Norway’s Top Dog among 14 dead in Irish kennel fire

Created: 22/08/2012

SEVERAL top-winning dogs died in the blaze at the kennels of a professional handling team in Ireland.
  Among the 14 who died were two-year-old Sealyham Terrier, Fanfare’s All About Morgan at Mistywaters, owned by Jimmy Hogan, and Norway’s Top Dog all breeds 2009, ’10 (jointly) and ‘11, the German Shepherd Zanta av Quantos, owned by Tor Johansen – who lost two dogs in the blaze. Zanta represented her country at the Eukanuba World Challenge last year and won 73 bests of breed during her career. She was five and a half years old.
Mr Johansen’s Pembroke Corgi, Alex av Quantos, also died.
  Zanta had been at Woodhaven since April and Alex for 18 months.
  And DOG WORLD has heard, although it has not been confirmed, that the Afghan Hound Ch Raffica Herat Saint Or Sinner, who belongs to Jose Antonio Joya Martin of Spain, and Elton Mackey’s Spanish Water Dog Tigidas Estrella del Mar,  also perished.


  All five were among at least 23 being campaigned by the Woodhaven Show Team, based in Donore, Co Kildare, Ireland.
  The fire started at 5pm on Thursday of last week. Nine dogs were rescued and are recovering although there are rumours that more died after the weekend.
  It is not known the other breeds involved or to whom they belonged, but it is believed that they include a Beagle, Chinese Crested and some puppies.
  Mr Johansen told DOG WORLD that Woodhaven’s Justin Carroll had phoned him to tell him that his dogs had died. He had hoped to find out more from Mr Carroll’s wife Dorothea at a show in Oslo on Saturday, but he said on Tuesday that he had been unable to speak to Mrs Carroll as she was judging all day.
She gave Mr Johansen’s GSD Yeza av Quantos second in the group at the show.
  Gardai at Clane are investigating the fire and say that they have not established what caused it or where it started. DOG WORLD was unable to find out the condition of the rescued dogs or how many were still alive.
A police spokesman said no one had been injured.
  "The scene was preserved for a technical examination and an investigation is underway,” he said.
  It is uncertain whether Mr Carroll was at the property at the time; his wife was judging abroad.
  Mr Carroll and other members of the well-known team campaign dogs throughout Europe. Its website calls Woodhaven ‘Ireland’s most successful show team’, but it has been the subject of conjecture recently following the alleged disappearance of an Irish Water Spaniel, Sari Vottonen’s Curlyco Of Course (Sade) who was being campaigned by he team. It is understood that Mrs Vottonen has been told that Sade has died.
  In 2006 Mr Carroll was banned from showing for five years by the Irish Kennel Club.The ban expired in February 2011.
  Mr Carroll declined to comment on Friday and Monday. The police said the investigation was ‘ongoing’.