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Crufts 2008 Group Results

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Utility Group

Crufts utility group winner was Janice Bannister's Japanese Shiba Inu, Ch Janeryls In The Line Of Fire. photo Dalrymple
G1 Bannister’s Ch Janeryls In The Line Of Fire, Japanese Shiba Inu 
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G2 Bawden & Brown’s Ch Khanate Million Dollar Baby, Schnauzer 
(view Schnauzer report)
G3 Jakeman’s Ch Tanlap Tuftytitan, Chow Chow 
(view Chow Chow report)
G4 Shaw's Ch Ashencruz Allegiance to Denbrough, Min Schnauzer
(view Min Schnauzer report)

Judge's report:

The group was topped by the Shiba Inu bitch, Ch Janeryls In The Line Of Fire, she was in really hard condition & it showed in her outstandingly light effortless movement, she has a correct head with obliquely set, almond shaped, dark eyes with that special essence & small ears, she is of the right size, well constructed throughout & has a harsh coat of good colour with typical reverse dog markings. I was happy to see her in the BIS line up where she gave a good account of herself.

G2 was awarded to the Schnauzer bitch, Ch Khanate Million Dollar Baby, a p/s of medium size, strongly built & so well balanced, she has a lovely, feminine head with no weakness in muzzle & small v shaped ears, well set combining to a beautiful expression, so precise on the move with great, easy, reach & drive, correctly banded, harsh jacket, she looked a picture without any exaggeration.

G3 was awarded to the lovely Chow male, Ch Tanlap Tuftytitan, full of type with the true stilted gait, he is of good size with a true leonine head, thick ears & well balanced muzzle, well developed rib, strong back with correct tail, good bone with super, neat feet, finished with his profuse coat of good texture & that special proud bearing.

Into G4 came the Min Schnauzer male, Ch Ashencruz Allegiance to Denbrough, fills the eye, he is a very smart dog, strongly built & exactly what you would expect of a Schnauzer in miniature, scored in outline & beautifully sound from his excellent build, masculine head with no weakness in muzzle, small, neat ears & a lovely expression, well banded, harsh, p/s jacket completed the picture.


Toy Group

For the first time a dog from Gibraltar has won a Crufts group. This was the Smooth Chihuahua, Gibeltarik Happy Go Lucky, owned by Jose Requena and handled by Lawrence Llamas. photo Johnson
G1 Requena’s Gibeltarik Happy Go Lucky, S/c Chihuahua 
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G2 Allcock’s Ch Jenan Figaro Sleepyhollow, Japanese Chin 
(view Japanese Chin report)
G3 Jones’ Timsar Mister Moonlighter, Cavalier 
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G4 Agronius’ Ch/Int/Nor Prefix Really Something, Chinese Crested
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Judge's report:

G1 Gibeltarik Happy Go Lucky, this sensational cream bitch is as close to perfection that you are going to get, her style, drive & deportment immediately hit you; her shape & outline are stunning, then start to examine her & she simply excites & completely satisfies the most fastidious eye. She is the result of clever line breeding & total dedication & commitment to a breed. Her general deportment & showmanship just adds so much to the overall package. A great Chi who will live in my memory bank for ever!

G2 Ch Jenan Figaro Sleepyhollow, this impressive b/w male can best be described as ‘an elegant aristocrat’, large, impressive head, square & compactly built with a superb body & topline, he has a sound, stylish gait & was conditioned & presented to perfection. He impressed me greatly.

G3 Timsar Mister Moonlighter, what a handsome, masculine chap this is, his superb head & melting expression are certainly outstanding features, add to this his total & absolute soundness & free moving action with plenty of drive & you have a young male who is going to impress many a future judge.

G4 Ch/Int/Nord/Gib Ch Prefix Really Something, she made an immediate impact with her grace & elegant, clean lines, a beautifully balanced feminine head with dark wide apart eyes & well set ears that she used to her advantage, flowing movement with really good reach & plenty of drive. 



Gundog Group

Patsy Hollings awarded group 1 to Mrs M & Miss M Boardman's American Cocker, Ir Sh Ch/Am Ch San Jo's Born To Party. photo Dalrymple
G1 Boardman’s Ir Sh Ch/Am Ch San Jo's Born To Party, Am Cocker
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G2 Webster’s Asquanne Ginelle, Cocker
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(view Cocker dogs report)
G3 Griffin’s Sh Ch Vanders Veracity, Irish R/w Setter
(view Irish R/w Setter report)
G4 Evans & Rawlings’ Joneva Waiting In The Wings, Pointer
(view Pointer report)

Judge's report:

I short listed nine & more appealed to me. In the final send round the ring my attention was drawn to Ir Sh Ch/Am Ch San Jo's Born To Party, the sparkling American Cocker whose confidence & big open side gait secured him the group. Still only a yearling, he has maturity & finish. Beautiful expression, clean arched, reachy neck into well laid shoulder which gives him that precise forward reach, big ribs, short muscled loin, excellent width to quarters with wonderful muscling of the thighs, no doubting this dog is exercised, the firmest of toplines, wonderful prepared which gleamed. I was very proud of his performance in the BIS ring, he showed his head off.

