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Magical start to a busy month - 24/05/2017

May is probably the busiest month in the year for obedience championship shows, starting with the Leicestershire GSD Club and finishing with Waldridge Fell and no less than seven other championship shows between these two.

Training, competition and respect - 09/05/2017

The main part of my article this week is aimed at those who are relatively new to our sport. I’m a firm believer that all dogs should receive some degree of training and as responsible owners I think that we owe it to our pets to ensure that they...

A Nifty start to the new season - 26/04/2017

Here we are again at the start of another championship show season with the Midlands Border Collie Club’s Easter weekend with its championship show on the Saturday while approximately 300 miles away Knightswood DTC held its championship show on...

Championship status still up for grabs - 11/04/2017

I SAID in my previous article that the Kennel Club had invited applications for championship obedience status and my hope was that the ‘ticket’ would be taken up by a club from the South East but I have now heard that unfortunately there has not...

New open shows at Culverstone - 28/03/2017

In recent articles I have mentioned the unwelcome demise of the much-loved Thames championship show followed soon after by the news that the open show run by the BAGSD (Southern) was also cancelled for 2017.

Top competition in the Obedience ring - 15/03/2017

Crufts is the show which the majority of dog people always look forward to but this year, for the first time, the show opened with the newly introduced Inter-Regional Rally competition.

Devising good heelwork patterns - 14/03/2017

We are really very fortunate in the Midlands and the North of England to have a number of indoor winter shows at equestrian centres providing really good facilities...

Mutual respect goes a long way - 01/03/2017

I’ve often said in the past that much of our training revolves around going back to basics and during the winter is an ideal time to do this as most of our training takes place indoors where there is usually less space available.

A look back through the Crufts archives - 14/02/2017

As we approach Crufts, the highlight of the show calendar, I thought that it would be fitting to take a brief look back in time. The very first Crufts Obedience Championships were held at Olympia in 1955 where dogs and bitches were judged, as...

What do we want from a show venue? - 31/01/2017

As I begin to write this article I have just seen the notice informing the obedience fraternity that Thames championship show has been cancelled for this year and for the foreseeable future.

Handling with poise and deportment - 17/01/2017

We’re well and truly into the new year now and I hope that the Christmas and new year holiday was kind to you all. I had a lovely few days staying with my sister Maureen (Ames) and her husband and dogs and we were joined by my eldest sister June...

Go back to square one - 04/01/2017

How many times have I heard people say, ‘thank goodness for that, we’ve reached the end of the season and we can have a break’. Over the years I’ve said the same thing myself but give a couple of weeks or so and I can’t wait to be back ‘on the...

National Obedience Class Finals - 20/12/2016

We had a special obedience treat on December 10 to help drive away those winter blues. Wet and miserable outside but inside it was so different. What was the treat? The now annual National Obedience Class Finals of course, which were held once...

Have your say on proposed rule changes - 07/12/2016

The Obedience Liaison Council will meet January 12, 2017 and the recently published agenda contains several controversial issues and proposals and, judging by some of the social media comments I’ve come across...

Oddi retires after amazing career - 23/11/2016

At Cheshire championship show on October 9 those people who were present witnessed the retirement of one of the greatest bitches ever to take part in obedience, OB/WT Ch Ruskath Othentic Image (Oddi), owned, bred and trained by Kathy Russell.

The last championship shows - 09/11/2016

My first visit to the new Cheshire venue on Sunday October 9 resulted in mixed feelings.

Golden ticket for Mary and Levi - 26/10/2016

On the first weekend in October, Elm Park DTC and Thurrock DTS held their championship shows at the Orsett Showground, in Essex and it was nice to spend some time in the south for a change.

A busy week with the GSD clubs - 12/10/2016

OVER the course of the last two weekends in September Sandwell Valley Park in West Bromwich played host to the Birmingham GSD Association (first weekend) and the British Association for GSDs...

A Nifty bit of obedience - 28/09/2016

East Kilbride DTC championship show was held on September 4, the same weekend as Lichfield and as I said last time I am reporting on that show in this article.

A busy bank holiday weekend - 14/09/2016

As I said last time the ticket circuit certainly moved on over the bank holiday weekend with Wigton DTC’s first championship show on Saturday, Wakefield DTC on Sunday and Worcester DTC on Monday. Yes, a busy weekend to complete a busy month.

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