This week's Dog World Comment - 22/03/2017

IT IS hard to know exactly how to react to the removal of Alan Hedges’ Kennel Club membership as there are so few facts on which to go!

Fit for function - 22/03/2017

QUITE A coincidence that a couple of weeks ago I featured the first ever American Cocker Spaniel to win the group at Crufts, the particolour Sh Ch/Am Ch Dreamridge Delegate, back in 1972, and the publicity that resulted about whether the breed...

Kicked out of the KC - 22/03/2017

IT IS FASCINATING to look back on the last time a Kennel Club member was expelled – or at least the last time it took place in the full glare of publicity. At the time it was stated that this was the first time this had happened.

Do disqualifications really benefit a breed? - 22/03/2017

IT IS ONE of life’s anomalies that some overseas breed Standards list disqualifications whereas others do not. Those which do usually centre around size or colour, and of course Standards vary from country to country...

A Crufts with no major incidents - 22/03/2017

Well it’s all over bar the shouting – and this year there wasn’t really much of that. Sour grapes comments about the American Cocker not being a proper gundog were countered by some fabulous action shots of lots of different...

Are we still compromising welfare? - 22/03/2017

I CAN REMEMBER various commentators making exasperated calls for unity in the world of dogs. Why, oh why, don’t we close ranks against our enemies like we did in the good old days? By and large these calls have been welcomed, applauded, and then...

The inheritance of ‘deafness’ - 22/03/2017

The lack of science and precision on genetic matters which I discussed in my article last month in relation to the ability of ultrasound to detect hip dysplasia in six to seven week old pups drew me into a discussion on Facebook with breeders who...

Jason and Mike make dog show history - 15/03/2017

A BIT of dog show history was made last Sunday evening when Jason Lynn became the first person ever to breed, own and handle two Crufts best in show winners – and even more remarkably, from two different breeds.

Incredible double for Jason - 15/03/2017

Well, it’s all over for another year and those of us who were in Birmingham for a full week are exhausted! My good friend Lesley Chalmers arrived in Liverpool a few days ahead of Crufts and then we drove down together to the Regency Corus Hotel in...

Crufts coverage both new and familiar - 14/03/2017

It’s been a while since my last review of the media coverage of Crufts. In that time, we’ve had ‘poisongate’, ‘tailgate’, ‘GSD-gate’ and poor Lisa Tarbuck’s meltdown on live TV.

Judges’ experience and qualifications - 14/03/2017

I HAD BEEN looking forward enormously to judging once again in Valladolid, Spain, not just because the officials of the all-breeds have over the years become good friends...

The aim is responsible breeding - 14/03/2017

Writing a column in the run up to Crufts, knowing that it will be published a week after the event, is always a bit tricky. I could wax lyrical about the greatest dog show on earth and the coming together of exhibitors and enthusiasts from all...

Are vets overstepping their role? - 14/03/2017

What would we do without vets? I know, it’s something most of us prefer not to think about. Of course we all have the odd grumble about the profession (and as a bird keeper/breeder I’ve had more than my fair share of negative experiences with vets...

Veterinary World: Overweight dogs – a growing problem? - 14/03/2017

There has been a great deal of concern recently about obesity levels among people in the UK, with reports that one in four adults is obese.

PawTrax TAGZ GPS tracker - 14/03/2017

I would like to blame losing bits of paper with important phone numbers or my glasses or even my car keys on age related failing memory but the truth is I have always had a marvellous ability to lose things.

Gardening from a distance - 08/03/2017

I was shocked and saddened to read on Facebook of the passing of Dan Kiedrowski, one of the most fascinating men I have ever met. Dan was the original publisher of the much acclaimed Terrier Type magazine in the US...

The best way to buy a puppy - 08/03/2017

A couple of weeks ago I wrote in this column about the new ‘breed’ of puppy buyers, and how breeders react to them. While many people appreciated the points that I was making there were some who, perhaps not having read the article carefully...

Crufts – a wonderful melting pot - 08/03/2017

The number of visiting dogs this year at Crufts is a great step forward for the show. The foreign entry has been growing year-on-year which is as good as any signal that the show is doing things well.

This week's Dog World Comment - 08/03/2017

MAY WE take this opportunity to wish all our readers who are attending Crufts in any capacity an enjoyable, trouble-free and, if possible, successful time.

In the Dog House - 08/03/2017

ABOUT TIME we had a round-up of recent polls on the DOG WORLD website.

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