This week's Dog World Comment AN INTERESTING Kennel Club annual meeting saw for the first time an acknowledgement that Assured Breeders should pay less to register their puppies that those who for whatever reasons decide not to participate in the scheme.
How much has changed in 120 years? by Kevin Colwill In this age of Google, Wikipedia and instant communication I seldom find myself having to look anything up in a book. The rarely used Colwill Cottage reference library amounts to just a couple of shelves on the cheap bookcase that just fits in the...
This week's Dog World Comment WE SELDOM agree with the pronouncements of the RSPCA but the charity is of course right that the latest ‘dangerous’ dog legislation, which came into force this week, will not in itself make any difference to the number of dog bites.
I was delighted to see that the Kennel Club is considering making a distinction between the registration fees applicable for pups bred by Assured Breeders as opposed to those who have elected to breed without the scheme...
My ABS visit: ‘I found the whole process to be excellent’ by the ABS team at the Kennel Club RECENTLY we spoke with three Kennel Club Assured Breeders (KCABs) regarding their recent experiences of being visited by the KC in relation to their Assured Breeder Scheme (ABS) membership.
This week's Dog World Comment WE ARE becoming increasingly concerned at a tendency for the Kennel Club’s General Committee to concentrate power to itself, at the expense of the members of the club.
WELL, OR should I say ‘good grief’ rather than the alternative in an effort to remain polite. I don’t go on Facebook where apparently there is much talk on the Poodle tail...
Carrying on with the positive legacy from Crufts, wasn’t it good to read the findings of the Royal Veterinary College last week? Scientists analysed the data of 148,741 dogs expecting to prove the conventional...
This week's Dog World Comment WE WONDER if the members of the Kennel Club realised, when they voted for the organisation to become a company limited by guarantee, what a difference it could make to the proceedings at the AGM.
Why is it that people get so upset about honest judges’ critiques? We have a small uproar in my breed because two of the most experienced and successful breeders have written honest, and to the point, write-ups.
This week's Dog World Comment WE ARE delighted that at last common sense has emerged regarding the relative health of pedigree dogs and mongrels. That there should ever have been such a long drawn out debate on the subject is a complete waste of time and energy.
Wherever there are layers of government we find disputes as to where real power and real decision making should lie. This is at the core of the Scottish independence debate, the continuing argument about our membership of the European Union and a...
This week's Dog World Comment WHY IS it that most serious ‘dog people’ will have an instinctive revulsion to the concept of cloning? After all, as Steve Dean points out in his veterinary column this week, in a way it resembles what breeders are trying to do – to aim for an...
Please forgive me for indulging my fascination for dog breeding this month. More than any other aspect of this hobby of ours, it is breeding in all its endless complexity that most catches my imagination.
MY FIRST experience of a ‘dangerous dog’ was back in the spring of 1992. I’d accompanied my mum to Tottenham Cemetery to tidy up my grandmother’s grave after the winter.
This week's Dog World Comment ANYONE who regularly attends open shows will know that breed entries can vary dramatically in both quality and quantity. Sometimes the numbers are poor or even non-existent; sometimes exhibitors will drive for miles to support the show and the judge.
SUE DENNETT and Julie Lankshear, of Caring Canines, have both been awarded a British Empire Medal in the New Year’s Honours List!
This week's Dog World Comment THERE CANNOT be many subjects on which DOG WORLD, the Kennel Club and the RSPCA all see eye to eye, but the fragility of Britain's import controls must surely be one of them.
LAST MONTH I wrote about the approval process and the Judges’ Sub-Committee. Within 24 hours of publication I was told directly by a member of that committee that any chance of me having a judging career in this country was never going to happen.