Carlos Fernandez Renau

Carlos Fernandez Renau - 24/05/2017

THE LOSS of a legend, perhaps best sums up how the death of Spain’s Carlos Fernandez Renau, on May 11 aged 68, was greeted by the dog show world, writes Mhairi Aikman.

Molly Cottingham - 24/05/2017

MOLLY Cottingham (Stocott), former president of the English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan) Club, died peacefully on April 25, writes Dawn Saunders. Although well into her 90s she was still very active, and was president of Deal Canine Society.

Jim Crosbie - 24/05/2017

WITH the death of Jim Crosbie the world of Golden Retrievers has lost not only a lovely caring genuine man but also one of the most knowledgeable men in our lovely breed, writes Linda Thomson.

John Perry - 24/05/2017

I WAS very sad to learn that John Perry has died, writes Daniel Roberts. John played a very influential part in Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds in the 1970s and ‘80s with his Sierry dogs, later becoming interested in Welsh Springer Spaniels...

Joan Davis - 24/05/2017

JOAN Davies died peacefully at Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford on May 3, writes her son Peter. After ten weeks in the stroke unit there she succumbed to pneumonia.

Shelagh Thompson - 18/05/2017

SHELAGH Thompson (Walkabout Whippets) has died at the age of 86, writes Carol Neale. She was the youngest of four children and her father, a retired naval commander, had been the headmaster of the junior school at Dover College.

Iris Bowker - 18/05/2017

IRIS Bowker has died, writes Sheila Jakeman. She had been at home until a few days before she had to be moved so her medication could be regulated.

Lord Soulsby

Lord Soulsby - 18/05/2017

LORD Soulsby of Swaffham Prior, whose work as a peer often focused on studying and promoting animal welfare, has died at the age of 90.

John Robson - 10/05/2017

JOHN ROBSON (Crooksbarn) has died at home after suffering ill health for a while, writes Nicola Calvert, secretary of the Northern English Springer Spaniel Society (NESSS). He was a well-known figure in the breed, and awarding CCs to English...

Paula Hull - 10/05/2017

PAULA Hull of the Ashenberry Cocker Spaniels lost her battle with cancer on April 27, writes Joanna Darby. My mother and I knew Paula almost since she started showing and she came to use our dogs at stud on a number of occasions.

Joyce Hill - 10/05/2017

MORE SAD news came to me from Jane Mitchell who said her mother Joyce Hill, founder of the Glowhill affix, had died that morning, writes Joanna Darby.

David Harrison - 03/05/2017

IT IS with great personal sadness that I learnt of the recent sudden death of David Harrison (Sandawana) following a short stay in hospital, writes Bill Lambert.

Margaret Balaam - 03/05/2017

IT IS with great sadness that I record the recent loss of our friend Margaret Balaam of the Pinecrest Golden Retrievers, writes Sue Almey.

Frank Wildman

Frank Wildman - 26/04/2017

WE ALL knew that Frank Wildman had been unwell but he had fought cancer so valiantly for these past five years that we all hoped he was indestructible, writes Tim Hutchings.

Maggie Mullins - 26/04/2017

MAGGIE Mullins has died at the age of 85, writes Christine McDonald. In her own words she was born and bred with Welsh Springers: “My doll’s pram never contained a doll but always Wowser the Welsh Springer,” she used to say.

Yvonne Dean

Yvonne Dean - 25/04/2017

YVONNE Dean (Deanound) died on April 23 at the age of 81. Of late she had not enjoyed the best of health, but as president of the Basset Griffon Vendéen Club she had continued to contribute and stay very much in touch with affairs of the breed for...

Betty Cole-Hamilton - 25/04/2017

THE SAD news has reached me that Betty Cole-Hamilton died on March 19 aged 96, writes Daniel Roberts. She was famous for her Beltrim Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds and was heavily involved with the Scottish Dachshund Club from the 1950s, and was...

Warwick Winston

Warwick Winston - 19/04/2017

WARWICK Winston died peacefully in his sleep on April 12, he was 93.

David Webster

David Webster - 19/04/2017

IT IS almost impossible to write a fitting tribute to David Webster, president of the Beagle Club who has very sadly died at the age of 93, writes Alistair Parker, the club’s vice-chairman.

Winnie Middleton - 19/04/2017

I AM sad to report the death of Winnie Middleton, Pekingese breeder, exhibitor and judge who was well known throughout Scotland, at the age of 79, writes Scott Cassie.

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