This week's Dog World Comment - 22/02/2017

BATTERSEA Dogs’ and Cats’ Home certainly deserves credit for undertaking research into issues about which real facts and figures have been in short supply.

Critique writing and assessing show potential - 22/02/2017

On a crisp Sunday morning I headed south for Weobley in Herefordshire where the beautifully-appointed village hall was the venue for an all-day seminar which the Hungarian Pumi Club UK had put on for its members.

Time to promote pedigree dogs to the full - 22/02/2017

Even if you didn’t know it, you could almost certainly tell that we are in the run up to Crufts by the number of newspaper and TV articles that feature dogs, sadly nearly all of them bashing pedigree dogs, breeders and the Kennel Club.

Will the KC embrace free debate? - 22/02/2017

The late Victoria Wood said the public like to imagine everyone off the telly all living together in a sort of light entertainment ghetto. In the dog world we don’t have to imagine it...

A new canine hip scheme for breeders? - 22/02/2017

A proposed new canine hip scheme was launched at a meeting in mid-January, with some promotional material on Facebook and an article in Our Dogs (January 27) entitled ‘New hope for breeders of ‘dysplastic’ dogs’.

In the Dog House by Simon Parsons - 22/02/2017

I WAS sad to hear of the death of Max the Boxer, Ch/Ir Ch Winuwuk Lust At First Sight. You will all have known him as a great winner, an excellent ambassador for his breed...

BOB checks in place - 15/02/2017

I REALLY don’t have a crystal ball – but no sooner had my last week’s column been composed, we heard that the Kennel Club has demoted the Hungarian Kuvasz to the imported breeds register.

This week's Dog World Comment - 15/02/2017

WE HAVE to admit that when we first received the press release from the Kennel Club headed ‘Bests of breed to get additional check in collecting ring at Crufts’, our hearts sank.

When you can’t see the wood for the trees - 14/02/2017

One of the most fascinating aspects of Facebook is the old film footage that appears on the news feed from time to time and recently a Pathé news clip came up which covered Crufts in 1965.

The overscrupulous puppy buyer - 14/02/2017

When we have a litter of puppies to sell we all want the very best possible homes for those puppies. Responsible breeders build up a waiting list before a mating is even considered, and by the time the pups are ready to go have hopefully built up...

Aren’t you tired of being a soft target? - 14/02/2017

Something that has got a lot of you talking (if my inbox is anything to go by) was Jemima Harrison’s recent threat to sabotage Crufts in all manner of inventive ways, from people dressed as French Bulldogs handing out leaflets...

This week's Dog World Comment - 08/02/2017

IT IS good news that Crufts has maintained its entry level with just a marginal drop on last year, partly cushioned by yet another increase in the overseas numbers...

Frenchie explosion - 08/02/2017

NO ONE has yet come up with a definitive explanation for how the Frenchie explosion started but one reader points out that the timing of the breed’s rise in popularity almost exactly mirrors the boom in the use of Facebook, Twitter and other social m

Manchester line-up lifts the spirits - 08/02/2017

Having felt quite depressed in recent weeks about some aspects of the present-day dog world, the first championship show of the year lifted my spirits considerably...

More expense for the honest breeder - 08/02/2017

At a first glance the new DEFRA proposals to tighten up the rules concerning the breeding and sale of puppies looks to be a very good thing. But further consideration throws up some serious questions...

Don’t take your foot off the pedal - 08/02/2017

Health and breed exaggerations are now clearly on the radar for both breeders and judges, yet when you read most critiques of those breeds affected there is a noticeable absence of any comments or remarks about such problems...

This week's Dog World Comment - 01/02/2017

IS THE Kennel Club cutting off its nose to spite its face in ejecting Ian Seath from one of its committees, the training board and a health group?

Don’t create martyrs - 01/02/2017

I DO HOPE that the new order at the Kennel Club, which many dog people felt started rather promisingly, isn’t going to degenerate into attempts to exclude those who happen to disagree with certain individuals or policies.

The changing face of the purebred dog breeder - 31/01/2017

When dog shows first began the participants tended to be polarised from the social spectrum. There were the wealthy landowners, who could afford to pay for gamekeepers and numerous kennel staff and who kept primarily working gundogs and built...

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