Working party recommendations by Richard Curtis The members of the HTM working party meet at the Kennel Club twice yearly to discuss any matters that have arisen in the previous six months but also to try to develop the sport in the UK.
Are you plate spinning your training? by Wendy Beasley One of the questions I am frequently asked is how often I train my dogs. Most people assume I am out every day but, much as I wish this were true, it is really not the case.
Teek comes back from injury in style by Becca Middleton Natalie Mitchell who works at Many Tears Animal Rescue in South Wales, and her talented rescued Collie Streak of Chaos have achieved great results this season and has kindly agreed to answer a few questions that I put to her about herself and Teek.
Preparing for the Scottish heather by Wendy Beasley Our next trial will be the Scottish Working Trials Society TD championship at Lauder, and this is one where we can be sure what we will be tracking on.
Are you settling for ‘okay’? by Richard Curtis I was asked a question the other day which was “why do you think you have been successful in freestyle” which got me thinking about why some people seem to do well whereas others stay at a level and don’t seem to progress.
UK first for German duo by Bronwyn Bartley On Saturday August 16 Mavis Mills and I made our way to Builth Wells for The Welsh Kennel Club championship show where Mavis was judging the bitch ticket with Steve Barnes judging the dogs.
What’s in your training bag? by Wendy Beasley ONCE AGAIN we were lucky enough to get together with friends at the weekend for some really valuable training. These were different friends from our last session and so an opportunity for all of us to benefit from new eyes and new ideas which...
A testing course at European Open by Becca Middleton Mark Laker, GB team manager, who is based near Newark in Lincolnshire, has kindly written a report about his experience managing the competitors from the UK who had high hopes of stepping up onto at least one of the prestigious podiums at the...
Not so straightforward after all by Wendy Beasley We have just returned from a very enjoyable trip to the ASPADS Scarborough championship TD trial but, as is often the case, for me and my training it has raised more questions than answers.
First tickets and double wins by Bronwyn Bartley We start this week’s article with two championship shows at opposite ends of the country, North West Kent DTC on July 26 and Redcar DTC on July 27.
A month of teaching by Richard Curtis The weather has been so nice recently I had my fingers crossed that it would remain sunny for the two heelwork to music boot camps that I was due to teach over the last month.
Desire to work key over ability by Wendy Beasley AS WITH most other dog disciplines people usually come into trials with the dog they already have. If they go on to find that this is something that they really enjoy they either decide that their next...
Cani-Fit eXperience and the ECF Grand Prix by Matt Hammersley Scotland is having a great year for sporting events with the Commonwealth Games in full throw, the Ryder Cup golf coming to Perthshire and the third Cani-Fit eXperience event due to be held this October at Bowlands trails.
The KC’s four-day International Festival by Becca Middleton THE 2014 European Open Agility Competition was held in Taszar in Hungary. A team of small, medium and large dogs travelled to the competition a few days before the show and the top results were achieved...
Understanding mental change in our dogs by Wendy Beasley THE LONGER we live and work with dogs the more we find out about them, and this was brought home to me last weekend by several little things that proved how much dogs are capable of learning, and how much of what they learn stays with them.
A final appointment and debut ch show by Bronwyn Bartley AS I SAID last time Chippenham (Slough) DTC held its championship show on Sunday July 6 when the club was also celebrating its 60th anniversary so many congratulations to all concerned.
Dancing with Colin the duck by Richard Curtis HAVING been training dogs since I was young I have been lucky enough to have some different types of dogs. I say lucky because if I had not had such a wide variety of breeds and characters I wouldn’t have learnt as much as I perhaps would have if...
Great venue and engaging PD test by Wendy Beasley We were really looking forward to the Surrey championship PD trial, not just because it was a first outing for Venus in WD, but also with a two night break and only one stake to work, it meant that we could enjoy quite...
Challenging courses excite the crowds by Becca Middleton RUGBY DTC Championship and Premier Agility Show was held at Catton Hall in Derbyshire in beautiful countryside. The championship judge for the large dogs was Julie Buchanan who is also reknown for her jam making skills.