HOW LOVELY it is that for once, my deadline falls just after Crufts so, I can reflect more immediately on the show. Firstly, I want to offer my congratulations to all seven group winners and especially to Mike and Jason for Ricky’s win.
‘Every cloud has a silver lining’, so the old adage goes, and for Crufts that ‘silver lining’ has to have been its enforced move away from Auntie over to Channel 4/More4.
This week's Dog World Comment WE ALWAYS breathe a sigh of relief as best in show at Crufts is declared, and the past four days have proceeded without major incident. No doubt the organising team do the same to a much greater degree!
“DUE TO my knowledge of German,” my acquaintance, Chris Seidler, said, “I have been asked to help with the overseas visitors at Crufts since the early days at its location in Olympia, London, on to Earls Court and still now at the NEC in Birmingham.”
This week's Dog World Comment BEST OF luck to everyone involved with Crufts 2014 – to the organisers for a trouble-free event, to exhibitors and competitors in all the other disciplines for as successful day as they could wish for, to the judges for a day they will always...
Dare I criticise the sacred ritual this month and write about the ever so delicate subject of judges’ approval? The minute one writes about such a subject the critics rush to say I am trying to push my personal grievance...
This week's Dog World Comment OBVIOUSLY it would be neither possible nor appropriate to comment on the detail of the recent tragic incidents involving dogs and young children, beyond expressing the horror of all dog owners and heartfelt sympathy to the families concerned.
THERE’S a very old joke about a cocky city type who stops in a country lane to ask an old farmer directions. After a long pause the rustic replies, “Well, I wouldn’t start from here if I was you.”
Becoming an A-lister by David Alcorn As a breed club secretary I received the email from the Kennel Club earlier this week, containing its suggestions as to the numbers of dogs which should be judged for entry onto a breed club A3 list.
This week's Dog World Comment A TOPIC which causes endless frustration among breed clubs and indeed exhibitors is the Kennel Club's policy of asking for opinions about prospective championship show judges, only for this opinion, if negative, to be totally ignored.
I was going to write about the recent controversial changes to the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme this month, and I shall return to the subject next but for now, I feel an urge to digress.
This week's Dog World Comment IT IS a relief that the registration totals for the final quarter of 2013 showed signs of recovery for the first three quarters of 2013 had all seen a drop compared with the same period in 2012.