Desire to work key over ability by Wendy Beasley AS WITH most other dog disciplines people usually come into trials with the dog they already have. If they go on to find that this is something that they really enjoy they either decide that their next...
Cani-Fit eXperience and the ECF Grand Prix by Matt Hammersley Scotland is having a great year for sporting events with the Commonwealth Games in full throw, the Ryder Cup golf coming to Perthshire and the third Cani-Fit eXperience event due to be held this October at Bowlands trails.
The KCís four-day International Festival by Becca Middleton THE 2014 European Open Agility Competition was held in Taszar in Hungary. A team of small, medium and large dogs travelled to the competition a few days before the show and the top results were achieved...
Understanding mental change in our dogs by Wendy Beasley THE LONGER we live and work with dogs the more we find out about them, and this was brought home to me last weekend by several little things that proved how much dogs are capable of learning, and how much of what they learn stays with them.
A final appointment and debut ch show by Bronwyn Bartley AS I SAID last time Chippenham (Slough) DTC held its championship show on Sunday July 6 when the club was also celebrating its 60th anniversary so many congratulations to all concerned.
Dancing with Colin the duck by Richard Curtis HAVING been training dogs since I was young I have been lucky enough to have some different types of dogs. I say lucky because if I had not had such a wide variety of breeds and characters I wouldnít have learnt as much as I perhaps would have if...
Great venue and engaging PD test by Wendy Beasley We were really looking forward to the Surrey championship PD trial, not just because it was a first outing for Venus in WD, but also with a two night break and only one stake to work, it meant that we could enjoy quite...
Challenging courses excite the crowds by Becca Middleton RUGBY DTC Championship and Premier Agility Show was held at Catton Hall in Derbyshire in beautiful countryside. The championship judge for the large dogs was Julie Buchanan who is also reknown for her jam making skills.
Teaching the working trial jumps by Wendy Beasley Not surprisingly, when we did our recent demonstration on working trials at the village fÍte one of the exercises that prompted the biggest reaction, and the one that resulted in a burst of spontaneous applause, was the agility section.
Summer shows at NATS and Chadkirk by Bronwyn Bartley The Northern Alsatian and All Breeds Training Society held its championship show on Saturday June 28 coupled with an open show on the Sunday.
Getting your dog fit for freestyle by Richard Curtis With the competition season in full swing it is important to keep your dog happy and healthy so that it can work at peak performance in the ring.
Great hospitality at Wessex by Wendy Beasley We always look forward to the Wessex championship trial, held in one of the most beautiful parts of the country in the middle of summer, and this year was no exception.
Steps for teaching your dog to jump by Becca Middleton Teaching your dog how to jump may sound like a bit of a strange idea as we all know they do it naturally, or can they? It is the skill they will most use when working in agility and so it is vital that they perform this skill to the best of their...
Demonstrating the best of working trials by Wendy Beasley As the day for our working trials demonstration at the local fÍte drew near we hit a bit of a snag when we went down a week or so before the event to look at our venue.
Hot competition throughout June by Bronwyn Bartley The next championship show on our Ďticketí circuit was St Maryís DTS on Sunday June 8 but the club also held its open show the previous day. The weather wasnít good for the open show but it certainly improved for the championship show the...
Some golden rules for training rounds by Richard Curtis Competing in a show can be quite a scary thing for some new handlers to do, so often they might perform a training round in the ring at a competition rather than compete.
Revisiting the sendaway and redirect by Wendy Beasley As many of you will know from previous articles I have had to revisit my sendaway and redirect training with Lunar due to the fact that she seems to have lost her way literally in this exercise.
GB has full IFSS membership at last by Matt Hammersley Well, what glorious weather we have been having lately, Iím sure our friends in the showing world are loving the fact that those outdoor shows are not pouring with rain for once.
High praise for a new competition by Becca Middleton AXSTANE AC championship and premier agility show was held on June 14-15 and holds small and medium championship classes on the Sunday which were judged by Andrew Dicker this year.