Maintaining the Standard by Sheila Atter

More robust action needed from the KC by Sheila Atter When, in the past, I’ve been less than complimentary about the Kennel Club public relations department I’ve had angry emails telling me how hurtful it is for the staff who work so hard at the KC...
The sad demise of open shows by Sheila Atter The letter from Peter Spratt in last week’s Dog Word, confirming the rumour that West Torrington Canine Club has decided to call it a day, marked the end of an era.
Making the most of health surveys by Sheila Atter EVER SINCE the screening of Pedigree Dogs Exposed, health has had a high profile within the Kennel Club. Despite what critics would say, there was much good work going on before that date although most of it was relatively unpublicised.
Bullying is turning people away by Sheila Atter The other day I had a phone call from someone who started showing dogs a year or two ago. She’s not a person I know well, but someone I have seen at a few shows.
A little bit of thrift may help by Sheila Atter More than 50 years ago I was a Girl Guide. Always being somewhat competitive in nature I relished the opportunity to collect badges denoting my proficiency in various skills, and soon had an armful.
Do we need more incentives? By Sheila Atter The recent Canine Alliance presentation to the Dog Show Promotion Working Party contained a lot of commonsense – combining the ideas that many have put forward time and again and a few new ones that are worthy of further examination.
Breeders – the good and the bad by Sheila Atter I’ve been somewhat distracted today – knowing that I have a column to write, and completely unable to settle down and get on with it...
No sign of the gulf narrowing by Sheila Atter THE REPORTS of the Kennel Club’s AGM make interesting reading, and highlight once again the gulf between Clarges Street and the ordinary dog folk who rarely venture into the metropolis.
Core values and commercialism by Sheila Atter So Simon Parsons stuck his head above the parapet and proved that it can be done! Three cheers for people power!
It does seem that, in the words of the old adage, the Kennel Club wants to have its cake and eat it – the cake, in this case, being the way in which it conducts its business.
CAN YOU afford to breed dogs any more? One of the veterinary practices in my area has recently sent a letter to breeder clients with details of their new charges for caesarean sections.
Kevin Colwill’s column in last week’s Dog World raised some interesting ideas – it would be well worth going back for a read if you skipped through the paper in a hurry.
FROM TIME to time there are calls for the introduction of a champions class. The last time I wrote on the subject I started out as one who felt that it was a good idea – but after 1,200 words had convinced myself that it really wouldn’t solve any...
Frank Kane is not only a highly respected judge, but also a very effective communicator – both as a speaker and a writer. His two-part article, recently reprinted in DOG WORLD, on the psychological pressures that can be applied to judges should...
IS IT THOUGHTLESSNESS, arrogance or just plain greed? I’m referring to the seemingly increasing habit of some judges to accept invitations for the same breed without any thought as to when they last officiated and in what part of the country.
LAST WEEK we considered both the vulnerable breeds as well as others that are numerically challenged. Sometimes the lack of numbers is a deliberate choice...
SURELY all dog people will have applauded the presentation of a lifetime achievement award to Professor Peter Bedford during Crufts 2014.
Now that Boston and Manchester are qualifiers for the upcoming Crufts, rather than for the following year, the problem of whether the greatest dog show in the world is the start of the new season or finishes the old one is surely solved for good.
IN SOME countries strict measures are in place to ensure that all is above board when puppies are registered. A breed warden is appointed to visit all litters shortly after birth, microchips or tattoos are checked and all puppies are permanently...