Great hospitality at Wessex by Wendy Beasley We always look forward to the Wessex championship trial, held in one of the most beautiful parts of the country in the middle of summer, and this year was no exception.
Steps for teaching your dog to jump by Becca Middleton Teaching your dog how to jump may sound like a bit of a strange idea as we all know they do it naturally, or can they? It is the skill they will most use when working in agility and so it is vital that they perform this skill to the best of their...
Demonstrating the best of working trials by Wendy Beasley As the day for our working trials demonstration at the local fête drew near we hit a bit of a snag when we went down a week or so before the event to look at our venue.
Hot competition throughout June by Bronwyn Bartley The next championship show on our ‘ticket’ circuit was St Mary’s DTS on Sunday June 8 but the club also held its open show the previous day. The weather wasn’t good for the open show but it certainly improved for the championship show the...
Some golden rules for training rounds by Richard Curtis Competing in a show can be quite a scary thing for some new handlers to do, so often they might perform a training round in the ring at a competition rather than compete.
Revisiting the sendaway and redirect by Wendy Beasley As many of you will know from previous articles I have had to revisit my sendaway and redirect training with Lunar due to the fact that she seems to have lost her way literally in this exercise.
GB has full IFSS membership at last by Matt Hammersley Well, what glorious weather we have been having lately, I’m sure our friends in the showing world are loving the fact that those outdoor shows are not pouring with rain for once.
High praise for a new competition by Becca Middleton AXSTANE AC championship and premier agility show was held on June 14-15 and holds small and medium championship classes on the Sunday which were judged by Andrew Dicker this year.
A weekend away at Waldridge Fel by Bronwyn Bartley At the end of May, the second May bank holiday weekend, we had Exeter DTC championship show on May 24 and Waldridge Fell DTS championship show on May 25.
Getting to grips with a new Cocker by Richard Curtis Over the years I have had various breeds of dog and really enjoy the challenge of finding out what makes them tick. The first dogs I trained as a child were a couple of Westies who being terriers were not easy to motivate and train.
Concern for one of our own by Wendy Beasley Last weekend I went to an obedience show which was happening just a few miles away from us over three days. I initially went for two reasons, one to see a dog who I am interested in using for my next litter...
Challenging courses and training camp by Becca Middleton Unfortunately Nottingham DTC championship show had to be cancelled at the last minute due to heavy rainfall in the area and the land does not drain well at that venue.
Finding suitable land to practise by Wendy Beasley As the weather gets better and the days get longer and most of us can manage to do lots more training, we run out of land. The crops are now well on the way and far too long to track on, and even the grass is all being left for hay and has become...
From ticket judging to ticket winning by Bronwyn Bartley Wirral Alsatian Training Society provided us with our next championship show which was held on Saturday May 10 with an open show on the Sunday.
Some reasons why we love freestyle by Richard Curtis It’s easy to forget when you have been in a sport for a long time why you first started in the sport. As the years go past it can seem rather like a treadmill of thinking up a new routine each year then practising and competing with it.
Some days everything just works by Wendy Beasley Every so often, if you are lucky, you get one trial that makes up for all the ones when the weather was terrible, the ground untrackable or the dog for whatever reason just couldn’t do it, and for us that trial was last weekend.
UK teams stack up medals at WOA Championships by Becca Middleton THE WORLD Open Agility Championships, created by Greg Derret from the UK and Monica Percival from the US, took place in Lignano, a coastal resort on the north east Adriatic coast of Italy over three days from May 16-18 and three teams went out...
Grab your dog and start running by Matt Hammersley Last month saw the wrapping up of the season for 2013/2014 and as we move into the summer break I thought we would have a look at some of the various clubs out there and encourage those of you new to the sport or looking for like-minded people to get
Scarborough win, despite the flies! by Wendy Beasley No sooner had I finished my last article about all the Stardell achievements than I heard another rather surprising and heart warming piece of news from Hilary Mercer about her Stardell Indi.