Time to unshackle the shows by Steven Seymour When I wrote about my experience with a judges sub-committee member I received a swift, and I believe genuine response from Simon Luxmore, who heads that committee.
This week's Dog World Comment IF IT IS proved that the Australian Shepherd Ch Allmark Indecent Proposal (Sunny) was poisoned while on his bench at National Working and Pastoral Breeds Society ch show, then words cannot express the contempt we feel for whoever committed the act...
Guardian homes and breeding terms by Geraldine Cove-Print One of my first ponies came to me ‘meat for manners’, this meant that our family had the use of the pony but also undertook the care and needs of the pony for as long as we needed it, when the pony outlived his usefulness...
Is healthy diversity being impeded? by Kevin Colwill The recent controversy over Sheltie judging has re-ignited discussion about variation within breeds. We’re used to most breeds having little or no variation except, perhaps, in colour.
This week's Dog World Comment WE SUSPECT that many of our readers will know only too well the temptation, given today’s ‘instant’ social media, to write the first thing that comes into their head, without giving a moment’s serious thought to the possible consequences.
The agony of autism or demodex neurosis by Eileen Geeson Training people to train their dogs is great fun. Over the years experience is picked up and mentors noted for their worth and with help most situations can be sorted one way or another.
This week's Dog World Comment THE NEWS of the three-year contract signed by Procter & Gamble Pet Care and the Kennel Club will come as a relief for a number of reasons.
How much truth is in critiques? by Eileen Geeson Once again I really must thank you, the readers, for you response to this column. Where would I be without you? It is not easy for every person to write or email, I know, so the fact that so many of you do so is highly respected and welcome.
What’s it really like for newcomers? By Lee Connor What’s that old adage, ‘You wait an age for a bus and then two come along at once’? Well, it wasn’t a bus that I had been waiting for but an article – an article that would start a meaningful conversation on what is really affecting the popularity...
This week's Dog World Comment THERE has been a considerable amount of comment regarding judging and judges in recent weeks and it is patently obvious that it is they above anything else which affect exhibitors’ decisions about whether they enter a particular show or not.
Reform can begin at open shows by Steven Seymour I have been so busy this past month searching the internet and asking people about how I can improve my ‘social standing’. Unfortunately I can find no courses or ways to do this.
What’s behind dog on dog attacks? by Geraldine Cove-Print Soap Operas on television are very good at reflecting our society, that’s why so many people love them, quite often social issues are aired and for some it is a relief to know that others are experiencing the same problems, even if they are fictional
This week's Dog World Comment TWENTY YEARS ago, as we show on our From The Archives page this week, the Kennel Club announced swingeing cuts in the number of challenge certificates.
Playing trumps with breed health by Kevin Colwill Dog World columnists comprise some of the best, most experienced and most respected members of the dog scene – and then there’s me. Regular readers know I’m a bit of a Jack of all canine trades and I make no claim to be a master of any....
This week's Dog World Comment WE SUPPOSE that we should not be surprised by anything which the human race can sink to but it is immensely disheartening that dog fighting still goes on, in spite of all the efforts which have been made to stamp it out and the successful...
Concerns of Sheltie breed type by Jessica Holm I WAS INTERESTED to read the article (DW June 6) about the Sheltie debacle at Southern Counties. Well respected international all-rounder Kari Jarvinen judged the breed and awarded his DCC to Robinson’s Sw/Nor Ch Shellrick’s You May Me Luck and...
This week's Dog World Comment WE HAVE long been convinced that one factor which has contributed to the declining number of people involved in the dog showing scene has been the lack of events in the London area.
Raising awareness of lungworm by Eileen Geeson Jane Margetts writes that after reading PTP on the subject of lungworm she thought she would email me as she has a homebred puppy who has been seriously ill with lungworm, but there were no classic symptoms for lungworm and the puppy presented origin
Choose the breeder first… then the puppy By Lee Connor A story that certainly got a lot of attention in the press recently was the case of Lisa Walsh, a ‘dog breeder’ who swindled money from puppy buyers in and around Norfolk.