What do you feel would be the best format for the Kennel Club breeders competition?

Created: 07/10/2010


ArchieC, 10/10/2010

Having took part the first year and in the final at Crufts it was very enjoyable, as I understand it; they are looking for 'type'.

It may be true that many breeders don't enter but that is besides the point, the competition is there to enter and just because some done, doesn't demean it. You still have to enter and earn your place in the final so long may it continue if more breeders come on board so much the better.

I think having to earn your place there throughout the year at Championship shows and the final at Crufts is how it should be. Well done to all those that have a go.

Dog-O, 08/10/2010

But does this competition represent the best of our breeders? To gain the nescessary points, all you need is four dogs,determination and plenty of time to wait until the end of the day. Those dogs representing 'top breeders' may never have won anything. Many 'top breeders' dont enter this comp. The obvious way would be for the KC to invite the breeder who have bred the most CC/Best of Sex winners and for it then to be judged on their respective group days at Crufts with a final before BIS.

Yorker, 08/10/2010

Surely the Breeders Competition at crufts should take place daily when their breeds respective Groups are sceduled ? The winners returning to compete for Best Breeders Group in Show. This would give more recognition to those taking part, more room for the dogs, and their handlers and a more straight forward judging process. Pre-judging is not really all that transperant for the viweing public.

Spotty Muldoon, 08/10/2010

Stop it Rildey. I entered a brace class once. NEVER again. The spectators had a good laugh though - a pair of carriage dogs chasing a pair of sled dogs round the ring.

Rildey, 07/10/2010

There's actually no requirement to have four separate handlers. On the continent there's a Dachshund breeder who regularly does extremely well in Breeders' classes with her beautifully schooled Mini Smooths - although maybe the glamorous outfits she wears help as well ;-)

Spotty Muldoon, 07/10/2010

I love the breeders competition. It was such a spectacle on Crufts TV last year. I agree with lankeela that 4 dogs is a lot and 4 handlers is a lot. But why make it easy if it's supposed to represent the best of our breeders and the best of their stock? Why not get the Junior Handlers involved? Probably too complicated to make it part of their own competition, but who better to handle strange dogs without lankeela's conflict of interest?

Showmetherule, 07/10/2010

I think the present requirement of four dogs puts off many people. Under then old system you could have less than four and still take part. Another problem in numerically smaller breeds is handlers - if you have four dogs of your own breeding you need three other people which can be a problem if those people are also judges, because you cannot then enter under them in the following year. I would like to see the rule changed so that only dogs shown by professional handlers come under this rule, and not if someone just holds your dog either in a challenge or in the breeders class.