Have your say: DW launches survey of exhibitors

Created: 17/07/2013

Have your say: DW launches survey of exhibitors

Complete the survey online here

THIS WEEK, DOG WORLD launches the biggest survey ever aiming to provide a much-needed boost to our hobby of showing dogs.
In the current climate of declining entries we aim to find out what is causing the downturn, and what it will take to make people exhibit more often.
Major shows in the UK have witnessed a steady fall in numbers of the past few years, but is the economic climate the only thing to blame? The subject is aired frequently in this newspaper and on other forums, but never before has there been an opportunity for the people who make up the showing world to say exactly what they think.
DOG WORLD is providing that opportunity now.

Former glory

Rather than take a negative stance we have opted for the positive, and want to find out now how to restore our fancy – and the many shows and events which give exhibitors and breeders a chance to showcase their dogs – to its former glory.
So tell us what you think: could the Kennel Club be doing more? What can show societies do? Should there be more social events? Should coach travel be arranged so people can journey to shows together and save on petrol?
And then there is the thorny issue of CCs – should there be ‘tickets’ for each breed, and are the ones we have being allocated properly? Should there be Winner titles, as in Europe, and should classes without CCs be able to qualify for Crufts? Should there be national points tables depending on class wins?
Would show societies save money if benching was removed, allowing it then to be able to pass on that saving to the exhibitor in the price of entry fees? Should there be a sliding scale of fees, or special offers introduced?
Should you be able to qualify for championship shows through open shows? Could the way in which judges are chosen be changed to make them more appealing and attract more dogs?
The survey asks questions and provides plenty of scope for answers. But don’t feel you have to stick to the headings and space given – write exactly what you think and take as much space as you want; tell us what you feel about the smaller shows too and any influencing factor.
There are prizes on offer; three winners will be given a choice of food from Naturea Pet Foods, and three winning a t-shirt from DogBreedCartoon.com with the breed of their choice on the front. Winners will be notified after the draw has taken place.
The survey can be found in this newspaper on page 14 or complete it online by visiting DW’s homepage at www.dogworld.co.uk.