This week's Dog World Comment NOTHING much more needs to be said about the events of the first day of Manchester where there was so much confusion as to whether the change to the ‘beaten dog’ regulation had come into force or not. Eventually the sensible solution was reached...
Not enough use of training classes by Kevin Colwill Finding the positives in late January can be quite challenge. There’s only a big credit card bill to remind me of the Christmas festivities and the renewal of spring is still a long way off.
This week's Dog World Comment WE SUSPECT that many of our readers will have been wincing and despairing all the way through last week’s television programmes on ‘Six Puppies and Us’.
Good intentions are not enough by Jessica Holm Firstly, let me take this opportunity to say a very happy new year to you all. I want to write this month, about one of the scariest programmes I have seen recently on TV.
This week's Dog World Comment ONE CAN understand Bolton West MP Julie Hilling wanting to ‘get something done’ after the tragic death of her teenage constituent Jade Anderson.
Bioregulatory medicines and nutrition by Eileen Geeson Well some of you are really on the ball. This time I have an interesting email from Mike Davidson who was excited to share the following special health press release. Sorry for the delay Mike.
A charitable new year’s resolution by Lee Connor I always find the months of December and January dominated by two questions. In December the big question always seems to be, ‘Going anywhere nice for Christmas?’ and January seems to be dominated by, ‘So, have you made any new year’s resolutions...
This week's Dog World Comment WE WOULD like to start the new year on a note of optimism for our world. Indeed we genuinely do feel things are looking up and that we have much to be thankful for.
Speaking out is not an act of treason by Steven Seymour HERE WE are facing another year. Many questions will be asked but just how many will get answers?
This week's Dog World Comment AS WE come to the end of the 2014 season we feel cautiously optimistic about the future of the dog show world.
Progress – in tiny increments by Kevin Colwill ONE OF my favourite television programmes is QI. I’m particularly fond of anything that debunks popular misconceptions and reveals well known ‘facts’ as no more than misunderstandings, propaganda and wrong guesses.
A sporting Christmas in the trenches by Geraldine Cove-Print St Eloi – Western Front 1914 – The bright sickle of the moon illuminated the drab landscape, frost glistened on barb wire and the light blanket of snow lent purity to the ravaged earth.
This week's Dog World Comment COMPULSORY microchipping has for so long been suggested by so many groups as a sort of panacea for all the evils of dog ownership.
Healthy and safe Christmas treats by Jessica Holm Festive food often means that our homes are stuffed with things that can poison our animals. For example, I was making Christmas cakes last weekend and dropped a large bag of raisins on the kitchen floor.
A generous spirit from dog folk By Lee Connor Moving home should be a time full of happiness and excitement but our recent experience of it has been severely lacking in these particular elements; instead it has been a time filled with complications, delays and unforeseen problems – many of...
This week's Dog World Comment SERIOUS dog people will have a lot to read and attempt to digest this week. First comes the ‘Dog Strategy’ produced by a sub-group of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW), and then the final outpourings of the Dog Advisory...
Margaret Armand-Smith, Oneida Cocker Spaniels, writes that she is an avid reader of Points to Ponder, and includes many of the articles in her puppy packs. Margaret says, “I also believe in the importance of diet for dogs. So imagine...
This week's Dog World Comment BEFORE we talk about the Kennel Gazette we need to declare an interest. Simon Parsons, DW’s associate editor, moved the motion at the Kennel Club’s annual meeting to reinstate the Gazette, and in the recent discussions over the relaunch of the...
Mind-set changes needed at KC by Steven Seymour FULL MARKS must go to the Dog Show Promotion Working Party for its removal of the beaten dog rule. I and many others have argued for its removal.