Don’t be a ‘Tick Boxer’, send in your critique by Jane Lilley More and more comments continue to pour in about the continually and seemingly increasing lack of critiques, particularly following general open shows.
A moment in the spotlight for Tao Mu by Nick Waters When featuring a picture of a winning dog I always enjoy researching that dog’s history and without exception the big winners of yesteryear don’t have the enviable record that some of today’s breed winners do.
Qualifying for YKC Groomer of Year is not to be missed by Eileen Geeson A highlight of the year for Young Kennel Club members comes in the shape of the competition for Young Groomer of the Year held at Crufts. YKC Grooming classes which can qualify members to take part at Crufts are held throughout the year.
Don’t take antibiotics for granted by Steve Dean The Prime Minister made a statement a few weeks ago about the proper use of antibiotics in humans and animals. Not earth shattering news really and it probably went largely unnoticed even though it was reported on the inner pages of several major...
Urine Off, Yard Clean and Zorb it-Up by Geraldine Cove-Print I have to begin with a sincere apology. I picked up this week’s product at Crufts back in March, you may remember the bright yellow Urine Off stand or the knowledgeable crew helping to explain the various products.
At the end of my last article I challenged you to write down the colour formula for your own breed, showing the alleles which your dogs have. You should have been able to do this, giving two alleles for each gene written out as AABb and so on...
A sick dog while away from home by Jane Lilley Can anyone explain why it is that the very worst of crises so often occur whenever you are away from home? Those who have read this column in the past may remember the gloomy tale of when...
Fearful dogs need time and patience by Nick Honor I’m sure some of you will be able to relate with much of what I say when I talk about a chronically fearful dog.
Should health tests be used to restrict breeding or registration? by Steve Dean Over the past few weeks AVV has described the usefulness of the official health tests available to the pedigree dog breeder. If these are considered as a whole it becomes clear that there are two basic types of test.
Festivals, hazards and terrier tips by Geraldine Cove-Print In my youth, contrary to popular opinion not so very long ago, I loved going to music festivals. The thought of a cold groundsheet and damp boots in the morning fills me with horror now but back then life was an adventure of a different kind.
Captain Montressor and his dogs by Nick Waters This week I feature a painting of Captain Montressor and his dogs. It has turned out to be a slight personal indulgence for I can find no mention anywhere of him playing a role in the breeds other than the Irish Water Spaniel of which he was one...
Ike the Beagle gets his mojo back by Jane Lilley I have just had another of my ‘thoughts in the night’, which gained momentum in the following hours and might perhaps be worthy of discussion if not opinion.
Uncovering a beastly Islington by Nick Waters There are large exhibitions and small exhibitions and Beastly Islington at Islington Museum until September 30 is small. Nevertheless, with a combination of artefacts, first-hand accounts and images it gives a fascinating insight into the role...
The Rough Collie revisited by Eileen Geeson I do love it when somebody emails to tell me a piece I have written is causing a storm on Facebook – for whatever reason – at least it shows I am being read! I am indebted to Angela Coulson of the Bluchip Rough Collies for the following.
Tests for elbow dysplasia and CM/SM by Steve Dean One health scheme operated by the KC and the BVA is intended to assist breeders in the control of elbow dysplasia (ED). A number of breeds have a predisposition to anatomical defects of the elbow joint and these cause poor joint stability...
AnimAlarm by Geraldine Cove-Print The M6 is known locally as the road to hell – stop, start traffic, nose to tail; the heat rising from the tarmac, shimmering, barely moving air; the stench of exhaust and the exhaustion of frustration.
More effort to write critiques please by Jane Lilley The response to my comments about judging critiques or rather lack of some particularly at general open shows has created a most gratifying response!
Working in tandem – a case history by Julia Robertson Integrative medicine is a term that I particularly like as this defines more clearly what professional therapists, such as Galen Myotherapists, are trying to achieve.
The right photo can help rehome by Geraldine Cove-Print Arthur Brisbane is probably one of the best well known newspaper editors of the 20th century. Now you may not think you’ve heard of him but I’m willing to bet that you have heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”.