Wildwash anti-flea products - 24/05/2017

Do you remember Junior Choice with Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart? Oh my goodness the innocence of children’s radio! One of my favourites was a song from Disney’s Summer Magic, the Ugly Bug Ball was sung by Burl Ives...

Helping a depressed Cavalier - 24/05/2017

It is said that a trouble shared is a trouble halved so it was good to hear that I was far from alone with the difficulties involved in repainting a somewhat elderly rusty folding dog cage!

Conservation detection dogs - 24/05/2017

Did you know that koala poo is small and difficult to find? Along with other interesting facts about the Antipodean marsupial such as their ability to sleep for 20 hours a day to digest their eucalyptus diet and their five digits on each front paw...

Veterinary World: Heart murmurs in dogs - 17/05/2017

A heart murmur, simply put, is a sound produced by an interruption in the normal ‘smooth’ blood flow through the heart. Heart murmurs are very common in dogs, as in people, and the presence of a murmur can have a range of ‘significances’ from...

Wildwash anti-flea products - 17/05/2017

Do you remember Junior Choice with Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart? Oh my goodness the innocence of children’s radio! One of my favourites was a song from Disney’s Summer Magic, the Ugly Bug Ball...

Champion stakes at breed shows? - 17/05/2017

Just recently the subject of showing well established champions, other than elderly veterans, at breed open shows has been the source of some comment and this in turn has led to a number of questions...

Is your dog noise phobic? - 17/05/2017

I know the season for fireworks is way off and this is traditionally when we write about all the things you can do to help your dog...

A spring collection - 09/05/2017

This month I offer a selection of items that have all been offered for sale recently. They show that art and design featuring the dog is far reaching and more than just pictures or models in bronze and ceramic.

Revamping an old dog cage - 09/05/2017

Last week I decided that we needed a metal folding travelling cage for young Basil and, having delved about in the garage, two of exactly the right size of 20 inches and of at least 30 years old came to light, having been roosting there unused for...

Caught up in human tragedy - 09/05/2017

On April 8, this year, Sweden was left stunned as news filtered out from Stockholm that four people had died and many had been injured when a lorry had been driven at speed into a crowded shopping street in what appeared to be a terrorist attack.

A grooming dilemma - 03/05/2017

Are you, like me, in a right grooming state of confusion, a right dilemma, and some frustration trying to qualify the choice between two undesirables?

Remedies to improve appetite - 03/05/2017

Reverting back to the subject of dogs that, for seemingly inexplicable reasons of their own, simply refuse to eat. This is one of the most worrying not to say frustrating habits for their owners and can raise blood pressure to near boiling point...

The correct use of equipment - 03/05/2017

Since I have been working with dogs over the last 15 years, I have seen so many changes, some good and some perhaps not so good. Something that fits into this category, is the use of equipment, all sorts of equipment and gadgets.

Basil becomes part of the family - 26/04/2017

Returning once more, as promised last week, to the subject of our new Swedish puppy and the all too real anxiety about how our two elder dogs would react to this bouncy young stranger in their midst.

Accepting that problems may occur - 26/04/2017

Sponge is a rather beautiful, donkey of a dog! He is Mastiff cross Great Dane and owner Katie Waddington and her family adopted him from Battersea Dogs Home when he was just eight weeks old back in 2012.

‘Operation Basil’ a success - 19/04/2017

Having exported only a very few dogs in the past to close personal friends in Sweden and the US many years ago, I had never imported one before last month and, almost certainly, will never do so again!

Should we allow our dogs to play? - 19/04/2017

To play or not to play, that is the question! I was recently working with a client and a question came up about whether they should get another dog to join their family because their own dog does not play as much anymore.

The master gun engravers - 11/04/2017

UP until the late 17th century, birds were traditionally shot while on the ground or perched, as well as being netted and hunted with hawks.

Freakish symtoms of Fanconi - 11/04/2017

A NOTE followed by a call came from a couple in the south west who have had and are still having the most extraordinary sounding problem with two different dogs, specifically an Italian Greyhound and a Whippet, which started last Christmas.

A world where no dog is safe - 11/04/2017

IN THE last week of March, a Collie cross German Shepherd Dog was stolen from a rescue centre in Whitby. The police report said the dog had been stolen between 6.30pm on Tuesday March 28 and 8am on Wednesday March 29.

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