Living With Dogs

Helping a depressed Cavalier - 24/05/2017

It is said that a trouble shared is a trouble halved so it was good to hear that I was far from alone with the difficulties involved in repainting a somewhat elderly rusty folding dog cage!

Champion stakes at breed shows? - 17/05/2017

Just recently the subject of showing well established champions, other than elderly veterans, at breed open shows has been the source of some comment and this in turn has led to a number of questions...

Revamping an old dog cage - 09/05/2017

Last week I decided that we needed a metal folding travelling cage for young Basil and, having delved about in the garage, two of exactly the right size of 20 inches and of at least 30 years old came to light, having been roosting there unused for...

Remedies to improve appetite - 03/05/2017

Reverting back to the subject of dogs that, for seemingly inexplicable reasons of their own, simply refuse to eat. This is one of the most worrying not to say frustrating habits for their owners and can raise blood pressure to near boiling point...

Basil becomes part of the family - 26/04/2017

Returning once more, as promised last week, to the subject of our new Swedish puppy and the all too real anxiety about how our two elder dogs would react to this bouncy young stranger in their midst.

‘Operation Basil’ a success - 19/04/2017

Having exported only a very few dogs in the past to close personal friends in Sweden and the US many years ago, I had never imported one before last month and, almost certainly, will never do so again!

Freakish symtoms of Fanconi - 11/04/2017

A NOTE followed by a call came from a couple in the south west who have had and are still having the most extraordinary sounding problem with two different dogs, specifically an Italian Greyhound and a Whippet, which started last Christmas.

Help needed for dog who wont eat - 05/04/2017

A well written letter comes from Dorothy Brimble in Cumbria to say that she seems to have gone through all three things mentioned in the column of February 17.

Another splendid Crufts experience - 28/03/2017

Crufts, our show of shows with all its accompanying razzamatazz, is over for another year so it is now time to look onward and upward to the 2018 version.

Why do some dogs refuse to eat? - 22/03/2017

A long email message comes from Diana Hudson of the Norderhove affix in response to the all too vexing question as to why some dogs refuse to eat on a regular basis in the column of January 20.

Can oily diets contribute to cysts? - 14/03/2017

Two very prompt and helpful sounding answers have arrived in response to the plea for sharing information about cysts in the column of February 17.

Unexplained bouts of hyperactivity - 08/03/2017

Yet another plea for help and advice but one of a very different kind to any of those featured in the column recently, with this one being about temperament.

Further experiences with polyps - 01/03/2017

Thank you to three more readers who responded so promptly to the plea for help in the column of February 17 about a polyp causing unusually excessive bleeding from the vagina.

Connie’s battle with ectopic ureters - 22/02/2017

I was delighted to receive a letter from Patricia Rush of the Patouche Brittanys in Suffolk, who has been brave and concerned enough to put her head above the proverbial parapet to support my comments about all-rounders in January 27’s column...

Breed Watch, polyps and cysts - 14/02/2017

The Kennel Club’s latest edition of the Breed Watch Booklet with its sub title of 'Promoting Pedigree Dog Health' followed by 'A Guide for the health and welfare of show dogs', has been made even more readable with the addition of coloured...

The new breed of all-rounder - 08/02/2017

AN ALMOST instant response arrived to my comments about what makes a good all rounder in my column of January 27 from Kathryne Wrigley, who has shared the Kattandale Gordon Setters with her mother from 1979 so...

Travelling from crisis to crisis - 31/01/2017

A call came from Jenny Stringthorpe-Roberts of the Deanfield Bearded Collies referring back to the comments in January 20th’s column about dogs’ unusual eating habits.

What defines an all-rounder? - 24/01/2017

It is always good to have proof positive that someone actually reads these words! The most recent came in the form of a letter from Pat Jackman who lives near Ashburton in Devon...

A celebration of rescue dogs - 24/01/2017

THIS WEEK I’d like to lead a celebration of rescue dogs and to begin a fabulous story from just a few days ago. Dog Fosterer Emily Gunnion welcomed Springer cross Labrador, Rufus, into her home in Manchester at the beginning of January from...

Psychological answer to eating - 17/01/2017

A letter came from Hazel Hunt of the Rifflesea Rough Collies saying that she has a five-year-old dog, who will not eat any food while anyone is watching him and gladly allows either of their two bitches to devour the contents of his dish!

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