In the Dog House

In the Dog House by Simon Parsons - 01/03/2017

I HOPE you enjoy Adrian Marett’s profile of Crufts best in show winner Devon in our Crufts Special supplement out this week. Here are a few more photos of Ch Burneze Geordie Girl and Marie Burns – haven’t they been great ambssadors for the...

In the Dog House by Simon Parsons - 22/02/2017

I WAS sad to hear of the death of Max the Boxer, Ch/Ir Ch Winuwuk Lust At First Sight. You will all have known him as a great winner, an excellent ambassador for his breed...

BOB checks in place - 15/02/2017

I REALLY don’t have a crystal ball – but no sooner had my last week’s column been composed, we heard that the Kennel Club has demoted the Hungarian Kuvasz to the imported breeds register.

Frenchie explosion - 08/02/2017

NO ONE has yet come up with a definitive explanation for how the Frenchie explosion started but one reader points out that the timing of the breed’s rise in popularity almost exactly mirrors the boom in the use of Facebook, Twitter and other social m

Don’t create martyrs - 01/02/2017

I DO HOPE that the new order at the Kennel Club, which many dog people felt started rather promisingly, isn’t going to degenerate into attempts to exclude those who happen to disagree with certain individuals or policies.

The rise of the Frenchie - 25/01/2017

EACH YEAR when we get the annual Kennel Club registration figures we lament the fate of the poor old French Bulldog as it tries to deal with the effects of a population explosion the likes of which can seldom have been seen in the British dog world.

The legacy of the Iccabods - 17/01/2017

I’M ALWAYS interested to read about the success stories of the dog world, especially when breeders or exhibitors achieve great things while keeping only a small number of dogs.

Slovakian Labrador double - 11/01/2017

I’M ALWAYS rather wary about mentioning working gundog topics as there are so many experts in the field and no doubt all my errors will be all too obvious to them…

Open stakes for all - 11/01/2017

MY SECOND gundog topic concerns the ‘minor breeds’ spaniels – that is those other than Cockers and English Springers (and Irish Waters, but that’s a whole different story!).

Talented breeders celebrate in Finland - 11/01/2017

At the Finnish Winner Show the trophies for Breeder of the Year were presented, a good excuse for the various dogs and owners who supported their breeder in the breeders’ groups during the year to have a bit of a celebration.

In the Dog House - 04/01/2017

LOOKING at the minutes of the Kennel Club’s Breeds Liaison Council’s November meeting, I see the delegates once again discussed a proposal from the British Gordon Setter Club.

The bedrock that is ringcraft - 04/01/2017

THE WEEKS before Christmas always see some very special events – the final matches of the year for the many ringcraft societies which cover the needs of exhibitors all round the country.

Akita Inu group history - 04/01/2017

OUR THANKS to Jane Lilley for pointing out that the first Japanese Akita Inu to win a championship show group place in the UK was Keith Gullis’ import Rooster of Aiko whom she gave group 2 at Darlington in 2006. The Kennel Club had split the breed...

The FCI and British judges - 04/01/2017

AS THERESA May has discovered, being the representative of Brexit Britain at European Union meetings had be a rather lonely and friendless task.

Russian turmoil - 22/12/2016

AT THIS time of year I usually try to give a mention to everyone who has been involved with two or more group winners or placers at the season’s championship shows.

In the Dog House - 20/12/2016

I SEE the Football Association is being criticised for being ‘too old, too white, too male’. Whether that’s true or not I couldn’t say but it will be interesting to see whether any future membership reforms make any difference as to whether our...

Top of the groups - 20/12/2016

TIME FOR our annual review of which breeds have scored highest at group level during the show season.

Polls provide food for thought - 20/12/2016

IT’S TIME for a look at the most recent poll results from the DOG WORLD website.

Get hitched at a dog show - 20/12/2016

I WAS intrigued by a paragraph in Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen’s report which is printed in this week’s DOG WORLD from the Stockholm shows.

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