This week's Dog World Comment - 21/06/2017

NEXT WEEK, during the run-up to the popular Windsor show, the Kennel Club is hosting a world congress of its fellow governing bodies worldwide.

Preserving the Otterhound - 21/06/2017

MY THANKS go to Judith Ashworth for letting me know of another semen bank for the numerically challenged Otterhound breed, this time in this country.

Portuguese visitors clean up at Three Counties - 21/06/2017

THE FIRST of my four enjoyable days at Three Counties began with an excellent entry of Samoyeds where quality was high.

KC’s dumbest idea yet? - 21/06/2017

OVER the years the KC has made some very strange decisions, particularly with regard to competitions held at Crufts, but the latest one has to be right up there with the most nonsensical ideas.

Back BVA’s brachy breed ban - 21/06/2017

HYPERBOLE is something of an occupational hazard for a newspaper columnist – and commentators on the dog scene are no exception.

This week's Dog World Comment - 14/06/2017

THE KENNEL Club has certainly given us all plenty to consider with its announcements over the past ten days or so.

Dandie Dinmont Festival in Selkirk - 14/06/2017

My thanks to those who have let me use some more photographs from the Dandie Dinmont Festival in Selkirk and the surrounding areas. It sounds like an amazing occasion – congratulations must go to organisers Paul Keevil and Mike Macbeth and all...

A League of Nations at Norrköping - 14/06/2017

The trip to Norrköping in Sweden for the Östergötlands Kennelklubb’s three international shows involved flying into Stockholm and then having a lengthy car journey in heavy traffic which took the best part of four hours.

Searching for a show home - 14/06/2017

The news that the Kennel Club has scrapped plans for the establishment of a new show centre at Chepstow racecourse may have come as a bit of a surprise, but far better that the decision has been made now, rather than let the project get underway...

Time to level the playing field - 14/06/2017

We’re on the move once more, up to our necks in plastic packing boxes and bubblewrap and the inevitable cull of items begins yet again.

This week's Dog World Comment - 07/06/2017

THE DANDIE Dinmont Terrier enthusiasts led by Paul Keevil and Mike Macbeth have given everyone involved with a minority breed, indeed any breed for that matter, a masterclass in how to get things done.

In the Dog House by Simon Parsons - 07/06/2017

YOU MAY recall that a couple of years ago there was a plan to set up a semen bank for the vulnerable British and Irish native breeds, so that if the breeds got themselves into an even more difficult situation in decades to come, there would be...

British-Bred Irish Setter from Belgium Takes BIS in The Netherlands - 06/06/2017

Following the atrocity that had taken place in Manchester a few days previously there was understandably increased security at airports when I made the short trip to Amsterdam to judge at the three-day International show organised by the Oss en...

Breeding - a nice little earner? - 06/06/2017

By the time most of you read this column, the general election will be over. Votes will have been counted and we will have a newly elected government.

Little to worry about in our world - 06/06/2017

Complaints about having to pay £3 more for a Crufts entry and £26 annual fee for the on-line Judging Academy are to me a real signal that things are going along very nicely indeed.

Unwelcome early alarm call - 06/06/2017

Does anyone have any idea how, or can help with advice of any kind, to prevent dogs digging deep pits, often to the point of being dangerously deep, in the middle of lawns?

This week's Dog World Comment - 31/05/2017

AS EVER we are sure that our readers will be basing their decisions about how to vote in next week’s general election of many issues important to Britain’s future progress, prosperity and security, totally unconnected to the world of dogs.

In the Dog House - 31/05/2017

FOR ANYONE of my generation there will surely have been a pang of regret on hearing of the death of John Noakes, for 12 years from 1965 a presenter of the BBC’s Blue Peter.

The importance and responsibility of mentoring - 31/05/2017

I AM SURE I am not alone in being encouraged by the news that the future Kennel Club’s education programme will place great importance on mentoring sessions.

Registration rise puts breeds at risk - 31/05/2017

THERE are always two sides to every story, and nowhere is this more clearly illustrated than in the recent announcement from the Kennel Club with regard to the rise in registrations.

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