DOG WORLD is pleased to be able to reintroduce its invaluable record of CC winners and group places, covering the championship shows held in 2014.
From The Archive by Simon Parsons AN ENGLISHMAN’S DOG is as closely allied to him as his “local”, so it isn’t surprising that dog inn signs abound. What is more, such signs are a pictorial guide to the part dogs have played in the beliefs, habits and customs of the past.
THE ALASKAN MALAMUTE CLUB OF THE UK – CELEBRATING 50 YEARS by Mike John It was just five years after the arrival of the first Alaskan Malamutes in the UK, that the club that we now know as The Alaskan Malamute Club of the United Kingdom was conceived.
Discover Dogs - report by Danni Medhurst THE CLOCKS have gone back, the dark, early evenings are already upon us and the event calendar is beginning to dwindle; what else keeps us going through these autumnal months besides that promise of an extra hour in bed?
Around the Dog World - Richmond 2014 Watch the full episode of the latest programme in the series premiers online, with highlights from the Richmond dog show weekend. Also repeated on TV this weekend.
Talking Dogs - Clarissa Baldwin Clarissa Baldwin talks to DOG WORLD'S Chrissy Smith about being involved in the charity DOG'S TRUST for 40 years and her upcoming retirement.
Forward planning is the key - How to help your dog through fireworks season by Nick Honor If you have dogs, you will surely have an opinion on Fireworks, but love them or hate them, they are here to stay!
Sighthounds in the show ring: are they really fit for function? By Ronnie Heap The general conclusion I have come to is no. There may be exceptions within some breeds and there may be some breeds that are still close enough to the original type to a degree but overall most have nothing more than...
Around the Dog World - City of Birmingham 2014 On this month’s programme you can watch highlights of all seven groups and Derek Smith’s judging of best in show, and hear exclusive interviews from every group winner and judge.
At this time, it is very expensive to import pet dogs into the UK. The main reason for the high costs is the necessity for all animals to be imported as manifested freight. Historically it was illegal to import pets into the UK as excess baggage...
Tracking Line Special: HM Prison Service 44th National Dog Trials 2014 by Wendy Beasley We have just returned from a great day out watching the Prison Service Dog Trials, and although we have been several times before it remains one of the highlights of our year.
Watch Oliver from big-ring debut to record-breaker dogworld.tv have been there to watch Oliver taking groups and Best in Shows since winning his first of nineteen Best in Shows at Birmingham National 2013. Watch his show career highlights here.
The story of Major Tom - podcast Victoria Melody talks to us about Major Tom which she is performing this week at the Battersea Arts Centre. The show is the true story of how she became a beauty queen while her Basset Hound embarked on a career in the world of championship dog shows
Latest changes - compulsory vet checks and ID of puppies by the ABS Team at the Kennel Club THIS YEAR has seen many developments within the Assured Breeder Scheme as the Kennel Club continuously strives to improve the scheme. These changes have been required to maintain the exacting standards that our members demand and new puppy owners...
Around the Dog World - Working and Pastoral ONLINE NOW! Watch extended highlights of National Working and pastoral Breeds plus breed features on the St Bernard, Boxer, Border Collies and Samoyeds.
The messages coming out of Clarges Street seem to be along the lines of ‘everything is fine’, ‘no need to panic’ and ‘dog showing is on the up’.
THE SWEDISH Kennel Club, as has been reported previously in DOG WORLD, runs an ambitious programme called BSI (breed-specific instructions regarding exaggerations in pedigree dogs).
City of Birmingham 2014 - Best in show Best in show at City of Birmingham 2014 was judged by Derek Smith, and his winner was current Top Dog and already 15 times a best in show winner - Ch Travella Striking Steel the Wire Fox.
THE SIBERIAN HUSKY Fit for function or not? by Sally Leich I was very pleased to read in Krystyan Greenland’s breed notes in Our Dogs that he has expressed grave concerns about the way our breed is being taken in the show ring these past few years, and especially the last couple of years. I fully agree...