Pro Plan® and Dog World are proud to present the finalists in the 2012 Pup of the Year competition.

For over 40 years this contest has been one of the highlights of the show scene, giving the young entry a chance to shine in classes of their own at almost all the major general and national group championship shows.

For the third year the final is being held at Crewe Hall Hotel in Cheshire. We hope that everyone will have an enjoyable time whether competing or spectating.

Pup of the Year was the first of the national stakes competitions which have added so much to the show scene in the UK in subsequent decades. Over the years many of Britain’s most promising puppies have been entered in the heats and the finalists have included some of the greatest show dogs of their time, including Crufts best in show winners and Top Dogs of the year.

All of them are a tribute to the skill and dedication of Britain’s responsible breeders who care about the health, welfare and character of the breeds to which they have devoted so many years.

Last year’s competition, judged by Derek Smith, was won by the Scottish Terrier Ch Stuane Florette, owned by Stuart Plane. She is a multiple group winner with 23 CCs and three RBIS awards.

Thirty-two Pup of the Year qualifying heats are held during the year. From each a leading judge sends forward one puppy to compete in the final. Invariably the competition is of the strongest, both numerically and in terms of quality, and some of the finalists already have CCs, are champions or have done well in group competition.

All the competitors will take home generous supplies of product given by Pro Plan®, while the overall winner receives the
Catherine Sutton Memorial Trophy; it was this top judge, administrator and exhibitor whose brainchild the competition was.

The runner-up receives the
Ch Dialynne Gamble Memorial Trophy, given by Marion Spavin and family in tribute to their great Beagle stud dog who was one of the earliest finalists.

The breeder of the previous year’s winner takes home the
Rossut Jasmine Memorial Trophy, donated by Catherine’s daughter, Patricia Sutton.

Dog World gives the Award of Excellence to someone who has consistently achieved the highest standards in some aspect of the dog show world, and the Kerry Williamson Memorial Award, commemorating Kerry who died so tragically young during 2010, for an ‘unsung hero’ of the world of dogs.

Officiating at the Pup of the Year final is one of Britain’s most popular judges, Stuart Mallard.
Stuart has had a lifelong interest in all animals and became seriously involved in the dog world in the mid 1960s.

At Manchester in an entry of 357, Derek Smith’s choice to qualify for the 2013 Pro Plan/Dog World Pup of the Year final was Judith Keating’s homebred ten-month-old Labrador bitch...

The final of the 2012 Pro Plan/Dog World Pup of the Year competition takes place next month but in the meantime the first qualifying heat for the 2013 title has already taken place at Boston.

How many kennels have taken both best in show and the heat of the Pro Plan/Dog World Pup of the Year at the same event? This happened at the LKA where Christine and Pete Sandiford took the...

The penultimate qualifier for the Pro Plan/Dog World Pup of the Year final at British Utility Breeds Association from an entry of 88 was Gordon and Ellen Drummond’s French Bulldog Renuar...

From an entry of 374 at Midland Counties, Winifred Mee’s choice to go through to compete in the Pro Plan/Dog World Pup of the Year final was Don Cawthera’s ten-month-old Samoyed Nikara...


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