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Little to worry about in our world - 06/06/2017

Complaints about having to pay £3 more for a Crufts entry and £26 annual fee for the on-line Judging Academy are to me a real signal that things are going along very nicely indeed.

An open and transparent system - 09/05/2017

I must say that I did not see it coming. Everyone knew the Kennel Club was working on changes to the judges’ situation. I and many others expected there would be a few new things and lots of tinkering around the edges. How wrong can one be?

Time to build on current progress - 11/04/2017

I HOPE the KC and breeders in general don’t fool themselves into thinking that the relatively clear run at Crufts is a signal that we can continue on without as much opposition and scrutiny as in the past.

Crufts – a wonderful melting pot - 08/03/2017

The number of visiting dogs this year at Crufts is a great step forward for the show. The foreign entry has been growing year-on-year which is as good as any signal that the show is doing things well.

Don’t take your foot off the pedal - 08/02/2017

Health and breed exaggerations are now clearly on the radar for both breeders and judges, yet when you read most critiques of those breeds affected there is a noticeable absence of any comments or remarks about such problems...

2017 to be the year of the judge - 11/01/2017

I HAVE been reading the financial pages in one of the papers today with all the predictions for 2017; what the pound will be worth, interest rates and inflation, top picks for the stock market and so it goes.

Strong steps in the right direction - 07/12/2016

The year draws to a close and few could deny there have been strong steps forward in many areas.

Huge gaps in ‘our’ KC membership - 09/11/2016

The recent pictures on social media and in the press of Midlands County Show are a cause for us all to be very proud. I am referring of course to the Dialynne dynasty, all present to see their young Beagle win BIS.

Speaking the language of reform - 12/10/2016

I have just been watching the interview of Simon Luxmoore on the Dog World website. I would urge everyone to watch this clip and take in what Mr Luxmoore says.

Foreign judges under fire again - 07/09/2016

It is interesting to read that there were complaints at Welsh Kennel Club about a visiting judge from Russia. This happened just hours after Simon Luxmoore spoke of the need to reform judges’ approval and training here in the UK...

Open shows: a threefold problem - 10/08/2016

Earlier this month I was invited to attend the Dog Show Promotion Working Party meeting to make suggestions regarding open shows. I know I have said this many times before but could you ever imagine such a thing from the old regime?

Great potential for junior awards - 06/07/2016

I was really pleased to see that Blackpool show awarded a best junior in every group. I have always felt that there is too much weight given to the top awards and very little left for the up and coming youngsters in each breed...

Reform to survive and thrive - 08/06/2016

So here we are after the Kennel Club’s AGM, and the result is a slide back in time. Progress and improvement have been sent packing and we have returned the way it was done in the bad old days.

‘Little Britain’ mentality must stop - 11/05/2016

The whole premise of how we judge dogs is to find the virtues and not the faults. We look for the things we like and tolerate the faults. Yet when the debate comes to Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) judges the overwhelming priority...

Time for the field reps to step in - 06/04/2016

I wonder what it feels like to have the joy of a Crufts BOB award debated on national TV? I also wonder what is feels like to have your role as a judge condemned and ridiculed on national TV?

A stronger, more honest Crufts - 09/03/2016

The wonderful rise in numbers of foreign entries at Crufts this year is no sudden accident. This rise has been building year on year because of various factors but largely social media through the internet bringing us all together.

Rip up the rule book and listen to all - 10/02/2016

I MUST say I am in total agreement with Meg Pernell-Carpenter’s article in the Kennel Gazette.

It can be a muddle in the middle - 06/01/2016

It’s not often that I judge in the UK but I have recently judged at an open show and then the Ladies Kennel Association and at both shows the very same thing jumped out at me begging for change; placing the dogs in order from left to right in the...

It’s time to widen the judges’ pool - 09/12/2015

I was away recently judging and a fellow judge from one of the Eastern countries spoke with me about judging in the UK. The mystery to him was why is it so difficult to judge in the UK?

Open shows: a fight for survival - 11/11/2015

Open Shows – what do we do? How do we save them from decline? This is a common thread in the columns and also among exhibitors. Last weekend I judged at an open show, which was well attended and well run.

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