Going Around

Back to the land of my fathers - 26/04/2017

I had a leisurely drive down to Llandrindod Wells where I checked in at the Glen Usk Hotel just minutes ahead of a coachload of pensioners; then it suddenly occurred to me that the following week I would be one of them! How depressing.

The relationship between construction and handling - 19/04/2017

Wherever you go in the world these days, at dog shows you will find handling to be of a fairly high standard. Of course there are novice owner-handlers to be found everywhere, those who are new to dog showing and still have lots to learn yet have...

Cherry blossom time in Japan - 11/04/2017

ANYONE who judges dogs internationally on a regular basis will tell you that there are various ingredients that make a trip successful and enjoyable.

Best of British Boxers celebrate - 05/04/2017

The Boxer Event is now an annual fixture in the breed’s calendar and has now settled into a standard format where breed enthusiasts flock to The Royal Court Hotel at Keresley in the heart of England to witness the Mancunian Boxer Club’s Pup of...

Reflections on Crufts TV - 28/03/2017

This year the TV coverage for Crufts was generous timewise so I was looking forward to how the new-look programmes would work. Having spent a few days writing articles and uploading photographs, I settled down to viewing the programmes on catchup.

Do disqualifications really benefit a breed? - 22/03/2017

IT IS ONE of life’s anomalies that some overseas breed Standards list disqualifications whereas others do not. Those which do usually centre around size or colour, and of course Standards vary from country to country...

Incredible double for Jason - 15/03/2017

Well, it’s all over for another year and those of us who were in Birmingham for a full week are exhausted! My good friend Lesley Chalmers arrived in Liverpool a few days ahead of Crufts and then we drove down together to the Regency Corus Hotel in...

Judges’ experience and qualifications - 14/03/2017

I HAD BEEN looking forward enormously to judging once again in Valladolid, Spain, not just because the officials of the all-breeds have over the years become good friends...

Gardening from a distance - 08/03/2017

I was shocked and saddened to read on Facebook of the passing of Dan Kiedrowski, one of the most fascinating men I have ever met. Dan was the original publisher of the much acclaimed Terrier Type magazine in the US...

Estonia continues to impress - 01/03/2017

EACH TIME I visit Estonia to judge I am impressed – with the organisation of the shows, the hospitality given to judges, the efficiency of the ring personnel and the high quality of the dogs in so many breeds.

Critique writing and assessing show potential - 22/02/2017

On a crisp Sunday morning I headed south for Weobley in Herefordshire where the beautifully-appointed village hall was the venue for an all-day seminar which the Hungarian Pumi Club UK had put on for its members.

When you can’t see the wood for the trees - 14/02/2017

One of the most fascinating aspects of Facebook is the old film footage that appears on the news feed from time to time and recently a Pathé news clip came up which covered Crufts in 1965.

Manchester line-up lifts the spirits - 08/02/2017

Having felt quite depressed in recent weeks about some aspects of the present-day dog world, the first championship show of the year lifted my spirits considerably...

The changing face of the purebred dog breeder - 31/01/2017

When dog shows first began the participants tended to be polarised from the social spectrum. There were the wealthy landowners, who could afford to pay for gamekeepers and numerous kennel staff and who kept primarily working gundogs and built...

AKC National Championship - 25/01/2017

The American Kennel Club’s National Championship show is spread over two days, the Saturday and Sunday, which rounds off a full week of dog shows held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Frenchies Galore and Chow Chow specialty - 17/01/2017

My Thursday assignment in Orlando for the Central Florida Kennel Club consisted of French Bulldogs, Longcoat Chihuahuas and Chinese Crested Dogs, all of them fielding large entries, particularly the French Bulldogs which were a real pleasure.

Sunny start to Orlando week - 11/01/2017

As I was unable to judge for the Space Coast Kennel Club of Palm Bay on the Tuesday, as this would have taken me over the annual limit for overseas judges in the US, my first show in Orlando was for Brevard Kennel Club.

Snow comes to Springfield - 04/01/2017

The final day of the Holiday Classic Cluster was a chilly one and snow had been forecast for the remainder of the weekend, which did not thrill those of us who were leaving early on Monday for Orlando and hoping to get out of the local airport...

Pembroke bounces back in all Welsh final - 22/12/2016

This year the Eastern Dog Club shows were dedicated to past president and long-time member, Bulldog fancier and judge Bruce Smith who died in January. Also in the big ring a special Meritorious Service Award was made to Saturday’s BIS judge Peter...

Champlain Valley Rumbles! - 20/12/2016

My Friday at Champlain Valley was a busy day. I started with just two Norwich Terriers, both champion males where BOB went to the dog with the better bite though in many ways I preferred the other dog in size and outline.

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