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Brand New Julie Harris Shampoo
One of the UKs most knowledgeable groomers Julie Harris has utilised her years of dog grooming and understanding skin to work with Groomers Limited to develop a new range of shampoo.
Shampoo created for Doodles
The cockerpoo, labradoodle and any Poodle crossbreeds are many groomers most popular breeds to come into their salon. And we all know their coats come in all different types, colours, lengths and, most importantly, conditions!
Are you attending Crufts?
ProGroomer will be holding demonstrations on the Thursday and Friday of #Crufts at 1pm (Hall 4, stand 78).
Master Groom 2017
Find out more about Master Groom 2017...
Competition time!
Three lucky winners will win a fabulous and helpful Happy Strap!
BOW WOW London opportunity!
Established Covent Garden Dog Shop, BOW WOW London, is looking to appoint a Head Dog Groomer for our new Central London Salon, opening soon.
Grooming Guide - Border Terrier Handstrip - Pro Groomer
How to handstrip a Border Terrier at home. Watch as Julie Lalou handstrips a pet Border Terrier.
Grooming Guide - Lakeland Clip/Pet Trim - Pro Groomer
Watch as Julie Lalou clips a Lakeland Terrier in a Pet trim. Bea is a three-year-old pet Lakeland Terrier. She is neutered and has been clipped from a puppy. She therefore does not have the harsh wiry coat that Lakeland Terriers should have...
ProGroomer issue 28 - December 2016!
ProGroomer issue 28 - December 2016 is coming soon!
In your salon
After only six years grooming, well-loved and respected Lesley Harpham has reached the top of her game. Already competing for Groom Team England (GTE) at the World Championships in Italy last year where the team came a fantastic 6th.
The Festive Period - Eileen Geeson reports
Love it or hate it, the festive period is upon us and the average groomer is busy trying to keep everybody happy while juggling appointments, priority clients, the family, shopping and doing their best to keep energy levels up to cope both...
WEIGHT Issues - How fat is that Doggie on your table?
Imagine the scene... a regular grooming client is due any minute a Labrador called Bertie. The door opens and in waddles Bertie huffing and puffing. He has obviously gained weight a lot of weight!
Giving Advice
Groomers are often the first port of call from dog owners for advice on all manner of health, training and problems relating to anything dog, before the vet. Frequently we get asked many questions regarding not only the health of a pet...
Secret of the Schnauzer
Originally bred in the mid-to late 19th century as ratters and guard dogs on farms, Miniature Schnauzers, with their great looks, friendly nature and high spirits are now popular pets, show dogs and are seen on many a grooming table in competition.
Business Focus: Canine Health - Pettura is a new range of liquid dog supplements on the market
Dogs are no longer considered just a pet they have become a truly valued member of the family. As we care about our own health and those of our family members we also care about the health of our dogs.
Festival Of Grooming 2016 Review
Luckily for us, we were at the Festival Of Grooming, organised by Groomers Limited - a two day grooming extravaganza that hosted a variety of experienced speakers and fascinating topics.
Groomania 2016 Review
Groomania has again succeeded in attracting dog groomers from 22 countries to take part in the biggest European grooming event during the weekend of 24th and 25th September in Kortrijk, Belgium.
The Grooming Show 2017 Preview
Industry experts Denise Westbrook LCGI GMG and Julie Lalou LCGI GMG are back with their popular Grooming Show on the 21st and 22nd January 2017.
Cymru Groom Review
Last month saw the arrival of one the newest grooming competitions in the industry and the first to be held in Wales.
The Extraordinary Grooming Show Preview
Join the league of extraordinary groomers as we celebrate our third competition of pure creative fun on Sunday 26th March at Stantonbury Leisure Centre in Milton Keynes.
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