Ruth Bumstead

Ruth Bumstead - 22/02/2017

I WAS sad to be told of Ruth Bumstead’s recent death, writes Max Jones. In the early days of Briards in the UK she was one of the key figures involved in establishing the breed here.

Betty Baxter - 22/02/2017

THE WORLD of pedigree dogs has lost a great lady with the death on February 9 of Betty Baxter, writes David Blaxter. My memory goes immediately to Bath championship show in the mid-1960s.

Andrew Caine

Andrew Caine - 22/02/2017

IT IS with regret that I write of the death of Andrew Caine whom many will remember as an exhibitor, breeder and judge of American Cocker Spaniels, writes Janice Caine.

Jim Barker - 22/02/2017

FRIENDS OF Tony and Jean Barker will want to send their sympathy on the death of Tony’s father Jim on February 5, writes Simon Parsons.

Betty Baxter - 15/02/2017

THE WORLD of pedigree dogs has lost a great lady with the death on February 9 of Betty Baxter, on 9th February, writes David Blaxter.

Sally Poole

Sally Poole - 15/02/2017

SALLY Poole of the Alokin kennel died in the early hours of February 7 at the West Berkshire Hospital at the age of 85, writes Alexandra Witmond.

Diana Hill - 15/02/2017

CHRIS Hill has let me know the very sad news that his mother Diana had died on January 25, writes Jayne Bennett. I knew Diana for more than 30 years, and her interest in showing and breeding was shared by all the family.

Mary Downie

Mary Downie - 08/02/2017

FRIENDS throughout the world of toy dogs will be sad to hear of the death at 92 of one of its senior figures, Mary Downie, though their sadness may be tinged with relief that she is now at peace, writes Simon Parsons.

Margret Baertschi

Margret Baertschi - 08/02/2017

MARGRET Baertschi has died. She would have been 83 in March, writes Helen Davenport-Willis.

Ailsa Jackson - 08/02/2017

I WAS very sad to hear that Ailsa Jackson of the Churclo Sealyhams had died, writes David Winsley. Ailsa and hubby David had until 2015 been regulars at the Sealyham Terrier Breeders Association shows, always showing an interest in the breed.

Mary Cox - 01/02/2017

MARY Cox of the Colom Bullmastiffs has died, writes Ben Reynolds-Frost.

Beryl Appleton - 25/01/2017

IT WAS with great sadness that I learnt of the death on January 16 of another famous breeder in Afghan Hounds Beryl Appleton (Anzani), who with her late husband Arthur at one time had one of the top Afghan kennels in the North Country, writes Mark...

Thelma Cooke-Lowe - 25/01/2017

SADLY, Thelma Cooke-Lowe, one of our pastime’s dwindling number of characters, has left us, writes Peter Newman.

Jean Fitzsimons - 25/01/2017

MARGARET Dobson called with the very sad news that Jean Fitzsimons has died, writes Barbara Thornley.

John Willetts - 25/01/2017

IT IS with heavy heart that I write this obituary of my good friend John B Willetts of the Tanworth Airedale Terriers who died unexpectedly at home at the age of 78, writes Martin Lockett.

Hilary McQuaid - 25/01/2017

IT WAS with great sadness, if not surprise, that I learned last weekend that my dear friend, Hilary McQuaid, had died, after suffering ill-health for more than the past decade, writes Katherine Stewart of the Marchog King Charles Spaniels.

Joy Montrose

Joy Montrose - 25/01/2017

IT IS WITH sadness that I advise you that Joy Montrose of the well-known Kybourne Pekingese died on Monday January 23, writes Geoffrey Davies.

Christian Eymar-Dauphin

Christian Eymar-Dauphin - 18/01/2017

THE FRENCH dog world is in deep mourning as Christian Eymar-Dauphin, president of the Société Central Canine (SCC), the French kennel club, died on January 3, writes Anne-Marie Class.

Madelene Aspinwall

Madelene Aspinwall - 18/01/2017

MADELENE Aspinwall died on December 27 at the age of 95, a great loss both personally and for everyone that she knew, writes Prof Steve Dean of the Tyrian Border Terriers.

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