This week's Dog World Comment - 24/05/2017

AN INTERESTING aspect of the Kennel Club’s recent announcements regarding the way forward for both judges and shows is that it has in many ways put the ball firmly in the court of the grass roots, that is the show societies and especially the breed c

In the Dog House - 24/05/2017

AS USUAL when money is involved there has been plenty of ‘outrage’ after Crufts’ first £30 entry fee was announced, just as the £26 annual Academy fee for all judges caused more muttering than any other aspect of the Framework.

A breed making great headway - 24/05/2017

MY THIRD day at the National began with the YKC members stakes which were well supported with quality dogs that were expertly handled, not that the handling is taken into consideration in these particular stakes but a top class dog looks all the...

New prospects for open shows - 24/05/2017

It’s almost like the bad old days with new initiatives coming out of Clarges Street so fast that it is difficult to keep up.

Avoiding the echo chamber effect - 24/05/2017

Every May I use this column to dissect events at the Kennel Club’s annual general meeting. I wonder if it’s worth bothering this year. We can’t have fireworks at every AGM but this time around there wasn’t so much as a sparkler.

Inbreeding – COI examples - 24/05/2017

Last time I discussed the irrelevance to current breeding of calculating coefficients of inbreeding going back 20 to 25 generations as is done by the Kennel Club...

This week's Dog World Comment - 17/05/2017

THE NEW Judges Framework hinted that breed clubs will soon have to support two sets of classes a year at open shows and now the official announcement has been made...

In the Dog House - 17/05/2017

LAST WEEK I mentioned the question of whether in the case of ‘partnership shows’ (those held in conjunction with another show at the same venue) you could judge at one and exhibit at the other. The answer turns out to be no...

Mixed emotions at the National - 17/05/2017

FOUR extremely pleasant days were spent judging at Birmingham National when the weather was kind to us and the Stone House hotel proved a comfortable base where I thought the food had improved noticeably...

Will HMRC kill off the hobby breeder? - 17/05/2017

Most people who breed the occasional litter of puppies have, at some point, kept records of their expenditure in connection with that litter, but may well have given up the exercise because the figures are too frightening to contemplate...

Dog attacks: another case of déjà vu - 17/05/2017

Little Ella McKevitt was innocently playing in her aunt’s garden with her friends. One can easily imagine the scene; it’s one that plays out up and down the country, the two-year-old happily running around and the ensuing sounds of...

This week's Dog World Comment - 10/05/2017

WE DO hope that a way can still be found to revive the German Shepherd Dog League’s relationship with the Kennel Club.

In the Dog House - 10/05/2017

SEVERAL PEOPLE have raised the question about ‘partnership’ shows and whether you can show at one and judge at the other one held at the same venue.

The framework sinks in - 09/05/2017

FIRST of all the long awaited Judges Competency Framework document is a lengthy and detailed document – 30 pages in fact – and takes a lot of careful study before it is clearly understood.

Change prompts the usual gripes - 09/05/2017

Another week on from the publication of the Judges Competency Framework means that there has been more time available to assess the document and also people’s reactions to the new proposals.

An open and transparent system - 09/05/2017

I must say that I did not see it coming. Everyone knew the Kennel Club was working on changes to the judges’ situation. I and many others expected there would be a few new things and lots of tinkering around the edges. How wrong can one be?

This week's Dog World Comment - 03/05/2017

THE AGENDA for this year’s Kennel Club annual meeting is not the most exciting, no doubt much to the relief of the Board.

In the Dog House - 03/05/2017

IT’S BEEN fascinating to see the reaction on the social media to the announcement regarding the Kennel Club’s new Judges Competency Framework.

The surprise of my life - 03/05/2017

I was supposed to be meeting Adrian Marett, Mike Lewin and Stuart Pearson for a quiet post-birthday Sunday lunch but that wasn’t exactly how things turned out.

Embracing the judging revolution - 03/05/2017

Mentoring, continuing professional development, online education, no I’m not psychic, and no – I didn’t have a peek at the new proposals when I wrote in this column two weeks ago about my hopes for the new judging proposals!

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