G2 Asquanne Ginelle, the wonderful young black Cocker Spaniel, I have seen her perform in the ring & she is to be admired, when one gets one's hands on her she is so correct in all departments, sound, short, real Cocker throughout, her condition is commendable as is her presentation, movement exemplary as conformation suggests, lots more must be heard of her.

G3 Sh Ch Vanders Veracity, I have never judged this Irish R/w Setter before but, by gum, he was worth the wait, even as a veteran he retains his outline at all times & wow can he go, love his head, fabulous shaped body, lashing tail, great coat, what more could one want.

G4 Joneva Waiting In The Wings, Pointer bitch, truly a series of curves, from her well chiselled head flowing to her well set beesting tail. This must be an exciting prospect, feel she won't be waiting in the wings for long.

Also short listed was the gorgeous English Setter, Sh Ch Ravensett Bianca, standing displayed type & quality in abundance, her movement true & active just flagged a little in the run off.
The immaculate GWP, Ch Freddy vom Kapellenhof at Bareve, has done so much for the breed, so well deserved, he is in first class order & as one would expect from this top kennel, has a fabulous temperament & works with his clever handler in total unison, very much in my eye.
The F/c Ret, Sh Ch Vbos The Kentuckian, never let up, his lashing tail presented the typical attitude attributed to this super breed. He is so sound & well muscled, a credit to the breed.
What a powerhouse the Clumber is, Sh Ch Antonine Polar Express, yet clean, active & full of quality. He is expertly presented, has a wonderful head, massive bone & true agile movement.
This balanced, elegant ESS, Rosannoch Berkano, could not be left of the cut. A joy to go over, each part flowing harmoniously into the next, topped by super coat.


Working Group

For the third time, Kevin and Sandy Cullen's Giant Schnauzer, Ch Jafrak Philippe Olivier, has won the working group at Crufts. Phil is a former all-breeds Top Dog and has won more BIS awards than any other dog of recent years. photo Dalrymple
G1 Cullen’s Ch Jafrak Philippe Olivier, Giant Schnauzer
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G2 Siklosi’s Ch Skipper's Emperior King of Helluland, Newfoundland
(view Newfoundland report)
G3 Armour & Hooker’s Ch Garsak Name Of The Game, Dane
(view Dane report)
G4 Lambert’s Ch Alsadie Freya at Kanix, Bouvier
(view Bouvier report)

Judge's report:

Tibetan Mastiff, Sierras Yogananda, surprised me & thoroughly earned his recognition in this group, balanced through sporting correct coat, presented well & looking every inch the show dog, displayed great scope on the move & has a super sound in front.
Each of the four eventual finalists I considered quite superb & worthy of the top spot.

The Bouvier, Ch Alsadie Freya at Kanix, no secret that I love this lady, she is quite classic with a quality head, compact with strength yet retaining her femininity, quality coat presented to advantage, a superb moving specimen she just became distracted by the TV cameras on the move & didn’t quite relax again so I’m afraid had to pay the price finishing in fourth spot. My apologies to breed fanciers for the erroneous BBC commentary, we all know that I did not bring the first Bouvier into this country!

The Dane, Ch Garsak Name Of The Game, looked resplendent with elegance, a dry head with good length, planes & strength of jaw, on sound limbs she is harmoniously constructed, has excellent muscle & tone, a joy to observe her easy action & carriage, a well deserved G3.

G2 was the Newfoundland, Ch Skippers Emperior King of Helluland, rock solid with strong bone, from head to toe so well proportioned & balanced with sound typical action, front action possibly one of the best I have witnessed in this breed, correct coat & texture presented to the ‘enth degree.

G1 the Giant Schnauzer, Ch Jafrak Phillippe Olivier, a dog with an interesting career, I have admired him on previous occasions, now fully mature, here he portrayed the consummate showman, up on his toes he is so well constructed, in stunning condition, he displayed power with class, his super sound action & deportment commanded the ring, congratulations to him, his owners & breeders.

It was a thrill to be a small part of this great show which to my mind had a great winner & great BIS judge! Thank you to all concerned.


Pastoral Group

Lisa Bobrowski's Samoyed, Ch Vandreem Imperial Hermioni for Berezniki, was the winner of the pastoral group at Crufts. photo Dalrymple
G1 Bobrowski’s Ch Vandreem Imperial Hermioni by Berezniki, Samoyed 
(view Samoyed report)
G2 Wöhliche’s Dan Ch Thornapple What The Doc Ordered, Australian Shepherd
G3 Schatz-Glenn’s Kingsbury's I'm Harry P, Cardigan Corgi
(view Cardigan Corgi report)
G4 Mattisson-Sandstrom’s SU/DKU Ch Vi'skaly's Spirit Of Alaska, Pyrenean Mountain Dog
(view Pyrenean Mountain Dog report)

Judge's report:

A truly great Pyrenean sadly had to make do with fourth as he was startled by a flashgun part way through moving & dropped his tail from then on. This was Sw/Dan Ch Vi’skaly’s Spirit Of Alaska, I really liked his head, eyes & expression, correct neck & front, great body, topline & such a powerful rear.

