A beginner’s guide to dog showing

IN THE late 1970s a long forgotten pop group called the Korgis (they were neither Cardigan nor Pembroke) had a hit with a song called "Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime”.

Every world champion in every sport was once a beginner. There was a day when Lennox Lewis pulled on a pair of boxing gloves for the first time; an otherwise perfectly unremarkable day when Michael Schumacher sat behind the wheel of a car for the first time and an occasion when Bert Easdon took his first tentative steps into the dog show ring.

The song was spot on, everybody does have to learn sometime, none of us, in whatever sport, hobby or pastime in which we partake started out with any level of proficiency, we all had to learn.

We can learn in many ways but experience suggests that by looking at those who have trodden the path before, listening to their acquired wisdom and learning from their mistakes can prove to be a valuable learning experience.

Here a collection of writers help explain the workings of the dog show scene and recall their own early experiences.

What’s it all about? - Simon Parsons

They’re spaniels... Tibetan Spaniels - Jane Lilley

Taking the first steps to success - Eileen Geeson

Sympathetic to the novice - Andrew Brace