons, than most sections of the community. Non-dog lovers find it hard if not impossible to understand this apparent phenomenon...

Getting the measure of our breeds - 07/12/2016

I was so pleased to receive a message of such great support from Judy Squires of the Wirehall Dachshunds and president of the Miniature Club, who writes to say that, not only does she agree with me about the Kennel Club’s official announcements...

Developing a taste for fine dining - 30/11/2016

It has been a great relief to receive news that our nearly 14-year-old Henry is far from alone in his seemingly ridiculous preference to dine on china rather than his normal metal dog bowl!

Estonia delights and tummy woes - 23/11/2016

It never ceases to surprise me that dog people seem to be so friendly and have so much in common throughout the world and this was proved very thoroughly during my recent judging trip to Estonia.

Protecting valuable club bequests - 16/11/2016

Thank you to Julie Revell, secretary of the South East Welsh Springer Spaniel Club, who says that she could not agree more about the lack of essential items in the new style Kennel Gazette.

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