Yvonne Dean

Yvonne Dean - 25/04/2017

YVONNE Dean (Deanound) died on April 23 at the age of 81. Of late she had not enjoyed the best of health, but as president of the Basset Griffon Vendeen Club she had continued to contribute and stay very much in touch with affairs of the breed for...

Betty Cole-Hamilton - 25/04/2017

THE SAD news has reached me that Betty Cole-Hamilton died on March 19 aged 96, writes Daniel Roberts. She was famous for her Beltrim Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds and was heavily involved with the Scottish Dachshund Club from the 1950s, and was...

Warwick Winston

Warwick Winston - 19/04/2017

WARWICK Winston died peacefully in his sleep on April 12, he was 93.

David Webster

David Webster - 19/04/2017

IT IS almost impossible to write a fitting tribute to David Webster, president of the Beagle Club who has very sadly died at the age of 93, writes Alistair Parker, the club’s vice-chairman.

Winnie Middleton - 19/04/2017

I AM sad to report the death of Winnie Middleton, Pekingese breeder, exhibitor and judge who was well known throughout Scotland, at the age of 79, writes Scott Cassie.

Gloria Hoar

Gloria Hoar - 19/04/2017

GLORIA Hoar, who died recently, and her husband John grew up on the Island of Jersey, where they were married, writes Ruth Kitson. John had a spell in the Navy and then with Gloria ran a newsagent’s shop, which Gloria loved as she was a very...

Frank Wildman - 19/04/2017

WE ARE sad to record the death on Good Friday of Frank Wildman after a five-year battle against cancer. With his wife Margaret and daughter Ann he had the Wildax kennel which has produced many champions and top winners in Boxers, Bulldogs, Boston...

David Webster dies

David Webster dies - 13/04/2017

DAVID Webster has died in hospital, two days after his 93rd birthday. Until being taken ill the previous day he had lived independently, said one of his daughters, Jane Fairfax.

Warwick Winston dies

Warwick Winston dies - 13/04/2017

WARWICK Winston died in his sleep on Tuesday, he was 93. His daughter Amanda wants to celebrate his life by compiling a book of stories, memories and anecdotes in time for his funeral.

Jeannette Green - 12/04/2017

SADLY, Jeannette Ann Green of the Greenveldt German Shepherd Dogs died earlier this month after a long illness, writes Andrew Winfrow. Jeannie started in GSDs in the early 1950s when she and her husband Laurie bought their first from Hazel and...

Sir John Fretwell - 12/04/2017

SIR JOHN Fretwell, who lent considerable support to his wife’s long-running and ultimately successful campaign to abolish quarantine, has died at the age of 86.

Gordon Miller - 12/04/2017

I AM very sad to announce the loss of a dear friend and Airedale colleague Gordon Miller, writes Janette Callon. He, along with his wife Cath, loved the breed and has enjoyed many successes in the show ring. They were thrilled when homebred bitch...

Richard Wiles - 05/04/2017

RICHARD Wiles, who died just over a week ago, was one of the most universally liked people in the Labrador world and seemed to have been around the breed forever, writes David Craig.

Frances Toman

Frances Toman - 04/04/2017

I’M SURE all Pembroke people will be as shocked as I was to hear of the death of Frances Toman, writes Simon Parsons. She had been battling cancer for the past year and died peacefully in her sleep on Monday.

George Morgan

George Morgan - 29/03/2017

JUST DAYS after Crufts, a show for which he was for many years deputy chief steward, I heard of the death of George Morgan, writes Andrew Brace. He died peacefully at home the day after his son Neil had visited him to share the joy that he and...

Jean Collins - 29/03/2017

SADLY, JEAN Collins died the same day her two breeds, the Old English Sheepdog and Hungarian Puli, were judged at Crufts, writes Sarah Winson.

Connie Harrop - 29/03/2017

CONNIE Harrop (Grovelyn), who had Keeshonds and more recently German Spitz, has died at the age of 92, writes her daughter Lesley Jefferson.

Olive Clay - 22/03/2017

DURING the course of one’s lifetime we will meet a variety of people who can be categorised into two sections: the nice and the not so nice. However, Olive Clay of the world famous Oakmere Pekingese was someone who was more than nice, she was...

Phyllis McCombie

Phyllis McCombie - 22/03/2017

PHYLLIS McCombie (Moatvale) has died at the age of 94, writes Linda McGregor. She had a very debilitating stroke a couple of years ago and never fully recovered.

Cath Lamb

Cath Lamb - 22/03/2017

CATH LAMB (Bernalpen), who has died at the age of 84, was a firm favourite and active member of many dog clubs and canine societies throughout her life, writes Ian Parkinson, president of the Northern Bernese Mountain Dog Club. After settling in...

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