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Bench and Field: Rough conditions for Pointers and Setters at Dukeries spring trial by David Hudson - 18/04/2017

‘Spring trials’. The term has a nice ring to it doesn’t it, summoning up thoughts of golden daffodils, larks arising and warm, gentle breezes wafting over the heather?

Bench and Field: Pointing breeds test their field trial skills at KC training day - 20/03/2017

Every March the Kennel Club runs two weekends dedicated to training pointing breeds – or perhaps I should say training the owners of pointing breeds – to work on grouse moors.

Bench and Field: Quality from start to finish at KC Cocker Championship - 16/01/2017

The 87th Cocker Spaniel Championship was held at Abbeystead Estate in Lancashire on January 4-5 by invitation of the Duke of Westminster. The judges were Jeremy Organ, Ben Randall, Steve Wanstall and Graham West, the steward of the beat was...

Bench and field: Good work over tough ground at KC Hunt, Point and Retrieve Championship - 30/11/2016

After three years at Swinton Estate in Yorkshire the 2016 Hunt, Point and Retrieve Championship moved north to Scotland and the Tollishill and Longcroft Estate in Berwickshire.

Bench and field: The Bettie Town Glen Prosen Challenge - 07/09/2016

The name Bettie Town was, for well over half a century, synonymous with Pointer and Setter field trials and in particular with English Setters. Mrs Town was president of the English Setter Club...

Bench and field: The English triumph at Pointer and Setter champion stake - 31/08/2016

Two years ago when the Pointer and Setter champion stake was held on the Duke of Roxburghe’s Byrecleugh Estate we were almost blown off the hill by Hurricane Bertha.

Encouragement for all comers at Galloway Gundogs working test - 13/07/2016

Summer would be a quiet time for the working gundog were it not for the chance of running in a working test. Gundog Working Tests (GWTs) are defined in the Kennel Club’s Field Trial Regulations as ‘competitions which, by artificially simulating...

Back in the heather again: Setters and Pointers compete in spring trial - 25/04/2016

It is a long wait from the last of the autumn Pointer and Setter trials in September until the first spring trials in mid-March. Even those triallers who use their dogs for shooting will mostly have ended their season by mid-October when grouse...

Bench and field: Labradors at Buccleuch - 13/04/2016

One of the first to import the forerunners of our current Labrador retrievers from Newfoundland was the 5th Duke of Buccleuch who brought them to his Scottish estates in 1828. In the mid-19th century ‘Stonehenge'...

Bench and field: The Kennel Club Cocker Spaniel Championship 2016 - 27/01/2016

The 2016 Cocker Spaniel Championship was held in Perthshire on the Dunira Estate on January 12-13 by invitation from the Enggaard family from Aalborg in Denmark.

Retrievers work the hills and valleys at KC Championship - 16/12/2015

On November 30 and December the 1-2 the IGL Retriever Championship returned to the Buccleuch and Queensberry Estate ten years after the last time it was run here.

Quality on show at the KC Hunt, Point and Retrieve Championship - 25/11/2015

The 2015 Hunt, Point and Retrieve Championship was held for the third year running on Lord Masham’s Swinton Estate in Yorkshire and attracted an excellent field of 22 runners to show their paces under judges Phil Pearson and Sheila Kuban.

Are field trials a true representation of a grouse shooting day? - 16/09/2015

If you read the Kennel Club’s guide to field trials you will see that Annex J(A) 1(a) says that ‘A field trial should be run as nearly as possible to an ordinary day’s shooting.’

Bench and field: High quality bird work at the KC Pointer and Setter Championship Stake - 12/08/2015

The cold, wet summer we have been ‘enjoying’ in the north of the country has not been good for the red grouse, nor for the Pointer and Setter trials. Wet and windy days have meant that several stakes have been cancelled while bad weather in late...

Bench and field: Young Pointers and Setters kick off the summer season in Scotland - 22/07/2015

The Pointer and Setter summer trial season opened, as usual, with puppy and novice stakes run on Captain The Honourable Gerald Maitland-Carew’s moor near Lauder in Berwickshire.

Bench and Field: Pointers and Setters work the moorlands in the March spring trials - 22/04/2015

Spring trials for Pointers and Setters are split into two blocks. In late March there are trials on grouse held on the heather moors of the north of England and Scotland, then the circuit moves south for further trials on partridge and pheasant on...

Back in the field at last with spring grouse counts on the moorlands - 08/04/2015

In the spring a young dog’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of – grouse. Well it does if the young dog is a Pointer or Setter and the young dog’s owner is fortunate enough to know a friendly moorland gamekeeper.

Bench and field: Kennel Club’s 85th English Springer Spaniel Championship - 23/01/2015

Wilson Young of Eskdale Shooting Services was the host and Thirlestane Castle Estate was the venue for the Kennel Club’s 85th Spaniel Championship for English Springer Spaniels held from January 8-10.

Bench and field: A demonstration of pack control with the Barony Bassets - 12/01/2015

Take a cold, sunny winter afternoon and a stretch of open countryside sloping down to the chilly waters of the Solway Firth, add ten and a half couple of basset hounds, a few rabbits and a couple of dozen enthusiastic hunt followers and you have a...

Bench and field: Kennel Club Hunt, Point and Retrieve Championship 2014 - 03/12/2014

On November 14 and 15 the Hunt, Point and Retrieve Championship returned to Swinton Estate, by kind invitation of Lord Masham, following its successful reinstatement in 2013.

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