Third an amazing Cardigan Corgi, Kingsbury’s I’m Harry P, with probably the best backend I have ever judged in the breed. They are not noted for being particularly strong in this department but boy, could this one move as they should do. Pleasing head & ears set slightly wide of the line through his eyes to nose. Even front, well ribbed & a good weather resisting coat. Excellent tail carriage too!

G2 went to yet another top quality Australian Shepherd from the Thornapple kennel, Dan Ch Thornapple What The Doc Ordered, exquisite bitch of good size & conformation, she showed herself off beautifully, never put a foot wrong & was so well marked.

So it had to be something really outstanding to top this line-up (& she was). The Samoyed bitch, Ch Vandreem Imperial Hermioni by Berezniki, really is something special, her head is perfection with super black pigment, she actually has a correct front under the wealth of coat which is often lacking, she was so good to handle right through. As Clare Coxall was to say later: “All the bones were in the right place”, not overdone in angulation, which helps give the ideal length of stride & absolutely true both ways, in beautiful sparkling coat & like the Aussie can never stand wrong. Her performance standing & moving was quite outstanding, & she showed off this & her personality, both in the group & later in BIS, I was very proud of her. A great group to judge.


Terrier Group

A visitor from the US won the terrier group under Bill Browne-Cole, in the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, Am Ch Caraway Celebrate Life, handled by Shari Boyd-Carusi for Dr Betty Chapman and Dr Beth Verner. Presenting the trophy is the Countess of Buchan. photo Johnson
G1 Chapman & Verner’s Am Ch Caraway Celebrate Life, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
(view Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier report)
G2 Goodsell’s Ch Blackdale Carousel, Wire Fox Terrier
(view Wire Fox Terrier report)
G3 Plane’s Ch Stuane Loch Guard, Scottish Terrier
(view Scottish Terrier report)
G4 Ridley’s Ir Ch Jagsstaff The Advocate, Staffordshire Bull Terrier
(view Staffordshire Bull Terrier dogs report)
(view Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitches report)

Judge's report:

Shortlisted for further consideration were the Border T, Ch Tythrop Tapas; Cairn, Ir Ch Cadagio The Unexpected; Irish T, Am Ch Royal Bryson Ruler Of Derry, all top quality examples of their breed.
However, the final four were as follows:

G1 the Soft-coated Wheaten, Am Ch Caraway Celebrate Life, male, beautifully balanced who could not stand wrong. In tip-top condition it was a pleasure to see him stride out around the big ring, he put on a wonderful performance.

G2 the Wire Fox Terrier, Ch Blackdale Carousel, a feminine bitch who I have always admired, she was presented in superb condition & never stopped showing.

G3 the Scottish T, Ch Stuane Loch Guard. Fully mature male with wonderful type, moved so well both ways, very good coat texture & condition.

G4 the Stafford, Ir Ch Jagstaff The Advocate, male, loved his head & eye, excellent front, in very good muscletone, moved out well.


Hound Group

Hound group winner under Zola Rawson was Melanie Spavin's Beagle, Ch Dialynne Maximus. Trevor Turner presented the trophy. photo Johnson
G1 Spavin’s Ch Dialynne Maximus, Beagle
(view Beagle report)
G2 Goddard’s Ch Minard Krystal Darque, Miniature L/h Dachshund
(view Miniature L/h Dachshunds report)
G3 Middleton’s Ch/Ir Ch Kestos I Spy at Graythor, Elkhound
(view Elkhound report)
G4 Hardy, Hallam, Kite & Gillespie’s Ch/Am Ch Klassics Million Dollar Baby at Tokaji, Basenji
(view Basenji report)

Judge's report:

G1 was the Beagle, Ch Dialynne Maximus, very compact hound, excellent layback of shoulder, shown in muscular condition with one of the best expressions I have seen for a long time, free striding & keeping a level topline.

G2 was the Min L/h Dachshund, Ch Minard Krystal Darque, I have given her the group before & if anything she is even better now at the age of 6, very feminine with a lovely body, great shoulder & hind angulation, perfect level back & moving with great drive.

G3 was the Norwegian Elkhound, Ch/Ir Ch Kestos I Spy at Graythor, great representative of the breed, he is powerful & well muscled, square in outline, super masculine wedge head, moved effortlessly with great ease & in full coat.

G4 was the Basenji, Ch/Am Ch Klassics Million Dollar Baby at Tokaji, very elegant & aristocratic, crested neck leading into a well angulated shoulder, well balanced throughout, great effortless stride on the move.

I also selected the Grand Basset Vendéen, Ch Holmchappell Petite Priere, a free mover with a super, balanced body, good head & correct rough coat.
The L/h Dachshund, Ch Bronia Pastiche, lovely head, level topline, prominent keel & very true movement.
The Rhodesian Ridgeback, Ch/Ir Ch Veldtkammer Lady Done A Bunk, a great representative of the breed with a powerful body yet very elegant & feminine.
The Whippet, Ch/Int/Sw Ch Adagio Love Supreme, a very sound & elegant dog with good overall balance & true movement.