Motivating a dog to do sendaway - 24/05/2017

To continue with this basic tutorial for newcomers to trials, after previously covering the nosework and the agility, and last week concentrating on heelwork, the next logical step is the sendaway.

Magical start to a busy month - 24/05/2017

May is probably the busiest month in the year for obedience championship shows, starting with the Leicestershire GSD Club and finishing with Waldridge Fell and no less than seven other championship shows between these two.

A strong Team GB for Open Europeans - 24/05/2017

Last year I was honoured to be head judge at the Open European Championships in Austria. It was a very well run event with everything going like clockwork which was no mean feat with so many teams competing.

Teaching basic heelwork should be fun - 17/05/2017

So now we’ve covered basic tracking, the search square and the jumps, it’s time to take a look at the dreaded heelwork. I say dreaded because unlike obedience folk who start this training from day one...

Team GB announced for internationals - 17/05/2017

Team GB Manager, Mark Laker has announced the teams for the European Open in August (Italy) and FCI World Agility Championships in October (Czech Republic). The teams selected are as follows:

Starting out in working trials - 09/05/2017

Back at the beginning of the year I did a series of articles on the various tests in working trials and how to train them.

Training, competition and respect - 09/05/2017

The main part of my article this week is aimed at those who are relatively new to our sport. I’m a firm believer that all dogs should receive some degree of training and as responsible owners I think that we owe it to our pets to ensure that they...

Routines can be like spinning plates - 09/05/2017

It’s very common when training a routine that some things will be going well while others not so good. I often say that keeping all the moves in a routine up together is a bit like spinning plates, some you need to give help to, others you leave...

Surrey has a spring in its step - 03/05/2017

When I originally planned to breed Venus I was working on the pups all being born and gone by the beginning of March, leaving me free to do the spring trials.

Musher’s paradise in stunning Latvia - 03/05/2017

THIS is always a bit of a weird month, the main sled dog racing season has come to a close and we have the canicross and bikejor races continuing for the next few months before they shut down for summer too, so I always find it difficult to find...

Well designed courses challenge all - 03/05/2017

The Team GB Performance Tryout weekend took place at the Lincoln three-day show over the weekend of April 21-23. This makes up part of the selection process for the teams who will be representing the UK at the European Open at Ermelo in the...

Finding a new sport for veteran Lunar - 26/04/2017

After spending the past few months working on Lunar’s sendaway with a different set up and incentive, I was finally beginning to think we’d cracked it. She was going willingly and redirecting again like she understood what she was doing, so a huge...

Summary of recommendations - 26/04/2017

Last December the heework to music working party met for its second annual meeting of the year. At these meetings the party discuss not only topics that have been raised in the last six months but also look forward to plan for the future of the...

A Nifty start to the new season - 26/04/2017

Here we are again at the start of another championship show season with the Midlands Border Collie Club’s Easter weekend with its championship show on the Saturday while approximately 300 miles away Knightswood DTC held its championship show on...

An all-round performance from Jim - 19/04/2017

The ASPADS Enfield TD championship trial took place in beautiful weather, and with temperatures getting into the 20s it was more like summer than spring.

A competitive sport for everyone - 19/04/2017

Rally is one of the newest disciplines to be adopted by the Kennel Club and has been growing rapidly since its launch at Crufts 2013. It originated in the US and was the brainchild of Charles ‘Buddy’ Kramer.

Results, tryouts and a Novice Cup - 19/04/2017

Wye Valley small and medium championship classes held in Monmouthshire were judged by Andy Brown. The results were:

Exciting finish at Teweksbury - 11/04/2017

THE BAGSD Teweksbury TD championship is a trial we have never entered, although we did go and watch one year when we first started trialling, but it really is a long way across country for us, and falls at one of our busiest times of year.

Top performances at unique Crufts - 11/04/2017

A RARE event happened at Crufts which made the international competition even more interesting than usual. This competition always is an exciting one to watch as you never know what routines are going to be done.

Championship status still up for grabs - 11/04/2017

I SAID in my previous article that the Kennel Club had invited applications for championship obedience status and my hope was that the ‘ticket’ would be taken up by a club from the South East but I have now heard that unfortunately there has not...

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