Crossing The Headlines

Dog attacks: another case of déjà vu - 17/05/2017

Little Ella McKevitt was innocently playing in her aunt’s garden with her friends. One can easily imagine the scene; it’s one that plays out up and down the country, the two-year-old happily running around and the ensuing sounds of...

The unhelpful rise of slactivism - 19/04/2017

Phew! Well, last month’s article (and Dog World blog post) certainly provoked a reaction from both sides of the brachycephalic debate. Obviously a vociferous element of the veterinary profession didn’t react too well to the criticism aimed at them...

Are vets overstepping their role? - 14/03/2017

What would we do without vets? I know, it’s something most of us prefer not to think about. Of course we all have the odd grumble about the profession (and as a bird keeper/breeder I’ve had more than my fair share of negative experiences with vets...

Aren’t you tired of being a soft target? - 14/02/2017

Something that has got a lot of you talking (if my inbox is anything to go by) was Jemima Harrison’s recent threat to sabotage Crufts in all manner of inventive ways, from people dressed as French Bulldogs handing out leaflets...

Festive viewing provides food for thought - 17/01/2017

What did you think about the offerings on TV this Christmas? I think it was quite possibly one of the worst festive TV I’ve ever seen. What would we have done without Morecambe and Wise, Only Fools and Horses and other 1970s and ‘80s Christmas...

Double standards in canine welfare - 14/12/2016

It was fantastic to recently read about the removal of the Basset Hound from the category three ‘high-profile’ list. This breed is, given my passion for Dachshunds, yet another of my ‘favourites’ and one I find myself instantly drawn...

Exhibitors can’t afford to stay silent - 16/11/2016

My last article, ‘The real reason people are quitting’ certainly stirred the hornet’s nest and provoked a deluge of very interesting reaction from show-going dog folk.

The real reason people are quitting - 19/10/2016

One subject that has certainly got a lot of you talking on social media is the announcement of an idea that a reduction in the number of breed clubs through...

Sharing experiences of an afterlife - 14/09/2016

Bel Mooney is a journalist of over 40 years and is well known to many of us for her advice columns but she is also an author with an obvious love of dogs...

Pedigree walk will defy negative press - 17/08/2016

‘It’s Good News Week, someone’s dropped a bomb somewhere contaminating atmosphere and blackening the sky’ – these are the opening lines from the biggest hit of British band Hedgehoppers Anonymous back in 1965.

Three little words – dogs are welcome - 10/08/2016

Last month I wrote about a bizarre incident involving me and my two (impeccably behaved) Boston girls and a certain very popular high street coffee shop.

Costa’s canine conundrum - 22/06/2016

Britain is renowned all around the world as a nation of dog lovers and relatively recently it has also built up something of a reputation as a nation of coffee drinkers but what happens if one tries to combine the two?

Internet post gets a hammering - 25/05/2016

As many of you who read this column regularly know, I’m not the biggest fan of the internet age and social media. Obviously it has brought us huge benefits, not least being able to track down the girl that played Nancy in your junior school...

Jury’s still out on microchipping - 23/03/2016

I recently saw a story in the Daily Mirror that certainly gave me food for thought. It concerned microchipping, which, as many of you know is a particular interest of mine.

Another threat to our open shows - 24/02/2016

THOUSANDS of words and column inches have been spent in this paper bemoaning the state of our open shows. Undeniably there are far less of these shows than previously which is a shame as it is widely acknowledged...

Is there a ‘Jack’ for everybody? - 21/01/2016

A subject that has certainly generated lots of interest on social media and reams of column inches in both the canine and general press has been the recognition of the Jack Russell by the Kennel Club.

Taxis and dogs: blind discrimination - 22/12/2015

I know many of you have followed the progress of our little dog’s (Alfie) burgeoning TV career with interest on Facebook over the past year. He has certainly been a very busy boy, travelling up and down the country, meeting sporting stars and...

Traceability may lead to responsibility - 27/11/2015

An interesting headline caught my eye in the Telegraph last week, ‘Pedigree dog owners abandoning their pets in alarming numbers’.

KC – blow your own trumpet - 21/10/2015

We recently bred our first litter of Boston Terriers and were lucky enough to have four strapping puppies born that have proved to be a constant source of joy and amusement but sadly (and all too soon) reality kicks in and one realises that these...

Tradition is no excuse for cruelty - 23/09/2015

In between my chores on the smallholding in the morning and my other work I like to find half an hour to grab a coffee and watch the excellent Victoria Derbyshire Show on BBC2. I’m a big fan of Ms Derbyshire’s tenacious, no-nonsense interviewing...

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