Maintaining the Standard

A Crufts with no major incidents - 22/03/2017

Well itís all over bar the shouting Ė and this year there wasnít really much of that. Sour grapes comments about the American Cocker not being a proper gundog were countered by some fabulous action shots of lots of different...

The aim is responsible breeding - 14/03/2017

Writing a column in the run up to Crufts, knowing that it will be published a week after the event, is always a bit tricky. I could wax lyrical about the greatest dog show on earth and the coming together of exhibitors and enthusiasts from all...

The best way to buy a puppy - 08/03/2017

A couple of weeks ago I wrote in this column about the new Ďbreedí of puppy buyers, and how breeders react to them. While many people appreciated the points that I was making there were some who, perhaps not having read the article carefully...

Breed health needs communicators - 01/03/2017

Post Pedigree Dogs Exposed the KC has, at least in theory, had canine health very firmly towards the top of its priorities. There is no doubt that, despite what was said at the time, some excellent work had already been done Ė not least due to...

Time to promote pedigree dogs to the full - 22/02/2017

Even if you didnít know it, you could almost certainly tell that we are in the run up to Crufts by the number of newspaper and TV articles that feature dogs, sadly nearly all of them bashing pedigree dogs, breeders and the Kennel Club.

The overscrupulous puppy buyer - 14/02/2017

When we have a litter of puppies to sell we all want the very best possible homes for those puppies. Responsible breeders build up a waiting list before a mating is even considered, and by the time the pups are ready to go have hopefully built up...

More expense for the honest breeder - 08/02/2017

At a first glance the new DEFRA proposals to tighten up the rules concerning the breeding and sale of puppies looks to be a very good thing. But further consideration throws up some serious questions...

Frenchie rise not helped by KC - 31/01/2017

I think that if I were a serious breeder of French Bulldogs I would be verging on the suicidal by now. This spunky, appealing breed is under attack from all sides it seems, which is especially sad since of all the breeds that have been perceived...

Whatís happened to free speech? - 24/01/2017

It is to the French philosopher Voltaire that the quotation ĎI disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say ití is attributed. Another, perhaps less well known saying of his, ĎIt is dangerous to be right when the...

Are you prepared for emergencies? - 17/01/2017

As I sit here writing this column it is, quite literally, blowing a gale outside my window. In this country we donít have extremes of climate, we just have weather Ė which is perhaps why we talk about it a lot Ė and we arenít very good at it.

KCís IT strategy lagging behind - 11/01/2017

I SEE THAT the German Kennel Club is utilising the Finnish online entry system to cope with the expected large number of entries for the World Dog Show later this year.

Good intentions for the new year - 04/01/2017

Itís traditional at this time of year to sit down and make some new year resolutions, and a few such would not come amiss in the show dog world. First off, letís make a big effort to be nice to each other Ė especially on social media.

A step forward and a step back - 22/12/2016

I really hoped that I could have started 2017 in a spirit of goodwill, with positive praise for the Kennel Club and its efforts to promote the pedigree dog, and in promoting breed health.

The unexpected saviour - 20/12/2016

The puppy whimpered quietly. He was sure it was time to get up because he was feeling a bit uncomfortable and he knew he had to be clean in the house.

To Good Citizens, one and all - 14/12/2016

When something has, on only the second occasion it has taken place, already become something of a tradition, I think that indicates it was a pretty good idea to begin with.

New KC initiatives; who knew? - 07/12/2016

There are times when I just canít get my head around the way in which the Kennel Club functions Ė or doesnít Ė with regard to its public relations.

Is the KC going a dog too far? - 30/11/2016

To many, both within its sphere of influence and outside it, the Kennel Club stands rooted very firmly alongside other pillars of the establishment. Its very existence in the heart of Piccadilly...

Will expensive testing help Cavaliers? - 23/11/2016

The headline looked very promisingÖ.íCavalier scheme proven to improve health approved by KCí. Itís what the Cavalier Clubs and ethical CKCS breeders have been asking for over a period of many years.

Breeders will have their day in the Arena - 16/11/2016

Itís no secret that I am a big fan of the breedersí competition. To me, as a breeder, my ultimate aim has always been to develop a recognisable kennel type. Itís not necessarily easy...

Will DNA profiling stop dishonesty? - 09/11/2016

I have written before about the idea of mandatory DNA profiling. When the Accredited Breeder Scheme Ė now Assured rather than Accredited Ė was first introduced, one of the conditions...

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