What do you think of the Kennel Club's new Mate Select service?

Created: 02/06/2011


Spotty Muldoon, 08/06/2011

I have delved a little further. The one agreed and uncontroversial problem in Dalmatians is deafness, and yet the BAER test is not a KC required one. Why not? Don't know. The COI for my dogs tells me nothing. The non-show specimen has the lowest COI. He is also my most problematic dog with mental health issues that would lead you to believe he is his own father! Yet, on paper, he looks like your best bet. He's not, believe me. So a useful tool if you already know what you are doing. If you don't, then beware of the dogs!

Trysori, 06/06/2011

As this is based only on 3 gen pedigrees it is virtually meaningless unless as Themis has pointed out unscupulous breeders use it to show a low COI. Also the claim of health certified checking is misleading as untill the KC makes health certification for breeds with know genetic disease for which there are tests this also is useless. I can see the unfortunate public being taken in by some breeders on the claim Mate Select has verified low COI's and health checked parentage when this is clearly not the case.

Themis, 06/06/2011

I have had a play around this software and it is very useful if you approach it in a sensible way, however I have already seen adverts whereby the unscrupulous breeder is advertising her pups as being a very low inbred coefficient, with very little else to recommend them, insinuating that this is a mark of quality and reliability. It seems that her aim is get as a low a coefficient as she can irrespective of anything else, including temperament. Sadly it is open to abuse and will be misinterpreted by the public if the KC are not careful how it is marketed.

tictac, 03/06/2011

Well I for one am so delighted to see this programme launched, yes it is early days and there are things that will improve with time. It is as stated Stage One so i hope health tests for those testing to ensure future breed health ( ie not required tests) will be recorded.
And im afraid only a handful of breeders in my breed knew a COi from a dandelion three years ago ....
Everything new has its critics but present sensible ideas to improve the system , im sure those who worked very hard to get this launched would be more than pleased to hear suggestions

castafiore, 03/06/2011

Honestly, I'm underwhelmed. You still cannot see the pedigree of the dogs/ potential matings (like you can on the Swedish and Finnish KC sites for example). You have to know the exact spellings of the dogs' names (including the (IKC)/ (Imp CZE),etc...). The health test checker was already there and has the same issues + the fact that they do not record all the health tests (so in my breed, most people eye test, but because we are not on the schedule A or whatever they call it, the KC does not record the results). To be honest the only interesting point I found was the overall COI of the breed (and even there, you do not know what it includes - ie all the dogs registered in the KC DB even these dead for 15 years? again it would be useful to know, so you see the trends in the breed).
Seems to me that the actual delivery does not match at all the hype the KC created. I see nothing revolutionary in there!

jac02, 02/06/2011

yes the idea is a good one , it could do with more imformation in regards to the pedigrees health tests etc , from my point of veiw I found 3 faults ( so far ) with it (1) not all dogs are on the data base , some of these I know have been bred from , (2) not all are health tested again some of these have been bred from (3) not all imports are on the data base again some of these have been bred from . It will take time I know to iron out any problems but when they do it will a gods send to a lot of people

tasha, 02/06/2011

not much really, all the information is already in the BRS, its an easy way to check hipscores and a pedigree but beyond that unless your breed has several health tests its not much value. With a breed that only provides hips its limited, they don't even show those that have bothered to have the dogs DNA profiled which is a facility the KC provide to anyone that has a registered dog. COI's are only really valid if there is a full pedigree available which is compromised if you have an import in the pedigree, most breeds now or breeders if they wish have access to programs that can provide a more comprehensive facility that include global pedigrees going back numerous generations (my breed over 100yrs) rather than just UK specific. A good start but could go alot further to offer assistance to breeders.

Spotty Muldoon, 02/06/2011

Here comes a moaner Yorker. I have diddled in the names of half a dozen or so known stud dogs in my breed. Some of them I know to be health tested (hearing), some of them I don't know - but it would be absolutely essential information for me. The dogs are all there, but none of them have evidence of any health testing listed. The system is user friendly, but it's the same old story - garbage in, garbage out. It's only a tool after all and does not in any way replace detailed, hands-on, eyes-on knowledge of the dog (or bitch) and its background.

Yorker, 02/06/2011

Excellent idea and should be helpful to breeders in some breeds where very few Top quality males are actually available at stud.
The 'moaners' will find some negative comments to make but well done to the Kennel Club and I look forward to being able to use it.

MaryS, 02/06/2011

It is a really good start but I echo the concerns above in post 1. Too little information (dogs) behind the imported ones in particular, leading to far lower mean breed and individual calculations. It requires more data urgently to correct this - then Mate Select will be useful and accurate.

Mary Starling