Uncovering a beastly Islington by Nick Waters There are large exhibitions and small exhibitions and Beastly Islington at Islington Museum until September 30 is small. Nevertheless, with a combination of artefacts, first-hand accounts and images it gives a fascinating insight into the role...
The Rough Collie revisited by Eileen Geeson I do love it when somebody emails to tell me a piece I have written is causing a storm on Facebook – for whatever reason – at least it shows I am being read! I am indebted to Angela Coulson of the Bluchip Rough Collies for the following.
Tests for elbow dysplasia and CM/SM by Steve Dean One health scheme operated by the KC and the BVA is intended to assist breeders in the control of elbow dysplasia (ED). A number of breeds have a predisposition to anatomical defects of the elbow joint and these cause poor joint stability...
AnimAlarm by Geraldine Cove-Print The M6 is known locally as the road to hell – stop, start traffic, nose to tail; the heat rising from the tarmac, shimmering, barely moving air; the stench of exhaust and the exhaustion of frustration.
More effort to write critiques please by Jane Lilley The response to my comments about judging critiques or rather lack of some particularly at general open shows has created a most gratifying response!
Working in tandem – a case history by Julia Robertson Integrative medicine is a term that I particularly like as this defines more clearly what professional therapists, such as Galen Myotherapists, are trying to achieve.
The right photo can help rehome by Geraldine Cove-Print Arthur Brisbane is probably one of the best well known newspaper editors of the 20th century. Now you may not think you’ve heard of him but I’m willing to bet that you have heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
Are we ready to use EBVs? by Steve Dean Hip scores measure the phenotypic appearance of a joint arising from hip laxity (dysplasia). Now do not stop reading just because of a bit of jargon, the ready translation is as follows: hip scores measure the visual effects of hip laxity as seen...
The ‘bootiful’ Botallack Hounds by Nick Waters One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and so it is with artist David Kemp. He creates assemblage sculptures from a variety of objects that in most cases have had a previous life.
Strange eating habits and garden designs by Jane Lilley A plea for help or sharing of information comes from Mary Kerrigan in Ayrshire, who has an 11-year-old Italian Spinone bitch, who has just been diagnosed with vestibular disease, her owner describing this as being similar to a stroke.
Lilian Cheviot’s painting of The Viking by Nick Waters This week I feature another painting by Lilian Cheviot (Circa 1876-1936) that was reproduced in Robert Leighton’s The New Book of the Dog (1907). Miss Cheviot lived in Molesey, Surrey and also Kensington in London and studied...
Linda Barker takes the International Grooming title in Milan by Eileen Geeson April saw the International Grooming Championships –MilanGroom – taking place in Milan, Italy. After an 18-hour journey to the destination with nerves jangling but full of excitement at the prospect of her first experience in such a competition...
The application of HD test results by Steve Dean Any series of articles on health testing would be incomplete without some comment on hip (HD) and elbow (ED) dysplasia and the two health schemes designed to aid breeders in reducing the worst effects of these potentially disabling diseases.
Nutriment Purine and Phosphorus Formula by Geraldine Cove-Print Raw feeding is not new; I can hear you all saying “there she goes, stating the blinkin’ obvious again!” but I hope you’ll forgive me because the growth in the raw feed market for companion animals has rocketed so fast recently one would be...
I want to explore coat colour inheritance this month, and I shall probably regret it, because it preoccupies many breeders to an unwarranted extent when they should be concentrating on matters more serious than aesthetics.
Should open show critiques be mandatory? by Jane Lilley How is it and why is it that more and more judges, particularly those at general open shows, seem to consider it quite acceptable not to write a report on the breeds they have judged?
Beswick trial studies – part two by Nick Waters CONTINUING with the sale of the trial models for Beswick’s ‘Famous Dog Champions’ range, the Bull Terrier, Ch Romany Rhinestone, was the only other one sold as a single lot and took £720.
A case of animal cruelty in the US by Geraldine Cove-Print A really terrible story has come from the US last week when Tennessee police raided a dog rescue and training centre.
Providing essential enrichment by Nick Honor WHEN WE choose a pet dog to join our families, we usually select based on looks, temperament, perceived size, coat type and whether they are shedding or non-shedding, etc.