Irish Setters bring joy to KC stand - 22/03/2017

This year my Crufts was all about rescue, our Irish Setter rescue had been invited by the Kennel Club to take a space on their main stand in Hall 3 on Saturday.

Can oily diets contribute to cysts? - 14/03/2017

Two very prompt and helpful sounding answers have arrived in response to the plea for sharing information about cysts in the column of February 17.

Don’t let your dog be a nuisance - 14/03/2017

I know you might find this hard to believe, especially just after Crufts, but some people do not like dogs! I know this sounds mad to a dog loving audience but some find dogs’ behaviour at best irritating and at worst grounds for formal complaint...

Unexplained bouts of hyperactivity - 08/03/2017

Yet another plea for help and advice but one of a very different kind to any of those featured in the column recently, with this one being about temperament.

Tougher sentences for dog fighting - 08/03/2017

Around 26 BC (or BCE if you are a pedant for political correctness) the Berber King, Juba II visited and named the volcanic Canary Islands after the ferocious dogs (canaria) that roamed the area.

New acquisitions: The Dog In Art - 07/03/2017

It’s testimony to the importance of British artists to the genre of dog art that the work of the major ones is appreciated worldwide and that specialist exhibitions primarily show work by these artists.

The Dog in Art special feature: Let the picture tell the story - 07/03/2017

One of the definitions of art is ‘… works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.’ I think ‘emotional power’ are words that fit comfortably into the selection of images with this feature.

Perfection in presentation - 01/03/2017

With Crufts, the biggest and best dog show in the world – according to many dog folk – approaching, it is time to think about the need for presenting our dogs to perfection.

Further experiences with polyps - 01/03/2017

Thank you to three more readers who responded so promptly to the plea for help in the column of February 17 about a polyp causing unusually excessive bleeding from the vagina.

Is this a form of canine self-mutilation? - 01/03/2017

I am not often shocked into silence, but when a veterinary nurse working in emergency care in the US told me this story, I was not only shocked into silence, but actually broke out into spontaneous tears!

Connie’s battle with ectopic ureters - 22/02/2017

I was delighted to receive a letter from Patricia Rush of the Patouche Brittanys in Suffolk, who has been brave and concerned enough to put her head above the proverbial parapet to support my comments about all-rounders in January 27’s column...

A scheme of mutual benefit - 22/02/2017

‘If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime’ – wise words but redundant if you have already been sentenced and face Prison life for weeks or years. A report from the Prison Reform Trust highlights the danger to the mental health of both inmates...

Wahl Super Groom clipper - 15/02/2017

There is a certain glint in my eye when I pick up shiny scissors or clippers; I hasten to add not because I have any murderous tendencies but because I do find transforming a dog through grooming quite cathartic and relaxing.

Breed Watch, polyps and cysts - 14/02/2017

The Kennel Club’s latest edition of the Breed Watch Booklet with its sub title of 'Promoting Pedigree Dog Health' followed by 'A Guide for the health and welfare of show dogs', has been made even more readable with the addition of coloured...

Resource guarding – it’s mine, all mine! - 14/02/2017

I know I have said this before, but it is interesting to see how certain dog behaviours go in batches. Since writing my last article, I have had a group of cases that have proven this to me again.

As time goes by - 08/02/2017

What can I say? The man is a marvel, Colin Taylor that is. Character plus great fun, worldly, knows his stuff and is an interesting and first-class teacher. Bursting with common sense. Genius springs to mind.

Researching ancestry - 08/02/2017

My feature this month centres around a cold painted bronze dated 1887 of a dog named P.Q. by the London based sculptor Alfred E Lewis, who exhibited at both the Walker Gallery in Liverpool and the Royal Academy between 1893 and 1903...

The new breed of all-rounder - 08/02/2017

AN ALMOST instant response arrived to my comments about what makes a good all rounder in my column of January 27 from Kathryne Wrigley, who has shared the Kattandale Gordon Setters with her mother from 1979 so...

Shrapnel shock in resilient Bully - 08/02/2017

LIZ HASLAM loves English Bull Terriers, more than that her efforts to help Bullies in trouble could be seen as a vocation or even obsession so when she heard of a dog stranded in Turkey 18 months ago she yet again threw herself into...

Travelling from crisis to crisis - 31/01/2017

A call came from Jenny Stringthorpe-Roberts of the Deanfield Bearded Collies referring back to the comments in January 20th’s column about dogs’ unusual eating habits.

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