Glenalpine girls in control at Lincoln - 22/03/2017

The new team at the Lincoln German Shepherd Dog and All Breeds Training Society championship trial did a grand job, and all the reports have been about the great atmosphere and friendliness, with many triallists likening it to the Ďold daysí and...

Dynamic competition at Crufts - 22/03/2017

As predicted, Crufts 2017 was a massive success and as always saw a fantastic turnout for the flyball with every seat in the main arena full of excited spectators.

YKC agility Team GB announced - 22/03/2017

THE INTERNATIONAL Mixed Breed Championships (IMCA) and ParAgility World Cup (PAWC) tryouts day was held on March 19 near Faversham in Kent and it turned out to be a very enjoyable day which was very well organised by team manager Linda Croxford.

A patrol dog classic in Yorkshire - 14/03/2017

The Yorkshire Working Trials Society championship trial at Nostell alternates between TD and PD, and this year it was the turn of PD judged by Charlie Taylor, drawing an entry of seven.

Devising good heelwork patterns - 14/03/2017

We are really very fortunate in the Midlands and the North of England to have a number of indoor winter shows at equestrian centres providing really good facilities...

Getting dressed up for the occasion - 14/03/2017

One of the aspects of freestyle/Heelwork to music that differs from any other dog sport is the fact that the handler is scored for their costume. In the early days of the sport there were many handlers who would just dress smartly and perform a...

Doris no deterrent in the North West - 08/03/2017

The North West Working Trials Society championship trial took place at the end of February judged by Jenny Holt. This trial alternates between TD and PD, and this year was the turn of the TD with 43 entries.

Final selection for new Team GB - 08/03/2017

Last weekend the final round of the British Sleddog Sports Federation National Championships took place in Cranwich Forest, Norfolk.

What does it take to organise Crufts? - 08/03/2017

It is now just a few days until the events start at Crufts 2017 and most particularly, from my point of view, the agility events. Competitors have been preparing themselves and their dogs physically and mentally for many weeks, there are several...

Youth comes to the fore in Oxford - 01/03/2017

The ASPADS Oxford TD championship trial in February is not renowned for fine weather. As one would expect at this time of year it can be anything from wet and windy to frosty and frozen, with snow on more than one occasion.

Mutual respect goes a long way - 01/03/2017

Iíve often said in the past that much of our training revolves around going back to basics and during the winter is an ideal time to do this as most of our training takes place indoors where there is usually less space available.

Early training makes a good prospect - 01/03/2017

Itís the time of year when I see a lot of people getting new puppies and starting them out on the road to getting trained for their chosen discipline.

Teaching the search square through play - 22/02/2017

To continue with our very basic lessons on how to start in working trials, the next thing to cover is the search square. Having briefly covered tracking and the jumps, the search square is the next exercise that carries a lot of marks and can make...

Judges looking forward to Crufts - 22/02/2017

With Crufts being just around the corner, I would like to introduce you to the four highly esteemed judges that will be presiding over the agility events to be held in the Main Arena and the YKC (Young Kennel Club) ring over the four days of...

Conquering the mighty scale - 14/02/2017

Over the past couple of weeks we have discussed the clear jump or hurdle, and the long jump, and my own approach to training them. We are left now with the scale, and in training this is the obstacle I teach last...

A look back through the Crufts archives - 14/02/2017

As we approach Crufts, the highlight of the show calendar, I thought that it would be fitting to take a brief look back in time. The very first Crufts Obedience Championships were held at Olympia in 1955 where dogs and bitches were judged, as...

Semis hint at another great Crufts finale - 14/02/2017

The Crufts semi-finals are a highlight in the heelwork to music calendar with many people not active in the sport coming along to enjoy the day. The event is run by Rugby dog training club who, although they donít have a large...

Take your time teaching the long jump - 08/02/2017

Following on from my article on the clear jump, and assuming that you have mastered that, itís time to take a look at the long jump. Although newcomers to trials often have...

Championship racing at Newborough Forest - 08/02/2017

The second round of the British Sleddog Sports Federationís British Championship series was held over the weekend of January 6-7 in the beautiful Newborough Forest on Angleseyís North Wales coastline...

First outing of championship season - 08/02/2017

Derbyshire was the first championship show of the 2017 season. It was held indoors at the Oakridge Equestrian Centre, Collingham, Newark. There were 122 championship entries and Dave Jolly was the judge...

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