How often do you have your dogs given booster vaccinations?

Created: 07/07/2011


mig, 14/07/2011

NEVER!! I have used nosodes for twenty years now, and have healthy, long-lived dogs, who are hardly ever at the vets. Keep everything as natural as possible - raw food, clean drinking water, access to free running, sunshine, and absolutely no vaccines. We are our vets worst clients. Why would you put the same amount of vaccine into say a pug puppy, as you would a great dane puppy? Insane!

Showmetherule, 13/07/2011

None after initial puppy vaccinations. I have three 'oldies' who are almost fourteen, fifteen and sixteen, and have never had them boostered. The younger two (eight) have not been done either and won't unless there is an outbreak of Parvo locally. I also believe in getting puppies socialised rather than keeping them in till a week after the second jab. More dogs are put down through lack of socialisation than through catching something.

Kitty, 08/07/2011

Hi Spotty, we attended a lecture from Ainsworths who specialise in homeopathic products. You can look them up on the NET or get their phone number and the staff are usually very helpful in recommending the correct remedy.

Spotty Muldoon, 08/07/2011

Interesting stuff everyone. More questions: What are the nosodes called and how do you get hold of them? My dogs get monthly spot-on treatments. One in particular suffers from ear mites, any viable alternative remedies?

overwag, 08/07/2011

The problem for a lot of small practices is that annual boosters & wormers is where they make most of their their money; that and 'special diet' foods.
I am lucky in as much as I have enlightened vets in a large referral practice who only give partial boosters annually & the full set every 3 years. Also if you are late they don't insist on starting all over again from scratch and won't vaccinate your animal if it isn't 100% fit & healthy.
Having said all that, mine tend to have both vaccinations when they are 8 & 10 weeks old & have a booster before I plan to mate them. They don't get any more after they are 6/7 years old, unless we have an outbreak of parvo in the area.
They were very interested when I gave them details of the in house titre testing that is now available & if they do that, will take everyone down for a check.

Kitty, 08/07/2011

Never again with any dog, my eldest now 12 was given his puppy booster between 12-13 weeks. He was a normal lively lad but after the booster he couldn't leave the house, shook like a leaf and the light that was in his eyes turned to a blank 'dead' expression. We tried everything, training classes', behaviourists etc but he was still very nervous and withdrawn outside of the home. Eventually a wonderful person gave us homeopathic remedies and suggested a total change from commercial dog food. Although my lad has never fully recovered at least his quality of life improved and I believe this is what has kept him going not boosters.

Millsy, 07/07/2011

Never with the 4 dogs I have now,... however I used to do everything on the advice of my vet with my previous dogs, none of them lived passed the age of 6.
So ditto what Luka says.. ''I'd rather keep my dogs alive too''

Luka, 07/07/2011

NEVER! Having lost 2 litters previously to the vaccine, i only use homeopathic nosodes and have done for many years. I'd rather keep my dogs alive thanks.

karen, 07/07/2011

Same - annually. I'm not brave enough to take a chance and not keep up the boosters. My dogs are fit and healthy and rarely need to see a vet, so the booster visit gives them the chance to check weight, heart, teeth and give a sort of doggy MOT all at the same time - which is quite reassuring.

Spotty Muldoon, 07/07/2011

Annually. I'm not that happy about it, but as my dogs have not suffered any ill-effects, I'll err on the side of caution and augmenting my vet's income.