My days as a ‘Red Hot Sun Exclusive’ by Jane Lilley The recent well publicised rumours that The Sun was no longer to feature naked ladies on page three reminded me of the time that I appeared on this very page in that same paper with my dogs back in the issue of March 7, 1994.
Tackling the Thailand problem head on by Geraldine Cove-Print Three years ago I wrote about the Soi Dog Foundation and their work in Thailand and South East Asia, I thought it time to catch up with them and perhaps introduce new readers to their amazing story.
Apprenticeships in dog grooming by Eileen Geeson I was close to tears. I had a phone call from a lady who had a puppy from me 14 years ago, who said that she was seriously worried about her dog as it had tried to bite the groomer.
Consistent advice on puppy buying by Steve Dean In commenting on the BBC programme Six Dogs and Us last week, it was suggested a co-ordinated approach was needed to provide the public with consistent, reliable advice on how to go about buying a puppy and the benefits and pitfalls of doing so.
Dogs in Show and Field in New York by Nick Waters Those who have been to Westminster in New York will know that the experience is far more than just the show itself, there are ‘specialities’, parties and charity ‘dos’ and the curtain comes down as always with Bonhams annual Dogs in Show and Field...
Itching, dishwashing and a magic spray by Jane Lilley Reverting back to the subject of canine herpes once more, Maureen Hounslow of the Ridgeway Boston Terriers in Crowborough says that although, fortunately, she has had no experience of this herself...
The Swedish Kennel Club: Museum and book by Nick Waters A short while back I featured in the Dog World Annual one of the hidden gems in the dog art world; the collection at the Swedish Kennel Club.
Leading the way with good style by Eileen Geeson This week your opinion is what we are after. Andrew Graham emails, “with the vast amount of online and commercial DVDs from the US etc available, do groomers feel that styles are becoming Universal rather that UK standard.
A thumbs up for Six Puppies and Us by Steve Dean It was a little surprising to read the headline in DOG WORLD about the BBC2 TV programme Six puppies and us. It read as follows; Breeders infuriated by TV show about...
Leanlix low calorie dog treat and training aid by Geraldine Cove-Print Apparently, the nation’s dogs are turning into porkers! Canine obesity is rife and our dog’s waistlines are spreading with dire effect. It seems that dog owners have difficulty in noticing that their companion is piling on the pounds...
No sooner had my article appeared last month (DW, December 26, 2014) than I received an email that sent my spirits soaring about breeders, and I began to wonder if I needed any new year resolutions for them.
A breed Standard with every registration? by Jane Lilley It has just been pointed out, and in fact something I commented on well over 20 years ago in fact, that quite a fair percentage of owners – and indeed possibly some breeders – have never even seen a copy of their own particular breed’s Standard.
Coursing winners In the Slips by Nick Waters This week I feature another of the ever popular photogravures from the sumptuously produced portfolios of plates after original paintings by Maud Earl that were published in the early years of the 20th century in editions of 500 by The Berlin...
The unresolved horror of the dog meat trade by Geraldine Cove-Print I was delighted to hear that the Humane Society International had engineered the rescue of dozens of Korean dogs who had been destined for the table and for the first time these dogs had been shipped out to the US to find new homes.
Important questions about cancer by Steve Dean During the first days of the new year, some articles appeared in the national press on the subject of cancer and these were followed by some interchange between opposing medical views on our approach to cancer as a disease.
Starting a puppy on the right path by Nick Honor I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. As you may recall, last month I wrote about the virtues of rehoming an older dog, rather than taking on a new puppy, and the responsibilities that come with this decision.
Good clubs get their AGMs right by Jane Lilley January heralds the start of many and various annual general meetings of dog clubs and societies up and down the country, during which it is worth remembering the very basic fact that all the activities involved should be simply for our mutual...
Portraits of Drago and Dragoon by Nick Waters It has symbolised Freemasonry, graced some of the grand palaces and castles of Europe and been friend and companion to the rich and famous: the Pug has a long and fascinating history.
Starting from scratch by Eileen Geeson Jodie Parson has a small crossbreed with a wiry coat that she takes to a groomer every couple of months for an all over clip. Jodie tells me she picked up a copy of Dog World from her local newsagent and was interested to read the Grooming Box.